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Example sentences for "curl"

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curiosity; curious; curiousest; curiously; curis; curled; curlers; curlew; curlews; curling
  1. His balls were very little beholden to the ground; it was but a touch and up again; and woe be to the man who did not get in to block them, for they had such a peculiar curl they would grind his fingers against the bat.

  2. In a jerk there is a certain mechanical precision and curl of the ball wholly unlike fair bowling.

  3. In the chariot there sat a tall stranger of a majestic aspect; his long black hair floated in the wind--fire flashed from his large black eyes, and a curl of ineffable scorn dwelt upon his lips.

  4. A curl that had strayed from her chignon.

  5. To move in curves, spirals, or undulations; to contract in curving outlines; to bend in a curved form; to make a curl or curls.

  6. Put everything across to-night In guise of goodly fare, And cook us up a bag puddynge That will y-curl our hair.

  7. Long before it was dark a thin curl of smoke coming out of the ground, a snatch of song, or someone grousing in a loud voice, were the only indications that there were four Companies of Infantry living there.

  8. Company Commander could just squeeze himself, and curl up his feet to avoid having them kicked and trodden on by the men passing along the ditch outside.

  9. The aspect of this valley bespeaks confusion," interrupted Pabo, with a curl of the lip.

  10. But Bessy told her in a confidential whisper that she thought her curls the sweetest thing in the world, and when she was a grown-up young lady she meant to curl her hair all over her head.

  11. That left innumerable short ends to curl in tiny tendrils about her forehead.

  12. The warmth of the day, and of getting and clearing away dinner, had made every one of Rob's unruly locks stray out over neck and brow, and curl up at their ends.

  13. What makes your hair curl just like a girl's?

  14. Ever sence me an' Wilkes Booth Lincoln's born we done try ev'ything fer to get the curl out.

  15. Maybe if you'd put some o' that on your head 't would take the curl out.

  16. He was in the act of throwing a long curl of peel over the wall when a sun-browned face appeared as if on purpose to receive it, and started back.

  17. They curl up and go to sleep till they're better.

  18. He stretched himself on the rough bench, and watched the blue rings of smoke curl lightly away from his cigar.

  19. Curl it round your finger three times and throw it in the fire.

  20. And she gazed at him with fixed eyes, and rigid mouth, while the quick coming breath just moved the curl of her nostrils.

  21. There was a play about her mouth as she spoke, and a curl in her nostrils as the eager words came from her, which almost made the selfish father give way.

  22. There was the least possible curl of the short upper lip.

  23. Your niece has deprived me of nothing, Lady Hampton," she returned, with a curl of the lip, for which the elder lady could have shaken her.

  24. He has forgotten," she said, with a little lip-curl of disappointment.

  25. The flowering plants showed like black shadows lurking about the bases of the pillars, and the pillars themselves appeared to stretch upward to the sky, and curl over in capitals of purple acanthus-leaves fringed with stars.

  26. She bought new dresses, learned the art of making every curl on her white brow look tempting, and every movement of her face and body to express desires which she did not feel.

  27. A curl of smoke rose from some of the houses; others gave no hint of human activity.

  28. His idea of earnin' wages is to curl up in a sunny windowseat and commune with his soul.

  29. Course, it's his hair, and if he wants to train it to stand up on top like a clothes brush or a blacking dauber, who am I that should curl the lip of scorn?

  30. Now the old passion of love would rise in her heart to be quenched by a weary feeling of futility, and then a half-contempt would curl her lips as she saw the eagerness of her associates.

  31. Through the dark forests at dawn the smoke began to curl up from dun and hamlet, and, all unconscious of the war waged over their destinies, children awoke to laugh and men and women went forth to breathe the sweet air of morning.

  32. From the mass of hair heaped high upon her head soft tendrils clustered to the edge of her brow, and here and there a long curl strayed over her shoulder, and glittered like burnished gold in the glare of the quivering footlights.

  33. Destiny has made a football of the most precious hope that ever gladdened a woman's heart, and when the end comes, I rather think Erle Palma will not curl his granite lips, and taunt me.

  34. Now she looked upon it with a curl of the lip.

  35. He could see his hateful mustache curl now with scorn and his little eyes twinkle.

  36. Wainwright with a disdainful curl of his baby mustache.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "curl" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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