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bazar; bazars; bdellium; beachcomber; beachcombers; beached; beaches; beachhead
  1. I knew that I could easily cover Caspak and return to the beach with less petrol than I had in my tanks; and there was the hope, too, that I might find Bowen or some of his party.

  2. Billings was satisfied, as were the rest of us, that this was the beach mentioned by Bowen, and we further found that there was ample room to assemble the sea-plane.

  3. September 16--The annual Salisbury beach gathering opened and continued through the 17th.

  4. When the General landed, the keel of the little boat he was in grated on the beach at Stephen Archdale's feet.

  5. If you will look out of the window you will see one about a mile down the beach there.

  6. Up the beach in the very path of the flying motor stood little May Herrick, clutching a red rubber ball in her hand and looking at the coming machine with horror written in every line of her childish face.

  7. Then the motorcycle will be off to the scene of trouble, tearing down the beach at a mile-a-minute clip.

  8. And since six o'clock was the dinner hour at the hotel the lads hustled off up the beach to find their boarding place.

  9. There was a terrific roar, a crash of shattered metal and in a cloud of sand the big gray racer turned abruptly and plunged end over end down the beach into the curling breakers.

  10. Below this was a great wide beach of pure white sand as firm as a well-paved road, and fairly crowded with bathers.

  11. And, with Mr. Herrick in the lead the scouts filed out upon the pier and down a long iron stairway to the beach below.

  12. This crew will cover the beach on especially designed motorcycles.

  13. The distance between the two stations includes all of the beach reserved for bathers and it will give each machine about a mile to patrol.

  14. Ten feet away danced the cigar-shaped float with its life belt, and swimming toward him from the crowded beach were two other scouts ready to help.

  15. By the time the three swimmers reached the beach the scouts had cleared Dacy's lungs of water and had started the pulmotor.

  16. So this is the famous Old Harbor Beach race course?

  17. I want you to go on guard as soon as you can, for the crowd at the beach is getting larger with every train that pulls in.

  18. Then, after sending his little daughter out on to the beach to romp with her collie companion, he continued: "Come on and we'll inspect your new quarters.

  19. Ethelberta and Picotee were at this time standing on the beach a hundred and fifty yards off.

  20. At that time the water outside stood without a current, and ridges and hollows chased each other towards the beach unchecked.

  21. No, it is the men on the beach dragging up their boats; they expect wind to-night.

  22. Unexpected breezes broomed and rasped the smooth bay in evanescent patches of stippled shade, and, besides the small boats, the ponderous lighters used in shipping stone were hauled up the beach in anticipation of the equinoctial attack.

  23. About us was a smell of old horsehair sofas, a buzz of the poignant musty ennui of old towns left centuries ago high and dry on the beach of history.

  24. At Nerja in an arbor of purple ipomoeas on a red jutting cliff over the beach where brown children were bathing, there was talk again of lo flamenco.

  25. From the fishermen's huts down the beach came an intense blue smoke of fires; above the soft rustle of the swell among the boats came the chatter of many sleepy voices, like the sound of sparrows in a city park at dusk.

  26. While, therefore, the billows raised by a heavy west wind may roll up and deposit along the beach thousands of tons of sand, the same waves may swallow up even a larger quantity of fine shore-earth.

  27. But the same waves which wash the sand to the coast undermine the beach they cover, and still more rapidly degrade the shore at points where it is too high to receive partial protection by the formation of dunes upon it.

  28. Dwight mentions a case in Massachusetts, where a beach was restored, and new dunes formed, by planting beach grass.

  29. The beach grass was immediately planted on the spot; in consequence of which the beach was again raised to a sufficient height, and in various places into hills.

  30. If you dig a cavity in the beach near the sea-level, it soon fills with water so fresh as not to be undrinkable, though the sea-water two or three yards from it contains even more than the average quantity of salt.

