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  1. That provision be made for the erection of a fireproof building for the preservation of certain valuable records, now constantly exposed to destruction by fire.

  2. I take occasion to urge once more upon Congress the propriety of making provision for the erection of suitable fireproof buildings at the Japanese capital for the use of the American legation and the court-house and jail connected with it.

  3. Put the polenta (or cornmeal mush) in a fireproof receptacle, season with grated cheese, the crushed sausages and a piece of butter.

  4. Butter slightly a fireproof casserole and lay on the bottom some grated cheese and grated bread.

  5. Turn it on the back, grease with oil, season with salt and pepper, dust with bread crumbs then lay it with two tablespoonfuls of oil on a fireproof plate or baking tin.

  6. Then take a fireproof plate, grease it evenly with butter and dust with bread crumbs ground fine; pour into it the fish prepared as above and cover with a thin layer of bread crumbs.

  7. Take a fireproof vase or baking tin and place the slices in layers, with grated cheese between each layer, abundantly seasoned with tomato sauce (No.

  8. Put these diamonds one over the other with symmetry in a baking tin or in a fireproof glass plate, with some little pieces of butter in between and brown them a little in the oven.

  9. Asbestos fireproof curtains are also in use at the New National Theatre, Washington; the Criterion, Brooklyn; and in the theatre at Cleveland, Ohio.

  10. The audience, it was said, would thus have the satisfaction of knowing that every time the curtain was dropped they were effectually protected by a fireproof screen, which could be lowered with the same rapidity as the present curtain.

  11. He was referring to the value of asbestos millboard as a lining for fireproof cases and deed boxes.

  12. A balloon was accordingly constructed, the whole of the lower part of which was formed of fine asbestos cloth, and the remainder of canvas, covered with a fireproof solution.

  13. BENT, Architect] This building is constructed entirely of hollow tile and stucco corridors of cement, and rear stair and front stair fireproof towers of metal, and fire glass construction with cement stairways.

  14. The buildings throughout will be fireproof constructed, in the main of reinforced concrete, and faced on the exterior with tapestry brick.

  15. A fireproof platform four feet wide with a railing four feet high of netting, encircled the smokestack about twenty feet above the gun and connected with it by a rope ladder.

  16. He made the first iron beams for use in constructing fireproof buildings.

  17. The excavations were already made for the foundations, when the idea came to Peter Cooper that he could utilize this bridge-iron in his school-building and thus get an absolutely fireproof structure.

  18. The apron may be deep or shallow, and at its front edge is the footlight trough and a masking piece, fireproof always, to shield the eyes of the audience and reflect the footlights onto the stage.

  19. The footlights and the apron are in front of the fireproof curtain.

  20. Illustration: Diagram of a Modern Theatre] The fire laws require a fireproof curtain, which is on the outer or audience side of the two or more curtains that hang on the stage side of the proscenium arch.

  21. An endowment fund of several thousand dollars, accumulated by gifts and membership fees; two lots, eligibly situated, on which at no distant day, will be erected a fireproof building.

  22. The dynamo, engine and boilers are located in a fireproof brick structure, some distance from the building proper, communicating with the hospital by an underground passageway.

  23. Many of these blocks are fireproof and built of stone, and are fine specimens of architecture, convenient and commodious.

  24. When the cue of tightly packed men and women had advanced along a corridor on the other side of the doorway, it began mounting a fireproof staircase.

  25. They don't spend money putting up fireproof staircases for nothing," mumbled a voice over the sardine's shoulder.

  26. Banks and commercial houses, supposed to be fireproof though not of modern build, burned quickly and the roar of the flames could be heard even on the hills, which were out of the danger zone.

  27. There are operating rooms which have film boxes built into the wall in fireproof manner, some of them even surrounded by water.

  28. This bumper should be padded with some fireproof or slow-burning material and should be narrow.

  29. The following are extracts from the Chicago ordinances governing theaters of the larger class: The building must be of fireproof construction.

  30. All openings in the operating room must be fitted with fireproof shutters by which they can be instantly closed in case of fire.

  31. The ventilation of the operating room should be by means of a fireproof duct leading to the outer air.

  32. On account of its inflammable character, film should always be kept in fireproof enclosures.

  33. Fireproof film is a valuable aid, but it is best to treat it exactly like other film in respect to the fire hazard.

  34. Must be constructed so that no current-carrying part will be exposed, and each receptacle must be protected by approved fuses mounted on slate or marble bases and enclosed in a fireproof cabinet equipped with self-closing doors.

