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  1. If cumulus is formed in the Alpine region, its base would doubtless there also lie above the level of the snows, and the form of the clouds would not be realised by an observer in the mountain region.

  2. I believe," wrote Ruskin, "the true cumulus is never seen in a great mountain region, at least never associated with hills.

  3. From Turin or Milan, gazing northward, immense masses of cumulus are often seen, but I have never yet been able to discover whether their bases rest on the snows or whether they merely lie above the foothills and lake-district.

  4. Generally strato-cumulus presents the appearance of a gray layer broken up into irregular masses and having on the margin smaller masses grouped in flocks, like alto-cumulus.

  5. Cirro-stratus and cirro-cumulus also are sometimes similarly arranged in long bands.

  6. The moisture at the crests of these waves may be cooled to such an extent as to condense into visible clouds, arranged in long continuous rolls or rows of detached patches; forms frequently assumed by cirro-cumulus and alto-cumulus.

  7. These clouds, composed of water drops, tower far above the smoke cloud, and are identical in character and mode of origin with the cumulus and cumulo-nimbus clouds formed by currents of moist air rising from the heated ground on a summer day.

  8. Strato-cumulus may be distinguished from nimbus by its lumpy or rolling appearance, and by the fact that it does not tend to bring rain.

  9. An area of sky covered with cirro-cumulus clouds; especially when the clouds resemble the patterns seen on the backs of mackerel.

  10. Ascending currents are often made visible by the formation of detached cumulus clouds, each of which marks the summit of a rising column of moist air, while in the spaces between the clouds the air is generally sinking.

  11. When the light falls sideways, as is usually the case, cumulus clouds show deep shadows.

  12. One lurid gleam of white cumulus in upper lead-blue sky, seen for half a minute through the sulphurous chimney-pot vomit of blackguardly cloud beneath, where its rags were thinnest.

  13. There has been so much black east wind lately, and so much fog and artificial gloom, besides, that I find it is actually some two years since I last saw a noble cumulus cloud under full light.

  14. We so rarely now see cumulus cloud of this grand kind, that I will yet delay you by reading the description of its nearer aspect, in the 'Eagle's Nest.

  15. Grand cumulus clouds, marshalled along the horizon, threaten broken, changeable weather; and a smartish shower now warns us to look out for squalls.

  16. The cumulus often attains its greatest size early in the afternoon, when the heat of the day is most felt.

  17. As the Cumulus belongs to the day, so does the Stratus to the night.

  18. If the cumulus be the only cloud at first visible, its upper part is seen to become tufted with cirri.

  19. The cumulo-stratus speedily becomes denser and spreads, while the upper part of the cumulus extends likewise, and passes into it, the base continuing as it was.

  20. When a cumulus increases rapidly a cumulo-stratus frequently forms around its summit, resting thereon as on a mountain, while the former cloud continues to be seen, in some degree, through it.

  21. In stormy weather, before thunder, a cirro-cumulus often appears, composed of very dense and compact round bodies, in very close arrangement.

  22. The Cumulus is a day cloud; it usually has a dense, compact appearance, and moves with the wind.

  23. The Cirro-cumulus is formed from a cirrus, or a number of small separate cirri, passing into roundish masses, in which the extent of the cirrus is no longer to be seen.

  24. The cirrus having continued for some time increasing or stationary, usually passes either to the cirro-cumulus or to the cirro-stratus, at the same time descending to a lower station in the atmosphere.

  25. I could see the cumulus clouds sailing through the blue atmosphere, and thought if only we were there, only had land under us, then all our troubles would sink into oblivion.

  26. Shewing the primitive cumulus and the columnar character of the cells of one half of the blastoderm.

  27. Ovum, with primitive cumulus and streak proceeding from it.

  28. Somewhat later stage, in which the primitive cumulus is still visible.

  29. Generally speaking, all the forms of cloud have a tendency to rise during the course of the day; the change, excepting for the cumulus form, amounting to nearly 6,500 feet.

  30. With regard to the connection between the character of the weather and the height of the clouds, the heights of the bases of the cumulus are nearly constant in all conditions.

  31. The tendency to blow increases with the tendency to trade and cumulus condensation, and continues till toward night, when it gradually dies away, unless there be a storm approaching.

  32. Our hottest days are comparatively still days; and I have seen the cumulus sailing gently to the east, horizontally, when the air was at 98 deg.

  33. The cirro-cumulus is a collection in patches of very small distinct heaps of white clouds; they are called fleecy clouds, from their resemblance to a collection of fleeces of wool, and are imperfectly represented on the general cut.

  34. It was probably called cumulus because its small masses are distinct, as are those of the ordinary cumulus.

  35. Stratus condensation above, and in connection with cumulus condensation, is not uncommon, but that precise form is rare.

  36. I have seen the scud assume a distinct cumulus form, but never to become sufficiently dense to make a thunder shower.

