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Example sentences for "bullfight"

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  1. He didn't himself agree that the bullfight was so much crueller than most organised activities of men.

  2. He said nothing to her then, but presently the way that he stared at her at the bullfight and the opera and waited in the Paseo de la Delicias for her carriage to come by made Seville talk, and her husband called him out.

  3. There was a bullfight at San Antonio the next Saturday afternoon, the usual Sunday performance being changed in deference to the Sabbatical habits of the Americans.

  4. Weekdays they do this; and sometimes on a Sunday afternoon they have a bullfight in their little bullring.

  5. It was a weekday when we visited Tia Juana, and so there was no bullfight going on; in fact, there didn't seem to be much of anything going on.

  6. Every man and boy in Spain is an aficionado, a bullfight "fan," a frantic bullfight "bug.

  7. Maybe I shouldn't have shown him that bullfight movie, but I wondered what the only bull to see a bullfight from outside the ring thought about it.

  8. Fergus said, "I dedicate this bull to Ringmaster Oswell who has provided for us this great Dependence Day Bullfight in honor of the Great Government on which we all depend.

  9. We plunged, a shabby omnibus, into the flood of carriages which parade the parks of Madrid on bullfight occasions.

  10. We took our first dose of bullfight in this place for a reason.

  11. We had presented ourselves with a Wednesday or a Thursday or a Friday too many, and now Sunday had gone bang and the bullfight with it.

  12. The fourth bull dead, the bullfight was over.

  13. We were in the cheapest seats, having disdained to go skywards into the boxes, for we had come to taste the full flavour of an average bullfight as a popular spectacle, and we wished it as pure as possible.

  14. It may be that we English take our pleasures sadly, but at that moment it struck me that at an ordinary bullfight the Spaniard seems to take rather dull pleasures with ecstasy.

  15. The Romans in the circus made sport of their consuls and emperors, and the Spaniards at a bullfight are permitted an equal latitude of behavior.

  16. So far as I am concerned, one bullfight was quite enough for me, and its description, I fancy, will be enough for you.

  17. And you go to see the bullfight to-morrow, yes?

  18. It was, as Polynesia had prophesied, the greatest bullfight ever seen.

  19. If I can do more with angry bulls than can Pepito de Malaga, you are to promise me that there shall never be another bullfight in the Capa Blancas so long as you are alive to stop it.

  20. A bullfight is a stupid, cruel, disgusting business," said he.

  21. I will meet you after the bullfight to-morrow.

  22. He had dreamed of that eventful bullfight when his daughter Carmen had saved the life of Pedro's bull, Rey.

  23. Suddenly she remembered Tony--Tony, the boy who had played bullfight with Juan years ago.

  24. Carmen drove to the bullfight with Pedro's mother.

  25. Today they had come out for the last time before the famous bullfight was to take place.

  26. According to the guidebook the sooty playas (beaches) were somewhat agreeable because of their adjacent bullfight arena and Spanish architecture.

  27. All of it thwarts the present moment Regarding this guy who asked you to the bullfight at the stadium a las playas you don't need my permission.

  28. After the bullfight we had difficulty in finding a cocha to take us to the railway station.

  29. Oh, yes, there was lots of excitement and agility and skill and all that, but why describe a bullfight as a bullfight?

  30. Bill gathered a group of youngsters about him and invited the Sun man to come along to have a bullfight "explained proper.

  31. But the ironic contrast between the bullfight and the sacrament of marriage does not move anyone.

  32. He will see things materially, graphically; the bullfight is his great delight, not the pretended reality of the theater.

  33. A full-sized bullfight would, to be sure, have far overstepped the bounds above mentioned.

  34. But whereas every bullfight is the same in its general features, no two were ever alike in the unexpected incidents that make the sport of perennial interest to the aficionados.

  35. The real fiesta, however, took the form of a bullfight that had a character all its own.

  36. She had forgotten that a bullfight meant that there would be blood and killing.

  37. Adair MacKenzie in his desire to introduce the girls to something that would make them forget the bullfight had brought them to one of the prettiest places in all Mexico.

  38. Two Americans come to blows at a bullfight," Laura said, "and the bullfight is forgotten.

  39. Walker Jamieson, we're headed for a bullfight and you're going along with us whether you want to or not.

  40. A Spanish bullfight is bad enough, but a Mexican bullfight is the most disgusting and brutal thing imaginable.

  41. His mind reverted often to the cowboy tournament which was about to come off, after hanging fire for a month, during which Grassi wrestled with the problem of how to hold a bullfight in opposition to the laws of the State.

  42. Joe Grassie has been gettin' up a bullfight and a kind of a show.

  43. He thought suddenly of his bullfight in Seville, twenty-five years before.

  44. He had sat out his six bulls with entire composure; yet, back in America, some time later, he had encountered a bullfight in an early film and had not been able to follow it through.

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