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  1. The clicking noise of the drumsticks maddened him.

  2. I noticed, among other things, a reed musical instrument with a bell-shaped end like a clarionet, and a pair of painted drumsticks tipped with gaudy feathers.

  3. Some drumsticks are forked to strike two plates at once.

  4. He takes the drumsticks from his pockets and flourishes them].

  5. Cusins flourishes his drumsticks as if in the art of beating a lively rataplan, but makes no sound].

  6. You know best how Mr Hope looks, when the drumsticks and side bones come to table, with an empty space in the middle of the dish where the breast ought to have been.

  7. Cats never take the drumsticks when there is a breast, you are aware.

  8. He had some drumsticks thrust into his pocket, but no drum.

  9. There was no drill that day; and no practise with any drumsticks but those of the devoted turkeys.

  10. Well," exclaimed Helen, "your hands will tremble so, no doubt you can roll the drumsticks admirably.

  11. The Berlin Museum possesses some ancient Egyptian straight drumsticks with handle and knob.

  12. An actual side drum with two curved drumsticks belonging to the ancient Egyptians was found during the excavations conducted at Thebes in 1823.

  13. And now he was toiling up a steep cliff, and had slung his drum over his shoulder, and stuck his drumsticks in his bandoleer.

  14. Run as he might, he shouldn't catch her, she jibed and jeered; never should he find his drumsticks again, she said.

  15. At last she turned round on the top of the hill, laughed, and held out his drumsticks towards him.

  16. Leonidas, holding his hand before him as if he believed that the hideous monster, even when dead, could clutch hold of his thin drumsticks of legs.

  17. So long as the drum was in any one's hand the drumsticks did not move, but when it was put down on the ground the mysterious tap-tapping began again.

  18. It means that we ought to get away from here, for they are digging mines beneath us, and that is why the ground trembles and the drumsticks vibrate.

  19. Of the latter, upon my sacred honor, to feed 126 souls, we had but Two drumsticks of fowls, and a bone of ham.

  20. There's "Two drumsticks of fowls, and a bone of ham.

  21. But I shall expect all of you to be little ladies and not quarrel over drumsticks or wishbones.

  22. You don't like drumsticks the best, do you, Mr. Strong?

  23. Put the breast over the ribs, arrange the wings on each side of the breast, the second joints next to the side-bones, and cross the ends of the drumsticks over the tail.

  24. The ends of the drumsticks may be drawn into the body or crossed over the tail and tied firmly.

  25. After cooking, free the ends of the drumsticks from the body and trim them with a paper ruffle.

  26. Two fat little arms beat the drumsticks on the top of his head, or what appeared to be the top of his head, which was in reality a funny face, which winked and blinked as the drumsticks traveled over the queer little features.

  27. The drumsticks kept time to music, rapped on the wall, appeared above the edge of the curtain several times, brightly illuminated, as if dipped in electric light or some phosphorescent substance.

  28. The test consisted simply in putting a dab of printer's ink on one of the drumsticks at the very last moment before the séance began.

  29. Bells were rung, papers thrown out, a drum accompaniment to the piano played, as by Mr. Keeler, and the drumsticks thrown out.

  30. Score the drumsticks down parallel with the bone, and insert in the slices thus made a mixture made with one ounce of butter, a good teaspoonful of French mustard, a little cayenne, and a salt-spoonful of black pepper.

  31. Take two or three grouse, cut off the wings and legs, and tuck the drumsticks in through a slit in the thigh; singe the birds; split them in halves; season them with pepper and salt.

  32. Braise the drumsticks, and arrange them uprightly in tent fashion, and all around and between the drumsticks should be finely chopped salad.

  33. Mix all this thoroughly together and spread the mixture into the cuts, then rub the drumsticks with butter, and grill over a fierce fire.

  34. The very next day the trumpeter marched into Helston, and got a carpenter there to turn him a pair of box-wood drumsticks for the boy.

  35. Unwrap drumsticks and place on grill, or broiling pan.

  36. Blend in marmalade and curry powder; turn drumsticks in mixture.

  37. Halfway through cooking time, turn drumsticks and spoon sauce on top.

  38. Bake drumsticks for 60 to 75 minutes until tender and cooked through, turning and basting once.

  39. Place drumsticks in apple juice mixture and turn to coat well.

  40. Place drumsticks in sauce with meatier portions toward outer edge of utensil.

  41. Wrap drumsticks individually in aluminum foil, adding a spoonful of sauce to each package.

  42. Grill or broil drumsticks turning and basting frequently with sauce for 15 minutes or until cooked through.

  43. Half way through cooking time turn drumsticks and spoon sauce over each.

  44. You know, Dad, that for years I've been able to blow a bugle and handle the drumsticks better than any other boy in town.

  45. The inferior drumsticks were, after the ladies had been helped, duly apportioned to Benson and Allister, respectively.

  46. Domestic Duck: Bird on back (drumsticks to right of carver, as with all fowl) the carving fork is thrust through breast.

  47. Use knife to part second joints from drumsticks and carve them in slices.

  48. As for the seaman, he obeyed without reply, and in a few minutes they were busy with the Secretary over drumsticks and rice.

  49. If one thousand two hundred and thirty-six drumsticks be dispensed with, it follows that a similar number of drummers' hands will then remain unoccupied.

  50. No doubt the restoration of the drama is a matter of some importance; but surely the diminution of drumsticks is one of infinitely greater consideration!

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