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Example sentences for "hub"

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  1. The hub is clamped between two boards placed in the vise, and a hacksaw is used to cut a slot in the hub.

  2. The method of cutting the slots in the hub is shown at D, Fig.

  3. The hub is then turned around one third of a revolution, and another slot cut, using the same saw-marks in the boards, so that the angle of the second slot will be the same as the first one.

  4. In Betracht der Arbeit, welche Du mir vorgelegt hast, hub er an, und in Betracht der bessern Sinnesart, worin ich Dich finde.

  5. The clutch parts may be assembled on the driving plate hub as follows: Slip the clutch shift over the hub so that the small end rests on the ends of the clutch fingers.

  6. Undue wear of the hub bearings is usually caused by lack of lubrication and excessive friction, due to the adjusting cone being screwed up too tight.

  7. The hub caps of the rear wheels should be removed occasionally and the lock nuts which hold the hub in place tightened up.

  8. Fit the two keys in the hub just above the slow speed gear.

  9. If these nuts are allowed to work loose, the resulting play on the hub key may eventually twist off the axle shaft.

  10. The job behind the counter in the Hub Store was the only one offered her.

  11. She could have a job selling dry-goods behind the counter in the Hub Store, but that meant loss of caste.

  12. Lithuania benefits from its ice-free port at Klaipeda on the Baltic Sea and its rail and highway hub at Vilnius, which provides land communication between Eastern Europe and Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Belarus.

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