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Example sentences for "five hours"

  • This quantity will bake in one cake in five hours, in two cakes, three hours.

  • After these vegetables are added, set the pan where the broth will boil very slowly for four or five hours.

  • It should be cut up into several pieces and boiled four or five hours, no matter how long.

  • In five hours, say, the worker creates value equivalent to his wages, but he does not cease at that point.

  • Thus the capitalist, having paid wages equivalent to the product of five hours, receives the product of ten hours.

  • We may illustrate it by the following example: Let us say the average cost of a day's subsistence is the product of five hours' social labor, which is represented by a wage of $1 per day.

  • I am still able to read books on the higher algebra for four or five hours in the morning, and even to solve the problems.

  • In five hours, reckoned from the commencement of the process, the fire is smartly raised; when a grayish froth (abstrich) is made to issue from the small aperture x of the furnace.

  • It is thus fulled or thickened during four or five hours; the knots or hard substances are picked out by the workman, and fresh felt is added by means of a wet brush to those parts that require it.

  • Now, I can carry the mail twenty miles and back in a day and do that a great deal easier than if I were to make the distance in four or five hours.

  • Dorsey is for forty-five hours, while the first affidavit, I believe, is for eighty-four hours.

  • It should be left to rise in the loaf four or five hours, before it is put in the oven.

  • Stew this very gently, closely covered, for four or five hours; but take care the meat does not go to rags, by being done too fast.

  • For table be sure never to let them boil, but simmer slowly for four or five hours.

  • Congenital inability of the most inveterate toughness to appreciate dramatic poetry could alone account for a mention of the Adventures of Five Hours in the same breath with Othello.

  • Thus, between Edinburgh and London the course of post was actually longer now than before the introduction of mail-coaches by as much as five hours.

  • Hence it had been by no means unusual for an interval of four or five hours to elapse between the arrival of the last mail and the going out of the letter-carriers.

  • Only a few years before, as we have seen, the inhabitants of Shrewsbury had been informed that it could be of no consequence whether their letters arrived four or five hours sooner or later.

  • She has passed the limit of her powers, poor child; and they tell me that what she has endured is to be followed, and at once, by five hours in the stocks.

  • Surely her sentence had been for five hours?

  • Pour this mixture into two cups of boiling; water in a double boiler and cook from three to five hours.

  • Let the soup simmer four or five hours; season with salt and pepper.

  • Bake in a moderate oven four or five hours.

  • Cook in a closely covered kettle, letting the soup simmer for four or five hours.

  • This excursion will take four or five hours.

  • It requires four to five hours to boil them soft.

  • Boil the tripe the day before till it is quite tender, which it will not be in less than four or five hours.

  • It will take about four or five hours to bake it.

  • Put the jar into a pot of cold water and let it boil from three to five hours, according to quantity.

  • We reached Novgorod in forty-eight hours, and here the chevochic allowed us a rest of five hours.

  • In five hours we covered forty miles; we started from Florence at eight o'clock, and at one in the morning we stopped at a post in the Pope's territory, where I had nothing to fear.

  • I slept only four or five hours, and, dressing myself quickly, hurried to my beloved mistress.

  • I slept four or five hours, and then rose and went out in my great coat to call on Greppi, for I had no more money.

  • If five miles in five hours be poor going, what is four miles in seven and a half hours?

  • In five hours we made five miles and were worn out.

  • After being with His Highness four or five hours, I asked permission to withdraw, and then visited Malek, the Page, who was ill.

  • The Sultana usually sent for me as soon as she woke, about one or two o'clock in the early morning, for the chloral apparently did not procure her more than four or five hours' sleep.

  • The Angler then would have creeled one hundred fish in five hours.

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