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  1. They who claim that their breakfasts are their best meals; that they simply "cannot do one thing" until they have eaten, are practically in line with those who must have their alcoholics before the wheels can be started.

  2. Whatever there is in drugs to cure disease, whatever in milk and the strongest alcoholics to sustain the strength, every protracted case has been made to reveal in their forceful hands.

  3. The fact that alcoholics are anæsthetics, and not stimulants, has become known to a few of the scientists in the medical profession; but it can scarcely be said to have become known to the profession generally.

  4. Now add to the corrosion of the membrane and the paralysis of the brain-centres from alcoholics the other inciting causes in the culture of disease, and you have the evolution of the drunkard.

  5. And all this drugging and alcoholics for a man who was not really sick!

  6. In this connection I shall say of alcoholics that they contain not an atom that can be converted into living atoms; they congest and irritate the stomach, and hence lessen digestive power; and benumb all the brain powers and faculties.

  7. Let us see: shock in degree is brain paralysis; alcoholics in degree are brain paralyzers; shock is simply a state of exhaustion with rest the supreme need.

  8. The body itself was not sick; there was no hint of disease in it; yet there were drugs prescribed that cost dollars by the score, and there were alcoholics by the gallon.

  9. There were cardiovascular changes, such as myocarditis, aortitis, valvular heart disease and arteriosclerosis in chronic alcoholics in 54.

  10. Fortunately many of the children of alcoholics die at an early age, and the family of a drunkard very seldom lasts beyond four generations.

  11. When the children of alcoholics are epileptic, the convulsions begin in these children about four years earlier than in children that are epileptics from other causes.

  12. Alcoholics and coffee should not be used.

  13. All agree that excessive indulgence in alcoholics is harmful physically, mentally and morally.

  14. He commenced using alcoholics at a very early age and has indulged excessively all his lifetime.

  15. He commenced to indulge in alcoholics at a very early age and has been an excessive drinker all his life.

  16. He used alcoholics in moderation, and denies venereal history.

  17. He commenced using alcoholics at a very early age, and has indulged heavily since then.

  18. As has been stated, he commenced to indulge in alcoholics at a very early age and has continued this habit during his lifetime.

  19. He used alcoholics to a certain extent, and admits having been intoxicated on numerous occasions.

  20. He commenced to indulge in alcoholics at the age of eighteen or nineteen.

  21. The program is a long term, highly structured outpatient program based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

  22. Visit an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

  23. It is a long-term out-patient counseling program with daycare capability based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

  24. No, alcoholics should be left alone, but milk, eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables should be partaken of in abundance.

  25. Fifth, alcoholics are likely to develop extreme jealousy, which may become pathological, even to the extent of a psychosis.

  26. The alcoholic delirium is more frequent in the descendants of alcoholics than in their parents, which indicates their intellectual degeneration.

  27. The larger portion of the sons of alcoholics have convulsions in early infancy.

  28. Laitinen's studies on man, together with three other studies of the Eugenics Laboratory in London, show that in man also more children are born to alcoholics than to normal parents.

  29. Disorders similar to some of those seen in the children of alcoholics do actually result in alcoholized animals of one kind or another.

  30. I have never attempted to collect quantities of alcoholics without an alcoholometer in constant use.

  31. For alcoholics the best thing to use is a small bit of pure sheet tin, or else sheet lead, with a number stamped upon it.

  32. Influencing Physicians not to Prescribe Alcoholics in Medicine" was the original name of the present Department of Non-Alcoholics in Medicine.

  33. All alcoholics are intoxicating in just the degree that they contain alcohol.

  34. We do not have many alcoholics here," said he.

  35. Thousands of alcoholics will defend their vice.

  36. The absorbing powers of the intestine remain a long time, and is the reason that so many alcoholics appear so well nourished.

  37. Drunkenness cannot rightfully be considered as a crime as long as society sanctions the sale of alcohol and profits by it; therefore the punishment of alcoholics as criminals is an intolerable injustice.

  38. It must also be remembered that at least one half of the world's chronic alcoholics have syphilitic histories.

  39. The shortcomings of the medical profession, of the druggists, and those who have to do with the management of alcoholics in courts of law seem to me well substantiated by the facts.

  40. It is perhaps not going too far to say that most alcoholics have not been given a fair chance by their bodies, their temperaments, or the actual conditions of their lives.

  41. Numbers of far from hopeless alcoholics are yearly being sent to our insane asylums, where there is little chance of their recovery, I think.

  42. The ordinary methods in vogue for the reclamation of alcoholics are pitifully futile.

  43. It will be observed that this claim for alcoholics is far below the claim which I have made for drug-users.

  44. Many alcoholics have for months given evidences of complete cure.

  45. Congress is being urged by senators and congressmen, as well as by anti-saloon advocates, to pass laws prohibiting common carriers from delivering alcoholics to any "dry" community.

  46. On the contrary, it is unquestionably true that the majority of the nation's heroes have used alcoholics moderately or excessively for the greater part of their lives.

  47. The use of alcoholics simply makes the condition worse.

  48. In the overwhelming majority of cases I am in entire sympathy with the movement to abolish the routine use of alcoholics from medicine, and I rarely advise such in my practice.

  49. All that alcoholics can do for dyspepsia is to allay the uneasy sensations for a time, while adding to the trouble.

  50. Davis:-- "Alcoholics are very generally prescribed in that weakness of the heart sometimes met with in low forms of fever and in the advanced stage of other acute diseases.

  51. For the past ten years I have been finding professionally less place for alcoholics of any sort in my practise, and for perhaps three years I have scarcely ever prescribed them.

  52. When I joined the ranks of temperance workers in 1874, a thought so adventurous as that alcoholics in relation to medicine were a curse and not a blessing had never lodged within my cranium.

  53. Port wine and other alcoholics while giving a false sensation of increased vigor, really reduce the tone of the pulse, and therefore tend to enfeeble the system.

  54. Salads, spices and other condiments, fats and fried foods should be strictly avoided, together with tea, coffee, alcoholics and all other narcotics.

  55. The offspring of alcoholics show impaired vitality of the most deep-seated character.

  56. The student who was least affected was not, as might be supposed, one who had been accustomed to take alcoholics habitually, but, on the contrary, one who for six years had been a total abstainer.

  57. Thus, step by step, the use of alcoholics impairs the functions of the blood corpuscles, perverts nutrition, and slowly poisons the blood.

  58. Of course these effects of alcoholics differ widely according to the degree of intoxication.

  59. The Milanese was in point of fact alcoholic, and in his ancestry were a number of alcoholics as well as epileptics.

  60. Alcoholics are less common amongst those who, contrary to rules, assume shoulder-straps or other decorations.

  61. Régis remarks that battle dreams of this nature occasionally affect alcoholics in garrison or at home.

  62. The grandiosity and self-centredness of the alcoholics remained as prominent as ever.

  63. Fifth, I should judge the place to be more of a retreat for alcoholics or the insane, than for those suffering from accident, or any form of physical injury.

  64. He runs a sort of retreat for alcoholics up near Green Valley, and bears a generally shady reputation.

  65. You see, comparatively few alcoholics are born in a generation.

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