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Example sentences for "chewer"

Lexicographically close words:
chevril; chevron; chevrons; chew; chewed; chewers; cheweth; chewing; chewink; chewinks
  1. Her stomachs five Dyed with the chewing she could not survive; The very worms from her will turn away, To seek some anti-chewer for their prey.

  2. Christianized Manóbos and Bisáyas who have relinquished the habit suffer from dental troubles, whereas the inveterate chewer of the mountains is free from them.

  3. Slow and sure must the knock-kneed chewer of cuds step from log to log.

  4. The chewer of cuds was disconnected, and plodded off to his stable.

  5. Outwardly it produces effects which are visible enough, to wit, a most copious flow of saliva, which is dyed deep red by the juice of the nut, so that a betel nut chewer seems to go about spitting blood all the day.

  6. But the necessity for attending to all these matters no doubt adds greatly to the interest which a chewer of pan supari is able to find in life.

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