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Example sentences for "deflect"

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deflagrates; deflagrating; deflagration; deflated; deflation; deflected; deflecting; deflection; deflections; deflector
  1. In private life he already exercised that personal charm and fascination which in later years were curiously to deflect the course of great events.

  2. At every stage and turn of Cabinet discussion he could have laboured to deflect the course of legislation; and the House of Commons might be guided more easily than his colleagues.

  3. During that year Oersted discovered that an electric current would deflect a magnetic needle, thus showing that there was some relationship between electric and magnetic force.

  4. As is shown by the model, any attraction which these large balls exert on the small ones will tend to deflect this 6 ft.

  5. It is interesting to note that jets of very high-pressure water offer astonishing resistance to any attempt to deflect their course.

  6. They are able to rise and fall at will, without expending their gas, and to deflect forty-five degrees from the course of the wind.

  7. They are able to rise and fall at will, without expending their gas, and they can deflect forty-five degrees from the course of the wind.

  8. That which deflects, as a diaphragm in a furnace, or a come in a lamp (to deflect and mingle air and gases and help combustion).

  9. A good hunter always tries to get a clear view of his quarry, for even a twig may deflect his bullet.

  10. XLI Orde now took steps to deflect into the channel recently dredged to Stearn's Bayou the mass of the logs racing down stream from Redding.

  11. Booms chained between them helped deflect the drive from the shoals.

  12. After travelling 400 miles we came to the Stanley Falls, and beyond them, we saw the river deflect from its Nileward course toward the Northwest.

  13. This is already the new line along which they are advancing, and their best friends can do them no greater service than to encourage and assist them in it; their worst enemy could do them no greater injury than to deflect them from it.

  14. With three blows from the given height, the rail must not bend or deflect more than a specified amount.

  15. It was announced with official emphasis that no opposition would deflect the Government from its purpose.

  16. Wood construction shrinks, and beams supporting heavy loads always deflect in time.

  17. Large trees located near chimney tops may deflect wind currents down the chimney.

  18. On the sixth march the surface became much more hummocky, and Peary thought it advisable to deflect about 5 miles to the eastward.

  19. On the last day of May the head of Petermann Fiord, with its guarding mountains, suddenly came into sight, and Peary found it necessary to deflect some 10 miles to the eastward to avoid the inequalities of the glacier basin.

  20. To be driven from that perpetual course is somehow to be checked, and an external and hostile force is required to change a habit or an instinct as much as to deflect a star.

  21. And the way he can touch a bat with his mitt and deflect it on the third strike without being detected by the umpire is wonderful.

  22. Since the affair with Piper he had not, however, again offered to deflect a bat.

  23. The attraction of the small Mount Shehallien was found sufficient to deflect from the perpendicular, by a measurable quantity, a plummet weighing but a few ounces.

  24. Those that are breakers, and so deflect the current, and do not allow the boat to float over them.

  25. The centre girder of fixed depth being then required to carry a definite load at a definite flange stress, will deflect a definite amount at this stress.

  26. At the best such rivets will not be well placed to insure good workmanship, and the severe treatment to which they become subject, as the cross-girders take their load and deflect under it, will be very apt to loosen them.

  27. And he was about to repay her with lifelong misery, and nothing would deflect him from his course.

  28. The pilot sits first, and the body of the machine is so high that only his head appears above it, while just in front of his face, to deflect the wind-rush from the propeller, there is a raised section of the hull which acts as a screen.

  29. The face of a cliff, for instance, will deflect a current upward, leaving a partial void at its summit; and into this void the air will rush in the form of a whirling eddy.

  30. At the focus of this, the negative terminal, is fixed a platinum plate at an angle to the path of the rays so as to deflect them through the side of the tube.

  31. The chest itself has fixed immovably to its inner side a corresponding number of vane rings, alternating with those on the drum, and so arranged as to deflect the steam on to the latter at the most efficient angle.

  32. He first noticed that a current flowing through a wire would deflect a compass, and thus discovered the magnetic properties of the electric current.

  33. Thus the weakest of currents coming in over the wire serve to deflect the mirror, and a beam of light being directed upon the mirror and reflected by it upon a screen, the slightest movement of the mirror is made visible.

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