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  1. The naturally irresponsible person or the person already led into irresponsibility by alcoholism may be regarded as an almost hopeless proposition.

  2. We are following virtually the same unenlightened methods, and it has even been suggested that chronic alcoholism be added to the conditions which in the minds of some sociological thinkers justify sterilization.

  3. There are no circumstances in which it is advisable for a physician in private practice to attempt to handle a case of chronic alcoholism in the patient's own environment.

  4. This relationship between tobacco and alcoholism is not understood by the public.

  5. The sanatorium promoters and proprietors of fake cures continually harp on alcoholism as a disease; and even a few scientists, who should know better, have been misled into an acceptance of this theory.

  6. He concludes, "Everything seems to indicate that alcoholism itself is only a symptom; that it for the most part occurs in families where there is some form of neurotic taint, especially feeble-mindedness.

  7. There are indeed many competent investigators who believe that alcoholism in parents has little or no part in the direct production of mental defects in children.

  8. Studies carried on by Pearson, Elderton and Barrington of the Eugenic Laboratory in London lead these investigators to the conclusion that extreme alcoholism is a result not a cause of degeneracy.

  9. It is coming to be realized more and more that pronounced alcoholism is due in a large percentage of cases, perhaps over half, to a defective nervous make-up.

  10. In any thoroughgoing study of alcoholism in man many factors will have to be reckoned with.

  11. There is also evidence of its good effect in acute alcoholism and the respiratory edemas; in fact a certain few have hailed Kalak as a possible solution of the annual hay fever problem.

  12. In Recovery from Alcoholism the internal administration of Collosol Iodine restores the normal condition of cell activity, ensuring rapid recovery.

  13. Anderson System for Treatment of Alcoholism (The Anderson Laboratories), Reports Council Pharm.

  14. They also showed, as a rule, intolerance for alcohol, and were wont to react to alcoholism in a strongly pathologic manner.

  15. This case is interesting only in so far as it illustrates exceptionally well the rĂ´le of alcoholism in the habitual criminal.

  16. Alcoholism is one of the most terrible plagues to the individual health, the existence of the home, and the prosperity of the nation.

  17. Two or three weeks ago we made reference to the report by Mr. Mesureur, Director of the Department of Charities, Paris, upon the results of alcoholism in France.

  18. The mails were flooded with all sorts of protests against the truth of Mesureur's claim that alcoholism was slowly but surely destroying the French people.

  19. Alcoholism produces the most varied and fatal diseases of the stomach and liver, paralysis, dropsy and madness.

  20. This is a singular proportion or disproportion in a population among which the aged who supply so large a number of cases of senile dementia are numerous, but where alcoholism is rare.

  21. Alcoholism and paralysis generally give rise to tremulous handwriting with unsteady strokes, as in old people.

  22. The taint of alcoholism was in his blood, and matrimony and parentage were not for him.

  23. The dreadful fact of inherited alcoholism was yet to be revealed to him.

  24. She had never considered his feelings as to what he called his inherited alcoholism as anything else than the somewhat fine-drawn scruples of a highly-strung, and rather romantic nature.

  25. He did not know, as he knew now, that the demon of inherited alcoholism laughs at such poor precautions as this.

  26. Alcoholism is considered a cause of sterility.

  27. And the early symptoms of chronic alcoholism show themselves in the form of neuralgia, insomnia, palpitation of the heart, and muscular tremors.

  28. Occasionally a family history of syphilis or alcoholism is forthcoming.

  29. They may act to develop counter- prejudices, for there is no one so bitter against alcoholism as the man whose father was a drunkard and who himself revolts against it.

  30. Alcoholism is not yet a dead issue in this country though those who are sincere in wishing their fellows well hope it soon will be.

  31. In Russia, for instance, in spring after the rivers and lakes have thawed, the bodies of numerous victims of alcoholism and accidental drowning of the previous winter are taken from the water.

  32. Alcoholism is an important factor in accidental drowning, and a person intoxicated may be drowned in very shallow water.

  33. A bruise on the head only indicates a probability of concussion, for the bruise and alcoholism may both be present, the former perhaps due to the latter.

  34. These lesions are probably due to chronic alcoholism rather than to the cirrhosis--are simultaneous lesions, instead of consecutive.

