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Example sentences for "curlers"

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curiousest; curiously; curis; curl; curled; curlew; curlews; curling; curls; curly
  1. When Winter muffles up his cloak, And binds the mire like a rock; When to the lochs the curlers flock, Wi' gleesome speed, Wha will they station at the cock?

  2. Cecily confided to me that she never meant to put her hair up in curlers on Saturday nights again, because it was pretending.

  3. For the first time in years she had not put her hair up in curlers on Saturday night.

  4. Curlers claim to be a united brotherhood within which peer and peasant are equal "on the ice.

  5. May love and friendship crown our cheer Wi' a' the joys to curlers dear; We hae this nicht some heroes here, We aye are blythe to see, boys.

  6. At Toronto, the want of a written code of laws, was for a number of years, felt to be inconvenient--few of the original Curlers having been accustomed to play exactly according to the same system.

  7. Iron is used also by the Curlers of Dundas, in the Gore District; and at Guelph, where the Game has some ardent admirers, they play with blocks of hard wood.

  8. When winter muffles up his cloak, And binds the mire like a rock, THEN to the loch the Curlers flock Wi' gleesome speed.

  9. Notwithstanding the intense interest which Curlers may feel in a well contested match, no betting ever takes place among them; the excitement arising from gambling, therefore, is altogether removed from the rink.

  10. Each club consisted of twenty-one rinks of eight players, making the number of players on each side one hundred and sixty-eight, so that three hundred and thirty-six Curlers were engaged in the match.

  11. The example of the Curlers of Fergus, in constituting a club, ought to be followed in every neighborhood where there are players sufficient for one rink.

  12. You can tell that it is rather a low place, because the girls wear curlers and nothing is said.

  13. All the girls looked of the regular factory girl type, sloppy and dirty, and with their hair in curlers or curl papers.

  14. But those who remembered the red rubber curlers understood her reasons for not wishing to wet her aureole of golden hair.

  15. But no one ever saw her angry again, and as if she wished to give some visible sign of her repentance, the red rubber curlers were thrown away and from that time she has worn her hair straight.

  16. Mrs. Keene had removed her curlers and so had regained her sense of propriety.

  17. Her mousey hair was still done for the night and contained several long brown kid curlers about her forehead.

  18. Curlers somehow stood to her as very intimate things.

  19. Please don't awaken me," said Jessie as she twisted her hair into the patent curlers that she managed so well nobody but a girl could have told that her curls were not natural.

  20. Jessie was pretty, very pretty, but the picture of her with her face all greased up and the tick-like curlers covering her head would arise whenever I looked at her.

  21. She shook the crown of curlers on her head vigorously.

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