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Example sentences for "chewed"

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  1. He chewed luxuriously and waited, his black eyes darting from this face which he knew and liked, to that strange one of the blue eyes and the hair that was like the dullest of dull California gold.

  2. Past the stone and adobe wall of the home pasture, past the fences where the rails were held to their posts with rawhide thongs, which the coyotes sometimes chewed to pulp and so made extra work for the peons, they raced, exultant with life.

  3. Land once used for export crops - cotton, fruit, and vegetables - has been turned over to growing qat, a mildly narcotic shrub chewed by Yemenis which has no significant export market.

  4. Qat (kat, khat) is a stimulant from the buds or leaves of Catha edulis that is chewed or drunk as tea.

  5. That official chewed hard, and, as it were, spit out his questions.

  6. The Moqui woman washed the wound, applied a dressing which looked like chewed leaves, and put on a light bandage.

  7. Something mushy and heavily soft like raised dough leaned against Jim's leg and chewed his trousers with a yeasty growl.

  8. He carried a 38-calibre revolver in his pocket, and he chewed peppermint gum thoughtfully.

  9. I chewed my pipe and gave it to him hard.

  10. It is chewed and applied in a raw state with a bandage to the part affected.

  11. Indians suffer for everything; even the tobacco chewed and spit out by the whites is picked up and smoked by them.

  12. The half-breed chewed and grunted a negative.

  13. I reckon you've chewed your weight in baccy since then.

  14. It is, however, vegetables that must be chewed particularly.

  15. If food is not chewed well, and occurs in large masses in the stomach, not only is it not dissolved easily, but the work of passing it out to the intestine is delayed.

  16. For the first time he removed the chewed cigar from his lips, all the while fixedly regarding the youth with narrowing eyes.

  17. At last, when his cigar was chewed to a pulp and the night's performance was half over, light broke in upon him.

  18. A heavy black mustache, lightly touched with gray, shaded a coarse, rather sinister mouth, from the corner of which protruded an unlighted but thoroughly-chewed cigar.

  19. After putting the house in order, Stepan loaded his valuable weapon with a good charge of powder and two bullets, the first in its naturally smooth state, the other chewed into a rough-edged mass.

  20. Some of the younger men got out and looked at the ruined wheel; but the most of the passengers kept their seats, chewed their tobacco, and went to sleep.

  21. In the mean time the teamsters greased their boots, the soldiers snored, those who were wet took off their shoes and stockings, hanging them to dry round the stove, and the Western farmers chewed tobacco in silence, and ruminated.

  22. His features were marked, prominent and irregular, and this irregularity was increased by a "cheekful" of half-chewed tobacco.

  23. A rain roof over all of fresh flat leaves, an inner lining of chewed cedar bark, an abundance of aromatic sassafras, one or two little quarrels over accidental rags that Bannertail still seemed to think worth while.

  24. He found another bank of madcap cups; he was too gorged to eat them, but he tossed and chewed the juicy cups and stems.

  25. The goats clashed their teeth together as they chewed the cud.

  26. The three chained oxen stood or lay beside me, grinding their teeth as they chewed the cud.

  27. Last night I chewed bits of sacred mushroom," Owl Carver said.

  28. One by one he put them into his mouth and slowly chewed them.

  29. He settled himself facing the entrance and chewed some scraps of sacred mushroom Owl Carver had given him.

  30. He chewed ferociously, closing his eyes for an instant in pleasure.

  31. She put them into her mouth and chewed and swallowed slowly.

  32. The animal had chewed its own leg off to escape.

  33. He chewed tobacco, too, like a printer, but cautioned his young helper against this habit in early youth.

  34. Me and the regiment," said Spike, and chewed gum discreetly.

  35. He was soon chewing gum as Spike Brennon chewed it, and had his hair clipped in Brennon manner.

  36. He was sweating profusely, and chewed gum.

  37. The coca leaves which he had chewed constantly brought him new life.

  38. With their knees drawn up to their chins they chewed their coca leaves and stared at their toes, immovable as images.

  39. Potatoes, cereals, bread and all starchy vegetables are fattening, but should be well chewed and tasted before swallowing.

  40. Men who have smoked or chewed steadily for 40 years have been known to give up the habit without experiencing much physical discomfort.

  41. If that's your vision of me, you shouldn't have chewed up the VV mask.

  42. Hundreds of years ago the South American Indians chewed coca leaves to kill fatigue sensations.

  43. Just at sundown we took another wallow in the surf, and chewed some more fishhook cactus.

  44. I was not a bit hungry, but I chewed on the sugar cane, and made Schwartz do the same.

  45. But in the middle of this, as though for a sign, lay another piece of chewed sugar cane.

  46. She chewed tobacco vigorously like any backwoodsman (had chewed it originally because she'd heard it cured toothache, then had kept up the habit because she liked it).

  47. Aunt Merce, poor Hepburn chewed his shoes, when he was in Davis's Straits.

  48. If these articles were not at hand, she chewed a small chip.

  49. The man who had deserted chewed nonchalantly on a grass straw and regarded the other incuriously--which was a master bit of dissembling.

  50. He chewed his lip as the sun set and the work continued by torchlight.

  51. While she was gone, Jason chewed the end of a stylus thoughtfully, then made some careful notes.

  52. Kerk chewed pensively on the second serving of steak.

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