  31. In some cases there has been an upheaval of the coast line since the formation of the oldest hillocks, and these have become inland dunes, while younger rows have been thrown up on the new beach laid bare by elevation of the sea-bed.

  32. The inland sand plains of Europe are either derived from the drifting of dunes or other beach sands, or consist of diluvial deposits, or are ancient sea-beds uplifted by geological upheaval.

  33. It has heretofore been a monopoly to the governor of Lower California, who employed convicts to get out the salt and put it on the beach ready for shipping.

  34. It being necessary for the convenient landing of ships, and for the discharging and receiving of their cargoes, that the beach in front of the town of San Francisco should be improved with wharfs, etc.

  35. The surf is now rolling and foaming with prodigious energy--breaking upon the beach in long lines one behind the other, and striking the shore like cataracts.

  36. When tea was over we melted away, "like snow-wreaths in Thawjean," and went out on the beach and had a yelling match.

  37. And as he was a-goin' up off of the beach a coastguard jumps out at him, and he says to himself, 'All u.

  38. By the time they had brought their legs on board and coiled a rope or two, we chanced to look back, and already the beach seemed quite a long way off.

  39. It was a proud moment when her nose touched the water, and prouder still when only a small part of her stern remained on the beach and Mr. Benenden remarked-- "All aboard!

  40. When we got to the boat we found she was manned by our Viking and Benenden, and a boy with red hair, and they were running her down to the beach on rollers.

  41. Was ye thinking to beach her with that there precious keg of yours all above board, and crying out to be broached?

  42. But when they came up onto the beach again and dropped down on the sand, a tiny cloud seemed to steal across the face of the warm sun and they unconsciously looked at each other, grave-eyed and grim.

  43. Had they chased him clear across the island to the beach on the other side and then shot him down as one would shoot down a mad dog?

  44. For a second the sandy beach seemed to fall away from beneath Dave’s feet.

  45. Through eyes that seemed to ache with his own misery, he glanced down the beach at what he had thought was a crashed Vultee.

  46. Would it catch on the prop blades, and bind about them, and slow up the Vultee’s speed so that the plane wouldn’t take off until it was down the beach and in the water?

  47. The last was caused by Freddy Farmer dropping down on top of him, and for the next few minutes the sands of Laguna Beach were flying in all directions.

  48. As the two air aces started walking toward it they saw three figures come out of the undergrowth at the far end of the beach and trot over toward the faked airplane crash.

  49. The strips of cloth had only to be pulled to the side and there was an opening that looked right out onto the beach and the blue Caribbean beyond.

  50. Several times during the day I went down to the beach and looked along the shore, in the hope of seeing the boat coming; but neither did she appear, nor was any sail in sight.

  51. After we had gone some distance, no sandy beach appearing in which turtle were likely to lay their eggs, we began to despair of obtaining our object.

  52. It was now about the time when they come on shore to lay their eggs, so we agreed to make an excursion along the borders of the lake, in the hope of finding some sandy beach which they might have chosen for that object.

  53. We were at last thinking of putting about, when Uncle Paul, who was taking another look along the shore, announced that he saw just such a beach as we were in search of.

  54. Every stone on t' beach reminds he of his terrible misfortune.

  55. The chaos of ancient walrus bones which strews the stony beach reminds one of nothing so forcibly as the stacks of bleaching buffalo bones which disgrace the prairies.

  56. Slowly the surf on the sandy beach drew near, and now, keeping her head before the breeze, they rolled along shorewards.

  57. It's only a mile or two to Beach Rock Cove.

  58. He had evidently wandered to the edge of the cliffs, which near the Jump fall perpendicularly a hundred feet on to the rocky beach below, and had slipped over in the darkness.

  59. The Motor Girls at Lookout Beach Or, In Quest of the Runaways There was great excitement when the Motor Girls decided to go to Lookout Beach for the summer.

  60. I could not help contrasting it with the burials on the beach of Olinda, and smiling at the vanities that attach themselves even to corruption.

