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Example sentences for "discoursing"

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discouragingly; discourse; discoursed; discourses; discourseth; discourteous; discourteously; discourtesy; discover; discoverable
  1. Once Boltraffio heard Fra Girolamo, discoursing on painting, insist that every picture should have some moral utility for men, exciting them to the practice of those ascetic virtues which alone are healthful for the soul.

  2. In which business we had many fine pretty discourses; and I did here see the great pleasure to be had in discoursing of publique matters with men that are particularly acquainted with this or that business.

  3. While they were discoursing together, a raven flew towards them, and dropped a loaf of bread before them.

  4. Discoursing in this manner to those about him, he expired on the 12th of January, the pagans being struck with astonishment at such a miracle of patience.

  5. Perpetua was discoursing with them; but certain angels came and drove hence Optatus and Aspasius; and bade them not to disturb the martyrs, but be reconciled to each other.

  6. And only a week before his departure, discoursing with his brother.

  7. The saint, discoursing with others, always treated himself as the most infamous of criminals, and deserving the worst of deaths; and that these were his real sentiments, appeared from that extreme severity which he exercised upon himself.

  8. The lower topsails and courses were then set, and the brig began to walk the water like a thing of life, her forefoot discoursing music, the birds flying and crying over her spars.

  9. Up very early, and to work and study in my chamber, and then to Whitehall to my Lord, and there did stay with him a good while discoursing upon his accounts.

  10. At church in the morning, and dined at home alone with my wife very comfortably, and so again to church with her, and had a very good and pungent sermon of Mr. Mills, discoursing the necessity of restitution.

  11. Here I met with Mr. Mage, and discoursing of musique Mons.

  12. Carteret, and he and I walked together awhile, discoursing upon the sad condition of the times, what need we have, and how impossible it is to get money.

  13. Carteret, and walked in the Exchequer Court, discoursing of businesses.

  14. At home I sent for Mr. Hater, and broke the other barrel with him, and did afterwards sit down discoursing of sea terms to learn of him.

  15. And Polydore Virgil discoursing of new inventions whereof the authors are not known, makes instance in Clocks and Guns.

  16. Thus seeing my master ashy and sore shaken, I deemed this horrible tragic act came timeously to warn him, so I strove sore to turn him from his ill ways, discoursing of sinners and their lethal end.

  17. Also her voice did sink exceeding low in discoursing of thee, and murmured sweetly; another infallible sign.

  18. The king stopped to tell him, and as they were discoursing together, an old woman came up; who, stopping likewise, wept and sighed bitterly at the sight of the mare.

  19. Greeke verses out of Homer, discoursing with him, and finding him to have a witt extraordinary, gave him some exhibition to maintaine him at Trinity college in Cambridge, where he was .

  20. I confess I do admire it: but in recitativo the sense much helps him, for there is but one proper way of discoursing and giving the accents.

  21. So away by water to White Hall, and there did our usual business before the Duke of York; but it fell out that, discoursing of matters of money, it rose to a mighty heat, very high words arising between Sir G.

  22. So to White Hall to the Committee of Tangier, where they were discoursing about laws for the civil government of the place, but so dull and so little to the purpose that I fell to slumber, when the fear of being seen by Sir W.

  23. And, whilst discoursing on Geese, he affirms that "some breed from Trees, as I said of Scotland Ducks in the former Chapter.

  24. Fe Fi Fo Fum was the type of colossal man, and, as it is quite a pleasure to whitewash their characters in these respects, I hasten to do so before further discoursing on the subject of these great men.

  25. It was taken about the year of the Lord, one thousand five hundred, thirty, whose image being here so lively described, may save us further labour in discoursing of his maine and different parts and proportion.

  26. And though the sects of philosophers of that kind be gone, yet there remain certain discoursing wits, which are of the same veins, though there be not so much blood in them, as was in those of the ancients.

  27. Afterwards, discoursing of sculpture, I will tell how statues are wrought, the form and the proportion that are looked for in them, and of what kind are good sculptures, with all the most secret and most necessary precepts.

  28. Dionysia was discoursing with the man she had commanded to commit this murder, when the young Marina was weeping over the dead Lychorida.

  29. And if thou question them, they will surely say, "We were only discoursing and jesting.

  30. Cry not for help this day, for by Us ye shall not be succoured: Long since were my signs rehearsed to you, but ye turned back on your heels, Puffed up with pride, discoursing foolishly by night.

  31. When he looked round, to rejoin his father, he saw him discoursing with the circle of ladies who stood nearest the throne.

  32. When he entered the anti-chamber, Castanos was sitting on a low bench sulkily smoking a cegar, and Martini stood near him, discoursing in a suppressed voice, but with vehement gesticulation.

  33. In discoursing regarding the treatment of wounds, he talks of the necessity of a knowledge of human anatomy for their proper management.

  34. In his Hydriotaphia, when discoursing on the want of Roman notices regarding the state, habits, etc.

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