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Example sentences for "addict"

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addendum; adder; addere; adders; addeth; addicted; addicting; addiction; addictions; addicts
  1. For it is possible for these carnal men to be so much delighted in the notion of things, as to addict themselves to some kind of worship of Christ, whose notions of truth have by them been received.

  2. Wouldest thou not suffer as an evil-doer, addict not thyself to play with evil, 25 to joke and jest, and mock at men in place and power.

  3. Those who addict themselves to it, and interlard their discourse with oaths, can never be considered as gentlemen; they are generally people of low education, and are unwelcome in what is called good company.

  4. If by party is meant mere faction, plainly no man can addict himself to it with impunity.

  5. No good man can with impunity addict himself to party, and the best men will suffer most because their conviction of the goodness of their cause is deeper.

  6. His supposing that such may have the godly men's virtues, who addict themselves to their vices, is also a delusion as strong as the other.

  7. Instead of men, they found them girls and boys, Addict to nothing as to childish toys.

  8. I answer, why, give thyself to it, addict thyself to it.

  9. But you--you are the only addict to your drug.

  10. Addict not yourselves to fleshly pleasures: taste nothing that is forbidden.

  11. The Japanese chiefly addict themselves to agriculture, ship-building, and fishing.

  12. That part of mankind that addict their minds to speculations.

  13. Wages are very high; for almost all the workmen as soon as they have saved any money, give up their trade and addict themselves to agriculture.

  14. It is not in our Europe, where women, exposed to the gaze of crowds, so soon addict themselves to coquetry, that the imagination could conceive such a type of beauty.

  15. Everyone who steps forward today, to get one addict off drugs; to convince one troubled teen-ager not to give up on life; to comfort one AIDS patient; to help one hungry child.

  16. It is wise not to start out life a happiness addict with a severe weight problem.

  17. That's because the addict isn't getting their regular dose.

  18. An addict is able to review his entire past life or plan an elaborate crime between two heartbeats.

  19. We know the probable author of the catastrophe is a drug addict and that he is located nearby.

  20. Having this in view, one must addict one's self to speaking the truth.

  21. Having this in mind, one must addict one's self to speaking the truth.

  22. For one patient who becomes a drug addict while under a doctor's care, through the accidental misuse of morphia, there are a hundred who form the habit through other ways.

  23. Nor is he allowed to prescribe narcotics for an addict without decreasing the dosage.

  24. Once an addict had been cured, he could not become addicted again.

  25. And after that Louise would be an addict too.

  26. He said bitterly, "You're the addict now and I'm cured.

  27. Dyer also happening to be one day a little cleaner and better dressed than ordinary, was taken notice of in Lincoln's Inn Fields by one of those abominable, unnatural wretches who addict themselves to sodomy.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "addict" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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