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Example sentences for "curly"

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  1. Indeed, he was a good-looking American boy with hazel eyes and a fair skin and, except for his curly dark hair and a certain unconscious grace, not different in appearance from other American boys.

  2. Then the brow, and the curly hair in its brown profusion; and the small neck; and the thin, straight shoulders.

  3. Dark purple dress with black velvet edges, lynx furs and a curly brimmed hat with a green paradise plume falling over one side.

  4. It extended to her shoulders, a thick, curly bush, through which she pulled the comb with short, quick sweeps.

  5. He took a volume upon his knee, as if it were a child; he opened the leaves, carefully separating them as if tenderly parting curly hair.

  6. He was a young fellow with a bright face, and the soft curly hair of a child.

  7. His bright colour and curly hair, his blue eyes and ready laugh, had won him great applause among his few feminine belongings.

  8. Deir little curly tails is a-stickin' out, is dey?

  9. He asked me, with infinite meaning in his voice, at what period the sparkling sap began to mount up from the curly roots of our maples, and vivify the trunk, twigs, and branches of that noble tree.

  10. Good Lord, I have often patted his head as a boy; and such a curly head as it was too, all wavy and silky, like a Spanish dog's.

  11. Ardens, with round curly heads, playing with your rusty greaves, and calling you Papa.

  12. Her large hazel eyes, sparkling with fun and merriment, are shaded by thick, curly lashes.

  13. Her hair--a little lighter in colour than the eyes, is worn in a loose, curly roll over her brow, and a thick coil on the nape of her neck.

  14. She is pale and delicate-looking, with dark brown curly hair brushed back from her forehead, and fine grey eyes, which have a sparkle of mirth in them, and indicate a keen sense of humour.

  15. She was tiny and dark--she had a sweet little face and velvet-brown eyes and soft curly dark hair.

  16. He is splendid: big six-footer with magnificent muscles, red cheeks, and curly yellow hair.

  17. Burton Ellis's handsome, boyish face flushed darkly crimson to the roots of his curly black hair.

  18. She was tall and stately, just like the heroine in a book, and she had lovely curly brown hair and big blue eyes and the most dazzling complexion.

  19. A second later and I felt them smartly transferred to my long, curly hair.

  20. Orloff was excessively pale, almost unconscious, with his thick curly hair of dull black without the least brilliancy.

  21. He was a man about forty, muscular, dry, with an agreeable, intelligent face, surrounded by long curly hair.

  22. I have always worn my hair, which is quite thick, at shoulder-length, curly and with a bunch of little curls at the top.

  23. The hair on his chest was curly and thick, but it couldn't have done much toward keeping him warm.

  24. David has long black curly lashes, and thick hair, while Donna's hair is so fine it won't even hold a bobby pin or a ribbon.

  25. You could tell he was a pig just as soon as you looked at him, because he had the cutest little curly tail, as though it wanted to tie itself into a bow, but was not quite sure whether that was the right thing to do.

  26. Curly Tail, for she liked her little brother very much, and she loved to see him look at her with his funny, squinting eye.

  27. Mrs. Pig, rubbing her nose up against that of Curly Tail, the littlest girl pig of them all.

  28. Peace restored, Master Grey shakes back from his broad forehead his curly locks, and summons the first class in geography.

  29. Dost thou know how lovely thou art, with that soft curly hair of thine hanging about thy neck, and the ruddy glow in thy fair, sweet face?

  30. She was a very clever artist, and next morning she began to paint a picture of a handsome young man, with beautiful curly hair, a fine complexion, and lovely blue eyes.

  31. The first, who was all crumpled in his arm-chair, had curly lips and wrinkles round the eyes, cheeks at once rather fat and rather shadowy, and a dimple in his chin.

  32. And his mouth always gently smiling, as if its pinched curly sweetness had been commanded, was the mouth of a man crucified--yes, crucified!

  33. The great big dog is named Rover, the middle-sized one Brownie, and the little yellow curly one Wienerwurst.

  34. She has dark curly hair, and deep brown eyes, and a very silvery voice.

  35. The captain lay asleep in his bunk, one big arm under his head, his short curly hair matted close.

  36. Yes, I remember her,--a trim, rather pretty little woman with short curly hair.

  37. The young dimpled face was drawn and pale, the pretty curly hair in disorder about her forehead.

  38. Jimmy bobbed his curly fair head, for Maurice had extended one strong young hand as he uttered his threat.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "curly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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