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Example sentences for "douse"

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doura; doure; dourha; dourly; dous; doused; dousing; dout; doute; douter
  1. Douse and McLean on one side, and Messrs.

  2. Trust him to douse it," was the easy assurance.

  3. You can lend a hand with the powder or pass the water buckets to douse the fire if she gets ablaze.

  4. He would rub with might and main for a second or two, then rinse it, take a bite, and douse it back again for more scrubbing, until it was scrubbed and chewed away.

  5. They rested on the ranch house and then passed on to douse with white the figures of three men standing by the fire.

  6. Douse him with water if he's unconscious.

  7. Judd's ship, resting above: could he reach it, and raise it and douse the buildings with its rays?

  8. Up this they climbed, one of the guards going first in the half darkness; then a trap-door above opened to douse them with warm ruddy light.

  9. It was in payment of the fees in the great case of Parsons and Douse and some other matters.

  10. Just goin' to douse the glim this minute.

  11. Mack'rel skies and mares' tails Make lofty ships to douse their sails.

  12. Satisfied, they proceeded to douse it with oil.

  13. Did you remember to douse the stern lantern?

  14. Once on the top of Douse you are in the heart of real Wicklow--and you see, far below you, the road winding which leads out through Sallygap, west of Kippure Mountain to Kildare and the plains.

  15. After a time he cried down to them, "Douse all lights and hold her on her course!

  16. Douse my toplights, I can't stand that," bellowed the irate Captain Hudgins.

  17. Douse the engine with oil," directed Rob, as Merritt gave the piece of machinery a final inspection; "and how about that extra set of batteries?

  18. Douse my toplights," he kept muttering, "if this don't beat a flying Dutchman on wheels and with whiskers!

  19. And tell Johnson to douse him with a few buckets of salt water," he added, in a lower tone for my ear alone.

  20. Now it happened that Leach was one of the sailors told off to douse Mugridge after his game of cards with the captain.

  21. Douse a dipper of water over him, you Latham, quick.

  22. Go and douse water over your damned worthless head, Mullan," he heard the sergeant say, so Feeny was evidently alert as ever and must have heard the proposition from without.

  23. That will douse the blaze if my plans go right.

  24. I mean you seem to have enough of the liquid 'fire-discourager' to douse any blaze that was ever started.

  25. Douse my toplight, but I feel like old times again!

  26. Well, douse my toplights, but I'm glad to see ye all!

  27. Reel it up, boys, and if they try to take it, douse 'em with water.

  28. Simon noted that as he had ordered, buckets of water had been placed along the corridor to douse fires.

  29. When the two Armenians within opened the door, he would douse their lantern with the water he was carrying, and then move in on the Tartars in the dark.

  30. Douse my top-lights but that's the truth," said the mate, making an effort with his confined hands to salute his officer.

  31. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "douse" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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