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Example sentences for "drunkards"

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drums; drumstick; drumsticks; drunk; drunkard; drunke; drunken; drunkenly; drunkenness; drunker
  1. These sanctimonious drunkards seem to consider ebriety as the most venial of offences!

  2. The appearances after death in drunkards exhibit great derangement in organic structure.

  3. Among drunkards in the slums it is black misery, an empty cupboard, which put an end to ruined families; it is the madness of drink which empties the wretched beds.

  4. I clings to this notion that Red Dog never sees Julius Caesar; for if she had, them drunkards which inhabits said camp wouldn't have quit yellin' yet.

  5. Certainly it was the duty of the principal men to exercise special care in matters of conduct, and not be even on speaking terms with liars, perjurors, drunkards and fornicators.

  6. The procession of drunkards on Palm Sunday, the saving of the shipwrecked crew, the old men waiting for the travelling cart while the drivers are still drinking, all these are Dutch genre pieces of the best sort.

  7. The experience of many centuries has rendered it sufficiently plain, that while there is drink, there will be drunkards till the race be purged of them.

  8. Ancient laws forbade union while parents were intoxicated, because such unions resulted in the production of drunkards and monstrosities.

  9. O how will the drunkards cry for leading their neighbours into drunkenness!

  10. Thus, with a very few amanitas, a party of drunkards may keep up their debauch for a week.

  11. It is, therefore, not uncommon for confirmed drunkards to preserve their urine as a precious liquor against a scarcity of the fungus.

  12. Mr. Chiniquy was for more than fifty years a Catholic priest of influence and high reputation, known in Canada, where thousands of drunkards reformed under his teaching, as the "Apostle of Temperance.

  13. They are for the poor and down-trodden women, the wives of drunkards and wife-beaters.

  14. So they triumph in villainy, and justify their wickedness; with Rabelais, that French Lucian, drunkenness is better for the body than physic, because there be more old drunkards than old physicians.

  15. I believe that a community of drunkards might be capable of organising even its own bad habit to the pitch of tolerable existence.

  16. In one English workhouse Potts reports sixteen feeble-minded women who have produced one hundred sixteen mentally defective children, and Branthwaite ninety-two female habitual drunkards who have had eight hundred fifty babies.

  17. To avoid other complications he chose female drunkards in whom no other degenerative features were evident.

  18. For in many cases a parent may not become a drunkard until after the children who also become drunkards are born.

  19. Most investigators feel that there are too many criminal, imbecile, insane and unhealthy persons among the offspring of drunkards to dismiss the matter as a coincidence.

  20. If intoxicating liquors are made difficult to obtain, multitudes who would otherwise use them and become drunkards will not take the trouble to procure them.

  21. The victims of the dram-seller die, and he must make more drunkards or his business will be gone.

  22. You said that the sensations of dreamers, drunkards and madmen were feebler than those of the waking, the sober and the sane.

  23. All this talk about dreamers, madmen and drunkards is unworthy our attention (53).

  24. You can see that on Monday morning, when the drunkards of the night before are accused before the fat Lord Mayor.

  25. Either merry and mad, or sober and prude; we are either drunkards or teetotallers, brawlers or peace-twaddlers.

  26. The Salvation Army ceased its rescue work among the drunkards in New York because there were no more drunkards to be rescued.

  27. Drunkards were already installed in the wineshops, squabbling and gesticulating.

  28. The neighborhood seemed decent enough to him, except for a gang of drunkards that ought to be cleaned out of the gutters.

  29. Twice she went back and stood before the shop window, her eyes again riveted to the glass, annoyed at still beholding those confounded drunkards out of the rain and yelling and drinking.

  30. Only some said that he was alone, whilst others affirmed that he was in the company of seven or eight drunkards like himself.

  31. Nana did not answer, but remained pale, looking at the cold stove, the table on which no plates were laid, the lugubrious hovel which this pair of drunkards invested with the pale horror of their callousness.

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