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Example sentences for "fireplace"

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  1. There is a large Dutch fireplace in the right side of the room, but the outstanding piece of furniture is a tiny kitchen stove in one corner.

  2. The room is not yet finished, and it is being decorated around the fireplace by paintings made by himself and wife.

  3. About the great fireplace in the general lounging-room a merry crowd of young people were gathered, discussing the plans for a projected trip to the Natural Bridge, quite a two days' journey by coach.

  4. When he turned from the replenished fireplace a cold supper was spread on the desk, the napkin serving as a tablecloth.

  5. Camp Fireplace= One way to make the outdoor fireplace is to lay two green logs side by side on the ground in a narrow V shape, but open at both ends; only a few inches at one end, a foot or more at the other.

  6. When there are no green logs, build the fireplace with three rectangular sides of stone, open front, and make the fire in the centre; the pots and pans rest across the fire on the stones.

  7. The space inside the walled fireplace is very nearly filled up with earth, and the fire is built on this earth.

  8. Such a fireplace is big, substantial, firm, and lasting.

  9. I wouldn't be in Bill's place for a good deal: this fireplace is narrow, to be sure; but I think I can kick a little!

  10. When Mrs. Dorcas entered the kitchen, carrying Thirsey wrapped up in an old homespun blanket, she nearly dropped as her gaze fell on the fireplace and the hearth.

  11. He got up yawning and sauntered over to the fireplace and so did not see Aymer's rigid face go white and then red.

  12. Christopher came to a standstill by the fireplace and to his amazement found his hands shaking.

  13. He walked across the room to the fireplace and stood with his back to them, his hand mechanically altering the order of a procession of black elephants that stood there.

  14. The oak floor was bare and worn into ruts and ridges--the great beam rafters overhead were chocolate color from smoke and age--the huge fireplace and the wall above it were black as a half-burnt back log.

  15. He had observed that the mountaineer spent his time either on the fireplace divan or on his own bed.

  16. For three minutes she lay perfectly limp on the fireplace divan, resting from the exertion of carrying her father down the hill.

  17. There will be fires in the fireplace on the fall nights.

  18. The shadows of twilight were just falling; and Bill had already lighted a fire in the fireplace to remove the chill that always descends with the mountain night.

  19. There is no fireplace in my room, and the only ventilation is through a broken window.

  20. The fireplace was formed of Dutch tiles, commemorative of a whole Bible biography: a large closet, with glass doors, exhibited to our childish peeping a quantity of valuable old china.

  21. The fireplace in the muniment room has an inscription which has often been given, which shows that it was once part of a tombstone.

  22. At the back of the dormitory fireplace is a narrow room parallel with the former.

  23. But he saw also three persons sitting by a large fireplace in the long gallery before him.

  24. The fireplace was a thick cane basket covered with clay.

  25. In the middle is the fireplace surrounded with heaps of mussel, scallop, and cray-fish shells, which I believe to be their chief food.

  26. At each fireplace were great heaps of the shells of oysters, mussels, cockles, &c.

  27. I take it for granted that every one understands the enormous importance of having a fireplace in each sleeping-room in an English house, for the sake of the ventilation afforded by the chimney.

  28. The fireplace was tiled after the old style, and the mantelpiece consisted of a couple of narrow oak shelves, about a dozen inches apart, connected by small pillars.

  29. Now, in a small room, where fresh air is still more essential and precious, the chances are that the window might open directly on the bed, which would probably stand in a draught between door and fireplace as well.

  30. Instead of the ordinary wide low mantelpiece one sees in bed-rooms, I am very fond of two narrower shelves over such a fireplace as this.

  31. If it be impossible to have a fireplace in the sleeping-room, then a ventilator of some sort should be introduced.

  32. The fireplace in either bed-room or boudoir should not be too large, nor yet small enough to give an air of stinginess, out of proportion to everything else.