  61. The beach is defended by two castles, sufficiently strong when their situation is considered; on one side a furious surf breaking at their base, on the other a deep estuary and flat ground beyond, so that they cannot be commanded.

  62. I observed on the beach to-day a line of red sandy-looking matter, extending all along the shore, and tinging the sea for several feet from the edge.

  63. The better houses are built either of a fine blue stone, quarried on the beach of Victoria, or of brick.

  64. The sand of the beach of those islands is iron, and is as easily attracted by the loadstone as steel filings.

  65. It is on this beach that the measure of the insults dealt to the poor negroes is filled.

  66. We landed close to the house; but as the beach is shallow and muddy, we were carried ashore by negroes.

  67. Farther on, after passing the beach of the Gloria, we turned to the left, and entered the new part of that town through the arches of the great aqueduct built in 1718 by the viceroy Albuquerque.

  68. Upon the eastern face of the promontory of Hope's Nose, and just below Babbicombe Bay, another pretty cove has been hollowed out by the action of the waves, its sides being densely clothed with foliage, while a pebbly beach fringes the shore.

  69. To the north of the headland is the fine sweep of Babbicombe Bay, with a border of smooth sand beach backed by steep cliffs, above which is the plateau where most of its villas are built.

  70. Searching parties covered the beach for miles, looking for the body.

  71. One of them conceived the idea of tossing his clothes upon the sea-beach to establish a false clue of drowning, until they could decide what was to be done with him.

  72. Your waistcoat got mixed with the boy's clothes, which are of the same common pattern, and was tossed out on the beach with his coat.

  73. By the time they came out on to the shining white beach again, they were a battered-looking lot.

  74. He was pointing to the strip of beach which lay between Kark and the Norman.

  75. But they were so anxious to get ashore that they could not wait till the high-water reached their ship, and ran out on the beach where a river flowed from a lake.

  76. On the flat beach and along the wooded banks rose great storehouses and lines of fine new ship-sheds.

  77. He disappeared on his way from the beach to his mistress's residence, and was afterwards found dead in a cavity of the rocks.

  78. Looking from the veranda, you have the ocean opening towards the east, and the bay towards Rye Beach and Portsmouth on the west.

  79. And then she kissed her affectionately, and went up the beach with her old elastic step, and Margaret watched her sadly until she was out of sight.

  80. One day Dolly was sitting on the beach as usual, when she beheld her nameless friend walking towards her arm-in-arm with Mr. Asherill.

  81. I was not well enough to go to the beach to-day," said Dolly, holding out her hand.

  82. But an inlet with a sandy beach attracted their attention, and now their object was, if possible, to run the ship aground in this inlet.

  83. Stephen helped her down from the rock as she spoke, and they went together along the beach and up the path from the shore, talking as they went.

  84. These rude homesteads of wood and thatch, and other buildings, eventually formed a single street beside the stream running down to the beach from the hill beyond.

  85. Why not run down to the beach for a day or two next week?

  86. Agnes strolled slowly along the beach until she found a lonely rock upon the tip of a tongue of bleached sand, where she could sit and think out the bitterest hour she had ever known.

  87. The crowd on the beach stood silent and breathless, and even the Krigsraad forgot his newly-lighted pipe.

  88. Kjeld sprang out of the boat, the pilot went up to him, and they walked together from the beach towards the sandhills.

  89. From the beach Kjeld saw the boats rising and sinking amidst the foaming waves, while his passionate entreaties and his wild shouts were lost in the roaring of the wind and the thunder of the sea.

  90. They worked hurriedly and silently, and the little noise that they unavoidably made was drowned in the roaring of the waves, which were dashing furiously on the beach of the narrow tongue of land.

  91. Christine in the meantime remained standing on the beach at a little distance from the other women.

  92. The crowd on the beach was now increased by two persons--the lord of the manor from Aabjerg and his son.

  93. The Krigsraad returned to the beach at an early hour, and renewed his appeals to the fishermen.

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