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Example sentences for "bulletproof"

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  1. Third, use a specially armored car with bulletproof glass and have such cars readily available in locations frequently visited.

  2. The top, sides, and underpart are all of bulletproof construction.

  3. I happened to be there on the occasion and there were many suggestions that we build a bulletproof glass enclosure around the Members of Congress and so on.

  4. One of the suggestions that we made was that there be bulletproof glass in front of the President's lectern.

  5. I'm wearing a bulletproof vest; Mick McKenna loaned it to me yesterday," Rand enlightened Varcek.

  6. At that, he'd have probably killed me, if I hadn't been wearing that bulletproof vest of McKenna's.

  7. Guns out, the three men in the back seat peered through the bulletproof windows.

  8. Mercedes, still insistent on going along, was fitted out with a bulletproof vest under her light topcoat.

  9. Hansen revolved in his chair and stared out the bulletproof window behind him.

  10. He could see the weapons-system operator inside the lower bulletproof bubble.

  11. He had long since donned a bulletproof vest, and he had made sure he had two Uzis at hand, both loaded, together with five spare clips.

  12. Peretz felt himself flung against the bulletproof bubble that shielded the weapons station.

  13. One of the slugs entered the center of Jamal's neck, above his bulletproof vest, and literally ripped his throat open.

  14. Over these they had Kevlar helmets with protective goggles and light balaclavas, while their bulletproof assault vests included pockets filled with grenades and extra ammo for their H&K MP5 assault submachine guns.

  15. He settled himself, looking out the bulletproof windscreen at the first tinge of dawn breaking over the island.

  16. Either he was using blanks, or you were wearing a bulletproof vest.

  17. Donning the bulletproof vest around midnight had been the best idea of his life.

  18. Do you have any personal knowledge of any efforts made to obtain a bulletproof or bullet-resistant transparent top?

  19. Do you know what efforts have been made subsequent to the assassination of President Kennedy to obtain such a bulletproof transparent top?

  20. Could you describe in a general way at this point what efforts, if any, have been made to obtain a bulletproof clear top for the President's automobile?

  21. Do you know whether or not an effort is being made at the present time to develop a bullet-resistant or bulletproof top.

  22. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bulletproof" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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