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  1. Dowie, of the Chicago "Zion," a place where faith cure fools who have cirrhosis of the liver are allowed to die for a consideration, has written a circular and sent out a million or two of copies.

  2. Their sweethearts are cruel or fate unkind; they've got cirrhosis of the liver or palpitation of the heart, and needs must spill their scalding tears over all humanity.

  3. Although the symptoms of gastric ulcer and of cirrhosis of the liver are sometimes improved after hemorrhage from the stomach, nevertheless this hemorrhage can never be regarded as a welcome event.

  4. The flakes of mucus discharged from the bowels in protracted constipation, fissura ani, and in the later stages of cirrhosis of the liver are composed of mucus in which are found imbedded epithelial cells from the colon and mucus-corpuscles.

  5. Several forms of cirrhosis are recognized by the modern French school of pathologists.

  6. The prognosis of cirrhosis of the stomach is grave.

  7. Brinton[6] first employed the names cirrhosis of the stomach and plastic linitis.

  8. The causation of cirrhosis of the stomach is obscure.

  9. Persons suffering from valvular diseases of the heart, emphysema of the lungs, or cirrhosis of the liver are strongly predisposed to diseases of the stomach.

  10. Acidum Nitricum: in cirrhosis of the liver.

  11. Such increased pressure in the veins is due, for example, to cirrhosis of the liver which affects the portal circulation, or to mitral stenosis which affects the pulmonary veins.

  12. As examples of the first class are diabetes mellitus and cirrhosis of the liver.

  13. Causing as it does such serious diseases as cirrhosis of the liver and Bright’s disease of the kidneys (footnote, page 210), alcohol will greatly interfere in this way with the elimination of waste.

  14. Alcohol, if used in considerable quantity, leads to cirrhosis of the liver and Bright’s disease of the kidneys, both very dangerous diseases.

  15. William Osler in his treatise, The Practice of Medicine, states that alcohol is the chief cause of cirrhosis of the liver.

  16. Sometimes it is necessary in order to prolong life to repeatedly tap the patient as in cirrhosis of the liver.

  17. Cirrhosis was probably the cause of his father's death, as he was a confirmed inebriate; but this cannot be connected with the cirrhosis of the son; the disease is not transmissible.

  18. That alcoholism is the commonest cause of cirrhosis is well known, but in Beethoven's case some other cause for the disease must be found.

  19. Cirrhosis of the liver not infrequently causes sudden death.

  20. When cirrhosis causes sudden death, it is nearly always by hemorrhage.

  21. Cirrhosis is an affection in which a large part of the liver substance proper degenerates, and its place is taken by connective tissue.

  22. In still-born children and in some infants a form of hypertrophic cirrhosis is occasionally seen, probably of hereditary syphilitic origin.

  23. Cancer spread over a large area and cirrhosis of the stomach wall cause diminution in capacity; pyloric obstruction, weakness of the muscular coat, and nervous influences are associated with dilatation.

  24. Hypertrophic cirrhosis of the liver is not uncommonly met with, in which the liver is much increased in size, the "unilobular" form, also of alcoholic origin.

  25. When asked to explain he said, 'They all die from cirrhosis or pneumonia, and if those conditions are not due to alcoholism, what is?

  26. Gastro-intestinal Disturbances~, manifested in cirrhosis of the liver, are treated by the diet used in chronic gastritis (see p.

  27. Individuals with a tendency to cirrhosis and those coming of a family in which liver diseases are frequent should be especially warned about the dangers of overeating and drinking.

  28. Atrophic cirrhosis is caused by alcoholism, often augmented by milder stimulants such as tea and coffee.

  29. Hypertrophic cirrhosis is caused by overeating, especially of meat, sweets, and starchy foods.

  30. Any obstruction of the portal circulation is a possible cause of ascites, the most frequent being cirrhosis of the liver.

  31. Cirrhosis frequently occurs between the ages of thirty and sixty years, though it may be found in the extremes of life.

  32. Cirrhosis may result from chronic obstruction of the bile ducts, due to gall stones, or tuberculosis.

  33. The finale may be cirrhosis of the liver, uremia, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy or myocarditis with dilatation or coronary disease.

  34. There is no hint of cirrhosis of the liver.

  35. The development of pathology has shown us that once there has been serious nephritis or cirrhosis of the liver certain portions of the glands are destroyed and therefore there cannot be any question of cure.

  36. Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver is a little more common among sea captains, policemen, printers and night workmen on the railroads than among the average of the population.

  37. Cirrhosis of the liver is a disease that is almost invariably fatal in from one to two years--although, if the process is not far advanced, and the cause is removed, the patient may recover tolerable health.

  38. Clearly the cirrhosis was shortening her life in a very languid manner.

  39. He was a Jew dealer in metals, and made a good deal of money at times; but his liver could not stand the alcohol, and he was the subject of a good pathological address on cirrhosis when he died.

  40. Stanforth as follows: Atrophic cirrhosis two years two months.

  41. In the United States every year there are a third more deaths from alcoholism and cirrhosis of the liver (a disease directly caused by alcohol) than there are from typhoid fever.

  42. Liver cirrhosis due to alcohol conservatively estimated at 75 per cent of total cases.

  43. After Corrigan's death in 1881 the London Lancet said: "In the light of recent pathology Corrigan's speculations on cirrhosis of the lungs are more meritorious than ever and continue to be regarded as in the main sound.

  44. Pathological changes in the liver continued to occupy his attention for some time, and it is to him we owe the name cirrhosis of the liver, as a term for the changes which are produced by alcohol in this gland.

  45. Within a few years after his essay on aortic heart disease, Corrigan published a paper on chronic pneumonia or, as he called it, cirrhosis of the lungs.

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