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Example sentences for "drunkard"

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  1. The drunkard has not to wait long for his punishment; it follows hard on his sin, and he is not left to the justice of another world.

  2. Above all, I wish to abate the panic which paralyzes the minds of some afflicted people, and which causes them to regard a drunkard or even a tippler as a hopeless victim.

  3. She came out merrily from her box; but soon she appeared to become dazed and silly; she could not move properly, and in trying to clear her first fence she staggered like a soddened drunkard and fell.

  4. The drunkard gazed on the knight, who stood before him like an angry Mars; and it seemed to him for a moment in his intoxication as if he had gone too far.

  5. To explain what a drunkard means one must be drunk one's self, and I, thank God, have kept myself sober, to be able to see that all goes on right.

  6. All these things the drunkard knows, and knows perfectly, and knows as well as any other human being can know.

  7. The Good Man held fast the arm of the Wretched Drunkard, and the result of this was that when the Wretched Drunkard lurched giddily the Good Man perforce lurched too.

  8. Being most kind-hearted, the Good Man assisted the Wretched Drunkard to his feet and accompanied him along the Highway toward his Home.

  9. The Good Man one day saw a Wretched Drunkard endeavoring to find his way Home.

  10. A lady who had become a drunkard through taking alcoholic drinks as medicines, at length, after many efforts, succeeded in breaking away from the power of the appetite, and for a long time she seemed to be saved.

  11. The guilt of drunkenness must rest, not on the unfortunate drunkard who happened to be attacked by that disease, but on the sober and well-behaving citizen, and especially the Christian citizen, who did not vote the correct ticket.

  12. For some years the probability was that if free he would become a confirmed drunkard and beggar his family.

  13. Now there was suddenly opened a door of hope to the almost despair of the drunkard himself.

  14. And here the vicious ethics of the reformed-drunkard school became manifest.

  15. A drunkard and a prostitute are the same thing.

  16. Nor was a drunkard ever a friend of mine.

  17. The Drunkard emerges from the gloom of the night.

  18. The Drunkard falls to the ground and weeps.

  19. You must know that a periodic drunkard is the worst kind and almost never cured.

  20. And you've been living with a drunkard all these years who might have killed you.

  21. Sometimes a drunkard would roll down and lie at full length along the octroi wall.

  22. Bitter as all preparations of quinine must be, the drunkard below par prefers every one of them to cold water.

  23. Can a drunkard or a blasphemer be saved all at once?

  24. Under the law, if a man became a drunkard the magistrates would take him out and stone him to death.

  25. That drunkard who beats his children because they have been taught the way into the Kingdom of God, will miss them some day.

  26. In process of time, another drunkard reeled hitherward from Rome, made an easy mistake in mistaking a palace for a brothel, permitted a stripling boy to beat him soundly, and a serpent to receive the last caresses of his paramour.

  27. Instead of which, a dozen of Macedonian thieves rifled a dying drunkard and murdered his children.

  28. Bein' a reg'lar, reliable drunkard that a-way comes mighty near bein' a disease.

  29. I says this, though; it's a heap sight more likely some drunkard a-settin' right yere on this committee stops them stages than Cherokee Hall.

  30. It's on account of this yere drunkard the Major that the Deef Woman comes stagin' it in with Old Monte one day.

  31. Next day that old drunkard Monte comes swingin' in with the stage; the six hosses on the jump, same as he allers does with a woman along.

  32. Folks can have their doubts about Sunday openin' bein' wicked, but the Lord sez expressly that 'no drunkard can inherit Heaven.

  33. Illustration] A little below the glutton lies the plane of the drunkard whose visions and dreams are bounded by the horizon of a still tub.

  34. The wife of a drunkard was completely at his mercy.

  35. Let no drunkard be the father of her children.

  36. Let us petition our State government so to modify the laws affecting marriage and the custody of children, that the drunkard shall have no claims on wife or child.

  37. A drunkard takes his wife's clothing to pay his rum bills, and the court declares that the action is legal because the wife belongs to the husband.

  38. Then I shall have something to tell you, drunkard that you are," interrupts Stepka, who at last loses patience.

  39. The drunkard is then dragged to the orderly-room, his money is confiscated if he has any left, and he is flogged.

  40. Some drunkard had thought fit to take refuge under the fence for the night.

  41. So, helping his guard gently to conduct the drunkard into his wife's dark ante-room, the King came out again to his wife.

  42. He stood back upon his feet; he clutched the drunkard in his great fist; his eyes started dreadfully.

  43. He is but a drunkard in his cups, thou a palterer in sobriety.

  44. He mentally resolved that he would never have a drunkard for his son-in-law.

  45. If a drunkard or whoremonger should say, God commandeth me to do it, and I serve God by it, would you not think this a horrid aggravation?

  46. Even as a drunkard may be painted in his filth and folly to bring shame and odium on the sin.

  47. When a drunkard or a whoremonger will confess his sin, a church divider will stand to it and defend it; and woe to them that call evil good, and good evil!

  48. The old drunkard rocks the cradle, angrily puffing his tobacco smoke in the baby's face.

  49. With ready tact he showed the means insidious Used oft by those who sold the drunkard drink.

  50. The drunkard stood in solemn mood, In riveted attention.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "drunkard" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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