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  1. On the right and left are his feet, which are indicated by long streaming clouds; above are his wings, and on each side are the different winds, each designated by an eye, and represented by the patches of cirrus clouds.

  2. A sky drifted over with thin cirrus clouds and air changed with aqueous vapour amply accounted for the abnormal amount of scattering in 1870.

  3. By then, the high cirrus clouds Verkan Vall had watched from the field were far below; they were well into the stratosphere.

  4. It had been twenty minutes since he had backed the jeep into the barn, on that distant other time-line; the same delicate lines of white cirrus were etched across the blue above.

  5. The barn vanished; blue sky appeared above, streaked with wisps of high cirrus cloud.

  6. The cirrus is a light, fleecy cloud resembling a lock of hair or a feather.

  7. The mackerel sky is a name given to an assemblage of cirrus clouds which are thought to imitate the barred markings on the side of a mackerel.

  8. When long cirrus clouds or "cow's tails" are seen, it means rain.

  9. The liquor is heated by steam blown in to over 212° Fahr.

  10. It is extracted with water, which dissolves out the carbonate of sodium, which is sold as such or worked into "caustic" soda, as may be required.

  11. One year afterward, the inventor had seen Fourcroy, Prony, and the great scientists of his epoch.

  12. The strength of liquor found best adapted for the work is equal to a density of about 30° Twaddell.

  13. After saturation the mud of bicarbonate of sodium is drawn off and passed into the "decomposer," a tower 35 ft.

  14. The engineer in chief soon complained of him, but a committee appointed to investigate the charges that had been made against him affirmed that he was free from any reproach.

  15. The one weak spot of the ammonia-soda process, as we mentioned before, is its inability to supply hydrochloric acid or chlorine, and so allow of making bleaching powder.

  16. As might have been expected under the circumstances, the low dark cloud came out quite well, but there was not the faintest trace of the strato-cirrus on the negative.

  17. The sea to the west still glimmered here and there in patches of dull rose from the reflections of a few still-lighted tufts of cirrus cloud.

  18. It thus appears that the occasional iridescence of cirrus clouds is satisfactorily accounted for by the concurrence of conditions, each of which is known to have a real existence in nature.

  19. Cirrus clouds take the most varied shapes, such as isolated tufts of hair--i.

  20. At other times the margins themselves are fringed with filaments similar to cirrus clouds.

  21. Whenever a thin veil of cirrus or cirro-stratus clouds overspreads the sky there is a likelihood that halos will be visible.

  22. You can also be certain in looking at his pictures that if cirrus cloud is shown, then cirrus and not stratus cloud was in the sky: if it is not shown, then the sky was clear.

  23. Cirrus cloud was moving across the face of the stars from the north, it looked rather hazy and thick to the south, but it is always difficult to judge weather in the dark.

  24. Sometimes the upper edges have the compact form of cumulus, rising into massive peaks round which the delicate false cirrus floats, and sometimes the edges themselves separate into a fringe of filaments similar to that of cirrus.

  25. Cirrus clouds, for instance, exhibit many forms, and these so diverse that they must be due to very different causes.

  26. It is a horizontal sheet, above which the cirrus spreads, while the cumulus enters it laterally and from beneath.

  27. Right across the moon there were drifting several luminous cirrus streaks.

  28. Through the open door we can see out over the ice where the sun is glittering through white sailing cirrus clouds on the dazzling whiteness.

  29. The direction of the cirrus movements in front and around a storm centre will usually point out the future movement of the storm, which tends to advance in the same general direction.

  30. The mean height of the cumulus is about a mile, but the tops of the cumulo-nimbus, or thunder-shower cloud, sometimes penetrate into the cirrus level.

  31. The average velocity of cirriform clouds is ninety miles an hour in winter, and sixty miles in summer, but occasionally in winter cirrus have been found to have the enormous velocity of two hundred and thirty miles an hour.

  32. He concludes that cirrus plumes precede fair weather, while dense clots of cirro-cumulus are followed by rain.

  33. For instance, it is found, in this region at least, and contrary to the general opinion, that cirrus clouds do not indicate rain, but do foretell a change of temperature that is proportional to the rapidity of motion of the clouds.

  34. The observations of the cirrus clouds at Blue Hill indicate that at their level exists a cyclonic circulation above the anti-cyclone apparent at the earth's surface.

  35. The moisture congealed in the cirrus clouds floating in the uppermost layer of the convective zone, is carried down in this vortex and first melted and in turn evaporated, due to the adiabatic effect.

  36. The tops of the Cumulus, carried away by the upper equatorial currents, form the Cirrus clouds, which clouds must be frozen vapour, as they are generally from twenty to thirty thousand feet above the level of the sea.

  37. Formed like a cirrus or tendril; -- said of appendages of both animals and plants.

  38. In this form the patches of cirrus coalesce in long strata, between cirrus and stratus.

  39. When the cirrus and cumulus are combined, in well-defined roundish masses, what is familiarly described as a "mackerel sky" is beautifully presented.

  40. We will not say whether the old masters painted this cirrus or not.

  41. On the night of the 17th it cleared; light cirrus clouds covered the sky, and there was a ring about the moon.

  42. Mount Engelstad lay in shadow, but on its summit rested a beautiful light little cirrus cloud, red with an edge of gold.

  43. Filling the vision to the south-west was Aurora Peak, in crisp silhouette against a glorious radiant of cirrus cloud.

  44. The sun was bright, the barometer was steady, the wind fell to forty miles an hour and a fine radiant of cirrus cloud spread out fan-like from the north; the first from that direction for months.

  45. Bars of cirrus clouds covered the whole sky--the presage of a coming storm.

  46. This would be a normal sky in winter about six hours after the veil of cirrus had begun to throw its haze about the sun.

  47. From eight to forty-eight hours after the first cirrus is seen, depending upon the distance from the sea and the time of year.

  48. If only the brightest show, a veil of cirrus is arriving.

  49. The heaviest electrical disturbances have cirrus clouds a few hours in advance of them very much as their winter relatives.

  50. If the storm is approaching from the southwest the precipitation begins near the coast about twelve hours after the cirrus clouds commence to thicken and about twenty-four after they were first seen.

  51. Right; because if it is summer even the eastern horizon would show the humidity necessary enough to cause a thunderstorm, and in winter the cirrus clouds give several hours' warning.

  52. The fine wavy cirrus clouds often increase in number, develop in texture until the blue sky has become veiled with a muslin-like layer of mist.

  53. Warren The fine-spun lines of the cirrus proper drag this veil of whitish cloud over the sky.

  54. The cirrus cloud is always the first to appear in the series that leads up to the storm.

  55. The fact that a veil of cirrus has not preceded the heavier clouds argues that the coming storm will not be of much consequence.

  56. The absence of wind when there ought to be a lot shows it before even the first cirrus swims overhead.

  57. And that is the reason that we see these cirrus clouds always eight, mostly twelve, often twenty-four and sometimes forty-eight hours before the storm is due.

  58. The signs most to be heeded are the shift of wind to a point east of north or south, the gradual filming of the sky with cirrus and cirro-stratus, and the increase of temperature.

  59. Before the larger storms these cirrus clouds are sent up as storm signals twenty-four and even forty-eight hours in advance.

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