  37. These westerly and north-westerly winds are very light, and like the gentle easterly breeze which sets toward the cumulus clouds and summer showers.

  38. An easterly wind lifts and turns them to dark, cumulus clouds, settled on the frosty crown, like an old man's winter cap; the physiognomical expression is that of anger.

  39. Cumulus clouds, moreover, were nearly always the terminations of such up currents of heated air, which, on cooling by expansion in the upper regions, deposited their moisture as fog.

  40. This patch gradually enlarges, and soon covers the whole surface of the ovum except the region where the cumulus is placed.

  41. It becomes the ventral plate or germinal streak of the embryo, its extremity adjoining the cumulus is the anal extremity, and its opposite extremity the cephalic one.

  42. Claparede compares the cumulus to the dorsal organ of many Crustacea.

  43. The cumulus itself is placed in a depression on the dorsal surface of the ovum.

  44. Owing to its smaller specific gravity the part of the ovum with the cumulus always turns upwards, like the blastodermic pole of a fowl's egg.

  45. There can, in the first place, be but little doubt that what I have called the primitive cumulus in my description is the structure so named by Claparede and Balbiani.

  46. Before attempting to answer these questions I will shortly describe the development, so far as I have made it out, for the stages during which the cumulus is visible.

  47. The space between the cumulus and the procephalic lobe grows larger, so that the latter gradually travels towards the dorsal surface and finally vanishes.

  48. By an unequal growth of the ventral plate the primitive cumulus comes to be placed at the cephalic pole of the ventral plate.

  49. I have, however, failed to meet with any trace of the cumulus in my sections.

  50. After a short time the cumulus elongates itself on one side, and becomes connected by a streak with a white patch, which appears on the surface of the egg, about 90 deg.

  51. There can be no doubt that the line connecting the cumulus with the triangular area is the future long axis of the embryo, and the white area is, without doubt, the procephalic lobe of Balbiani.

  52. Below the cumulus level the winds follow the normal cyclonic and anti-cyclonic circulation.

  53. The plane of increased temperature usually determines the height of the tops of cumulus and strato-cumulus clouds.

  54. Alto-cumulus is followed by rain within twenty-four hours three times in four.

  55. The temperature falls at the adiabatic rate in unsaturated air till the base of the cumulus cloud is reached.

  56. The cumulus clouds were traversed three-quarters of a mile from the earth, and above them the air was found to be very dry.

  57. The mean height of the cumulus is about a mile, but the tops of the cumulo-nimbus, or thunder-shower cloud, sometimes penetrate into the cirrus level.

  58. He concludes that cirrus plumes precede fair weather, while dense clots of cirro-cumulus are followed by rain.

  59. Or try and draw some cumulus clouds from imagination, several groups of them across a sky, and you will find how often again you have repeated unconsciously the same forms.

  60. Whirlies tracked about at intervals and overhead a fine cumulus cloud formed, revolving rapidly.

  61. Gradually the nimbus lightened, a rift appeared overhead, and,the edges of the billowy cumulus were burnished in the light of the low sun.

  62. That afternoon we noticed very fine iridescent colouring in cirro-cumulus clouds as they crossed the sun.

  63. The sky was covered with rapidly scudding, cirro-cumulus clouds which, by midday, quite obscured the sun, making surrounding objects and even the snow at our feet indistinguishable.

  64. Earlier in the year, a double corona had been seen when the moon was shining through cirro-cumulus clouds.

  65. The broken cumulus slowly changed to a uniform stratus, which seems to be thinning as the sun gains power.

  66. There appeared to be a storm in the Strait; cumulus cloud over Erebus and the whalebacks.

  67. The barometer had been steadily falling for several days, and already there were cumulus clouds driving up from the southwest in long furrows of lighter and darker vapors, which obscured the entire sky.

  68. It was a cumulus cloud, shining brilliant in the sunlight, but often revealing a coppery cast from the presence of smoke.

  69. Paul's feeling of airy well-being came down a few thousand feet and mired in a cumulus cloud.

  70. The airy feeling of well-being dropped below the cumulus cloud and made a one-point landing on strictly solid ground.

  71. Late in the night the moon got up, and threw over King Cumulus a silver counterpane.

  72. King Cumulus resumed his speech, and said that he was addressing himself, now, especially to those of his good friends who came from Nimbus.

  73. So the Prince of Nimbus married Cirrha, and Nephelo arrived at the court of King Cumulus one evening during the celebration of the bridal feast.

  74. In the afternoon small cumulus clouds arose in the horizon, and we again put forward under a temperature of 95 degrees.

  75. In the evening, silent lightning played beautifully amongst the mingled cirrostratus and cumulus clouds with which the heavens became overcast.

  76. Darkness came on a whole hour before its time, and though an almost full moon was in the sky, the rolling cumulus eclipsed it.

  77. And such awful cumulus I have never seen before; so black, so beast-like in shape.

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