  35. Floors must furthermore be lined with fireproof material and the only material used is sheet iron which, upon the floor, is very noisy and can hardly be nailed sufficiently to eliminate the noise.

  36. Do you know that the United States government has in a secure, fireproof vault, in one of the government buildings in Washington, a metal bar which is the authorized standard “yard” of this nation?

  37. The development of the fireproof magazine, the automatic fire-shutter, the loop-setter, flame shields and the famous intermittent movement have all been vital factors in the elimination of fire and also in securing perfect projection.

  38. This makes the upper or gun hoist shorter and increases the speed of ammunition service, besides interposing two fireproof bulkheads between the guns and the magazine handling room.

  39. There was a fireproof carpet on the Throne Room, and Mr. Batch flung down his cigar and stamped on it and went out.

  40. Fillet a sole and wipe each piece with a clean cloth, then place them in a fireproof dish, and put a small piece of butter on each fillet.

  41. Make a good risotto, and when cooked put it into a fireproof dish.

  42. Boil a beetroot till it is quite tender, peel it, cut into slices, put it in a fireproof dish, and cover it with a thick white sauce.

  43. Take it off the fire and strew grated Parmesan and Cheddar over it then put in a fireproof dish and add a good spoonful of stock and one of Espagnole (No.

  44. Half cook four ounces of macaroni, drain it and put it in layers in a fireproof dish, and gradually add good beef gravy, four tablespoonsful of tomato puree, and thin slices of sausage.

  45. Take them out with a slice, and put them in a well-buttered fireproof dish, add butter between each layer, and strew plenty of grated Parmesan and Cheddar over them.

  46. Then take it off the fire and arrange it by spoonsful in a large fireproof dish, and give each spoonful the shape and size of an egg.

  47. Butter a fireproof dish, put in a layer of the ravioli, powder them over with grated Parmesan, then another layer of ravioli and more Parmesan.

  48. Put a layer of the macaroni in a buttered fireproof dish, then a layer of tomato puree, then a layer of the mushrooms and another layer of macaroni.

  49. Roll up a fowl in buttered paper and put it in the oven in a fireproof dish with all kinds of vegetables and a few peppercorns.

  50. Put a little butter and grated Parmesan and two tablespoonsful of cream in a fireproof dish, cut out the semolina paste with a small dariole mould and put it in the dish.

  51. Make a good risotto, and when cooked pour it into a fireproof dish, let it get cold, and then cut it out with a dariole mould, or else form it into little balls about the size of a pigeon's egg.

  52. Butter a fireproof dish, and strew it well with grated Parmesan and Cheddar mixed, then put in the tagliarelle and lobster in layers, and between each layer add a little butter.

  53. That which may be perfectly fireproof in a dwelling house, may be the weakest in a large warehouse.

  54. The yellow thread of exposure seems to be inextricably woven into all fabrics whose strength is secrecy, and experience proves that it is much easier to become fireproof than to become exposure proof.

  55. Emperor of Austria, the King of Sicily and the Doge of Venice, and his name having reached the Inquisition, that holy office proposed experimenting on him to find out whether he was fireproof externally as well as internally.

  56. The thick walls are to make the contents fireproof as well as burglar-proof--and, by the way, I should think you would need fireproof safes still.

  57. During the past session of Congress a bill to provide a suitable fireproof building for the Army Medical Museum and the library of the Surgeon-General's Office received the approval of the Senate.

  58. As he said, his suit was made as nearly fireproof as possible.

  59. And the fact that the garments on which the burning material was fastened were as nearly fireproof as was possible to make them gave him additional safety.

  60. Stones should not be put in home-made cookers which are not insulated with asbestos or other fireproof material.

  61. Fireplaces and chimneys should be built of fireproof brick, stone or concrete.

  62. A mantle is a device made of thread saturated with some fireproof material like a mixture of thorium and cerium which will glow, giving off a white light when heated hot.

  63. The hearth is made of fireproof material and should be wide enough to catch all sparks flying from the fire.

  64. A reference to the plan will show that the arrangement of this small fort gave us three fireproof rooms for the protection of stores and ammunition, and for the accommodation of the necessary guard.

  65. I explained the necessity of storing the gunpowder in a fireproof building.

  66. Where each bus-bar is located in a separate fireproof compartment, as at Niagara power-house No.

  67. Consequently the general practice where each bar has its own fireproof compartment is to construct the bars of bare copper rods.

  68. Fireproof structures, which were hastily filled with valuables, in the belief that they would withstand the flames, crumbled to the earth, as though melted by the intense heat.

  69. Even fireproof buildings seemed to melt down as it touched them.

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