  33. He got up rather suddenly and walked to the fireplace and stood staring unseeingly into the empty grate.

  34. Edward Morgan's gaze followed her movements, as she walked to the fireplace and stood leaning with her arm on the mantelshelf, looking down on the hearth.

  35. V I fill the fireplace with pine wood, hoist my belongings to my back, and leave the hut.

  36. I keep a fire burning in the fireplace all night, and my shirt, which hangs by it, smells of fresh resin in the morning.

  37. Originally the term included the fireplace as well as the chimney shaft.

  38. The bedding and all the utensils were now taken into the house; and a little outhouse was built up to cook in, until the fireplace could be made.

  39. The lightning had come in at the further end of the house, at the part where the fireplace was intended to have been made.

  40. Now, William, we have another job, which is to prepare a fireplace for Juno: we must go down to the beach for stones.

  41. In an hour the fireplace was made, Ready had done all that he could, the goats were milked and let loose, and then William and Juno set off on their journey back.

  42. The fireplace could not be made at once, as they had either to find clay, or to burn shells into lime and build it up with rocks and mortar; but a space was left for it.

  43. Had we not better make the fireplace all ready for cooking?

  44. In another hour the fireplace was completed, and Ready and William looked at their work.

  45. The whole fireplace moves inward if you push aside the carved ornament at the left-hand corner.

  46. He and the steward built the forge in the eastern fireplace of brick and clay, with their own hands, and erected there a second-hand blacksmith's bellows.

  47. It is a huge room, with a great fireplace at one end which formed an excellent forge.

  48. He sat by the fireplace on the guests' settee, beside Madonna Gemma.

  49. Adrian, sitting in the library, suddenly got to his feet and crossed to the empty fireplace and stood with his back to it, enlightenment and a puzzled frown struggling for possession of his face.

  50. Over a great fireplace at one side, furnished with immense andirons, hung a noble pair of antlers, and similar trophies of the chase were affixed to other parts of the walls.

  51. In a few minutes the fiery characters died away, and the portrait resumed its wonted expression; but ere Mistress Nutter had recovered from her terror the back of the fireplace opened, and a tall swarthy man stepped out from it.

  52. In front of it he would build a fireplace where he could cook.

  53. Well, when I first got here I thought that brush hut and fireplace had been built by some hunters.

  54. Alarmed, he poked in the fireplace with a stick.

  55. Two feet below you; take the poker from the fireplace and strike three times on the floor.

  56. Advancing toward the fireplace with a rather slow-footed, hesitating gait, the little visitor's attention focused suddenly on the cluttered table and she cried out with unmistakable delight.

  57. Boy removed his moccasins and as he placed them before the fireplace he turned quickly.

  58. Hallibut threw himself into a chair by the fireplace and laughed at the other’s dismay.

  59. Beside the wide fireplace the long gaunt figure of a man was bent almost double.

  60. He threw back his shaggy head and laughed so loudly that the burning log in the fireplace broke in twain and threw a shower of red and golden sparks up the wide chimney.

  61. On the floor beside the fireplace sprawled the form of Daft Davie.

  62. The guests had finished dinner and Mrs. Declute was blocking the space between the table and the fireplace with her matronly figure and discoursing on the probabilities of a hard, long winter.

  63. The candle was burning dimly; the fire in the wide fireplace was almost dead.

  64. Out in the open all day long, and at night by his fireplace with a picture in the glowing coals and a portrait looking from the wall—this was the man’s life as it was lived.

  65. And leaving the agent huddled before the fireplace he passed into the other room to awaken the sleeping Sambo.

  66. It was an oblong room with one fireplace, and out of it was another kitchen with fireplace and gas stove.

  67. A fireplace on the right had bars and hobs, but no oven or range or proper kitchen convenience.

  68. There was a large fireplace with a fine range.

  69. From the fireplace the discussion turned to other things.

  70. She wanted very little, she announced reassuringly; a fireplace in the shop was the chief thing.

  71. In the course of a day or two the matter of the fireplace was adjusted and the lease signed.

  72. Shouldn't you want a fireplace if you were going to live here?

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