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Example sentences for "beachcomber"

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bazars; bdellium; beach; beachcombers; beached; beaches; beachhead; beaching
  1. He was no beachcomber or sailor, one could tell that at a glance.

  2. A few paces behind me a beachcomber wobbled along with my sea-bag on his shoulder--for what A.

  3. There it is," said Challoner quietly, pointing to his boat-house, but not deigning to accompany the beachcomber and show him the weapon.

  4. In front of the trader's house Larmer and another beachcomber were directing a score of Kiti natives how to sling the heavy gun between two stout poles.

  5. Again the beachcomber struck the stalagmites, listening raptly while the sounds died slowly away.

  6. In a moment the old beachcomber came along.

  7. The beachcomber passed within a few feet of the girls.

  8. The beachcomber already had disappeared amid the mass of piled-up rock farther back from shore.

  9. Seemingly that old beachcomber regards it as his own personal property.

  10. Penny repeated the conversation, and mentioned how Mr. Emory had suggested that the old beachcomber was a mysterious character that would bear watching.

  11. But we can't let that beachcomber get away.

  12. The next tub was served the same, and then after the other tubs had had a final stir the beachcomber cried abruptly: "On board.

  13. There was a few minutes' silence, and then the beachcomber began again.

  14. The black darted back to his companions, and the beachcomber turned to Carey.

  15. The pearls were stowed away in cigar boxes, which were emptied for the purpose, the beachcomber now taking to smoking some of those turned out, and giving an abundance to Carey, who took them eagerly, always carrying several in his pocket.

  16. The beachcomber asked questions and he answered them, about the lading of the vessel; but both Carey and Bostock noticed that he carefully avoided all reference to the bullion that was on board.

  17. Their semi-captivity seemed more bearable, and it showed in their looks and actions, the beachcomber noting it and showing a grim kind of satisfaction.

  18. The beachcomber nodded, and the black shouted again, with the result that six more of the blacks came running to the side and dropped over into the canoe.

  19. As Carey landed he glanced at the now enormous stack of pearl shells and at the tubs once more well filled with oysters, for the beachcomber had not let his men be idle.

  20. Whether Dugan knew the greasy beachcomber or not, I knew that the bunko steering talk would get him.

  21. You call yourself a sailor; it is a beachcomber you are!

  22. I won't have a beachcomber on the island.

  23. A beachcomber in embryo, and she had lent a hand through habit as much as through pity.

  24. The Confessions of a Beachcomber by E J Banfield "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.

  25. Flotsam and jetsam make another class of Beachcomber by stimulating the gaming instincts.

  26. It might have been the emblem of a tragic event that the Beachcomber single-handed was not able to investigate.

  27. Was there ever a Beachcomber so pure and elevated of soul as to refuse the chances that Nature proffers gratuitously?

  28. The Beachcomber may be perverted into--well, the next best on the list.

  29. The crackup in the Brazilian jungle, the beachcomber of Brazil, the Jap spy, the Woman in Black, the battle over the desert with Burt Ramsey as hero, the missing traveling bag of Persia were all there.

  30. She thought of many things, the bag, the boy beachcomber she had left behind in South America, of the fine boys of the desert and Ramsey who had guarded her so well, and of the vanishing papyrus.

  31. The beachcomber meditated a few seconds; then he walked down to the boat.

  32. Suddenly the beachcomber stopped, and in a harsh voice said-- "What is the good news for Deschard?

  33. The mate was agreeable to this, and bidding the beachcomber and his victim good-day he returned to the ship.

  34. Deschard accused his fellow-beachcomber of cowardice at a critical moment.

  35. The Beachcomber tugged his red moustache and laughed deprecatingly.

  36. He strolled into Mess one evening and mentioned quite casually that The Beachcomber was in camp.

  37. On calling the roll one dawn I found that The Beachcomber was missing.

  38. The beachcomber himself, pale as putty through his half-grown beard, was beseeching us from the pink penumbra of the Apostle Paul: "You seen it?

  39. The beachcomber gave her a glance--half rage, half pity; then with his left hand he suddenly dashed her aside, and with a ferocious yell sprang at Melton and thrust a dagger into the throat of the unfortunate man.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "beachcomber" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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