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Example sentences for "addiction"

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adders; addeth; addict; addicted; addicting; addictions; addicts; adding; addit; addition
  1. So my addiction to coffee was all in my mind.

  2. Earth-norm humans sometimes have the addiction to a slight extent, but I knew that as a Centurian I had it infinitely worse.

  3. I must ask this unemployed, former professional man who has gone through a serious illness and is suffering a more serious addiction to tell me the place and time from which he comes.

  4. Yet, whilst condeming the persecution to which the Jews were subjected on this account, it must be admitted that they laid themselves open to suspicion by their real addiction to magical arts.

  5. Does not Mr. Durance accuse you of an addiction to the brandy novel?

  6. Mr. Barmby, an exile from the ladies by reason of an addiction to tobacco, quitted the forepart of the vessel at the first greying.

  7. Addiction occurs with the third or fourth visit.

  8. I ask you to remember, sir, that addiction and rehabilitation are still possible for me.

  9. Will Barrent," the judge said, "you have been brought before this court on a major charge of non-drug addiction and a minor charge of religious impiety.

  10. But non-drug addiction is a major crime against the state of Omega.

  11. Hops engross considerable attention, and I presume pay well, being demanded by the national addiction to beer drinking.

  12. Different men have different vices, and addiction to one kind of "upsetting sin" does not imply addiction to an unrelated kind.

  13. The addiction to the drug is of itself not transmissible, but the weakened constitution or degeneracy which is generally responsible for the development of the drug addiction is inheritable.

  14. And such cases, if they are cured and if the addiction is completely overcome, may marry.

  15. Drug Addiction or Narcotism= Addiction to drugs, whether it be opium, morphine, heroin or cocaine, is a strongly dysgenic factor.

  16. But in most cases it isn't the drug addiction that causes the degeneracy; it is the degeneracy or the neuropathic or psychopathic constitution that causes the drug addiction.

  17. I shall carry forward the vigorous efforts of the Administration to improve the international control of the traffic in narcotics and, in cooperation with State and local agencies, to combat narcotic addiction in our country.

  18. Five years ago, the spiraling rise in drug addiction was threatening human and social tragedy of massive proportion, and there was no program to deal with it.

  19. Though both professed profuse addiction to Jacobite sentiments, it is curious no mention is made of Culloden.

  20. His addiction to the society of players only increased the more as his practice at the bar would have been thought to engross his attention.

  21. But, such as they are, they seem to show that the apparent addiction of Irishmen to strong drink is not attended by a proportionate addiction to the more serious forms of crime.

  22. Continued addiction to this modern scheme of industrial life should in time eventuate in a decay of militant nationalism, with a consequent lapse of warlike enterprise.

  23. The richness of their country is further in harmony with the account of Egypt, and with their addiction to agricultural pursuits.

  24. These children eventually come into the hands of physicians with a greater or less addiction to the opium habit.

  25. Its advertising invites to the formation of an addiction to the drug.

  26. In fact, Coleridge's addiction to opium was temperamental as well as acquired.

  27. There will be quite as many disappointments in {710} treating drug addiction as in the treatment of alcoholism.

  28. Such was his doctoral degree of addiction and from this philosophical islet inundations from void and addiction could not take him away.

  29. Even Lord Brougham, whom no one will accuse of a too ardent addiction to metaphysical pursuits, chides Paley very severely for this neglect.

  30. Perhaps the ordinary public has seldom been more unjust than in its estimate of Coleridge's addiction to opium.

  31. There is not the slightest doubt that his extraordinary influence over those who came into contact with him was due in no small part to his kindly addiction to pleasantry.

  32. It remains to examine the charge of over-addiction to sensual delights, especially to those of the lowest and grossest description.

  33. To his military ardor Asshur-bani-pal added a passionate addiction to the pleasure of the chase.

  34. He was from the beginning extremely, perhaps absurdly, enamoured of the antique, and we usually associate addiction to the antique with the Revolutionary period.

  35. Three of the inmates admitted that their parents had been dependent upon public charity; 24 admitted alcoholism or drug addiction on the part of their parents; 4 were the children of the insane and one was the daughter of a criminal.

  36. Practically all the women, incidentally, were there on account of insanity, drug addiction or actual illness.

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