  35. The dyscrasia of chronic alcoholism is a very common cause of fatty liver.

  36. Another causative element of the fat-production in cases of alcoholism is the interference of alcohol with the process of digestion and assimilation.

  37. When chronic alcoholism has culminated in delirium tremens, more energetic measures become necessary in order to procure sleep.

  38. The insomnia of chronic alcoholism is dependent upon the extensive morbid changes produced in the digestive apparatus and in the nervous system by the habitual use of alcoholic drinks.

  39. However, like alcoholism and drug addiction, therapeutic running does produce very real withdrawal symptoms if a dedicated runner cannot continue to run, whether temporarily because of an injury or illness, or permanently.

  40. Therapeutic depression self-disciplined 2-3 0 or exercise anxiety disorders motivated and able to no post-traumatic stress undertake physical cost marital problems exercise alcoholism drug abuse smoking psychoses U.

  41. Much of this degeneracy is due to the notorious alcoholism of the Swedes, which only lately has been brought under some control.

  42. Unfortunately, as a rule, we have to deal with alcoholism in which all these conditions of success are wanting.

  43. Slight reduplication of the first sound is common over the heart strained in youth and the heart degenerated by alcoholism and metabolic disorders, but everyone knows that it is not unusual in a variety of other conditions, healthy and morbid.

  44. The habit is established, other organs besides the heart are involved, other diseases than alcoholism are present, and the patient has neither the inclination nor the power to follow our advice.

  45. Alcoholism grows by what it feeds on, and our best efforts are often vain.

  46. Our concern in the present volume is not with children but women; and in dealing with the effects of maternal alcoholism upon childhood, the main intention is being kept in view.

  47. The interested reader should refer to the Proceedings of the Twelfth International Congress on Alcoholism held in London in 1909.

  48. The freedom of the Jews as a whole from alcoholism is more marked than ever in the case of their women; that is to say, in the case of their mothers.

  49. It is true, indeed, that according to a celebrated observer, Professor von Bunge, the influence of alcoholism in preceding generations is such that the daughters of such a stock are mostly unable to nurse their children.

  50. A serious error which has long been made by temperance workers consists in supposing that the problem of alcoholism is the problem of drunkenness.

  51. Professor von Bunge, whose name is honoured by all students of the action of drugs, has satisfied himself that alcoholism in the father is a great cause of incapacity to nurse in daughters.

  52. Chronic alcoholism is looked upon by such foremost students as Dr.

  53. Part of the foregoing argument has rested upon the fact, only too definitely, variously and frequently proved, that alcoholism in women prejudices the performance of their supreme functions.

  54. Thus it is not alcoholism or the craving for drink which is inherited.

  55. If these facts are confirmed by further research, we may conclude that even acute alcoholism has a blastophthoric action.

  56. An extensive study of the alcohol question has shown me that hereditary degenerations and sexual evils in the country are principally due to alcoholism and its blastophthoria (vide Chapter I).

  57. In this family, alcoholism and its blastophthoria played a considerable part.

  58. In the fifteen largest towns in Switzerland alcoholism is the direct or indirect cause of death in 10.

  59. Among women, alcoholism is less common, at least in continental Europe; in England, however, drunken women are often seen in the streets.

  60. Their wives then become martyrs, especially in cases of alcoholism and paranoia.

  61. From the point of view of the educator, the fight against alcoholism should have no assignable limits!

  62. Those with hereditary alcoholism show a tendency to excess; half of them become alcoholics; a large number of cases of neurosis have their principal cause in alcoholic antecedents.

  63. Epilepsy is almost characteristic of the alcoholism of parents, when it is not an index of a nervous disposition of the whole family.

  64. What has been said of alcoholism of course applies to the use of narcotics and other drugs.

  65. Riddell says: "Of the great causes of insanity, alcoholism is perhaps the greatest, while morbid heredity ranks next.

  66. Police are involved in aspects of the programs combating the rise in consumption of alcohol and alcoholism because alcohol has figured increasingly in crime.

  67. Alcoholism is perceived to be related to both the rising number of divorces and the frequency of crimes (see ch.

  68. The issue of alcoholism is discussed relatively openly and is viewed as an issue of national concern.

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