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Example sentences for "adding"

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addicted; addicting; addiction; addictions; addicts; addit; addition; additional; additionally; additions
  1. At intervals he grasped his bell and swung it up and down with vigour, adding its keen clamour to the storm weltering there below.

  2. And then the long hands and the body--they furnish great and frequent help to the face in the business of adding to the force of the statesman's words.

  3. The writer was aware that the first word in his phrase answered the question which I was asking, but he could not help adding nine dark words.

  4. If that be so, our answer might but increase your displeasure, without adding to your information.

  5. My wife warmly assented to both; adding that there was nothing she more ardently wished than to give her girls a single winter's polishing.

  6. The public prosecutor continued a long time in this strain, adding weight to his words by impassioned gestures, and fervent declamation.

  7. He thanked her, adding that it was sweet yet right that she had come herself, instead of writing or telephoning.

  8. It was scraps like this that stood out in Fillery's memory, adding to his conviction that Paul had enlisted even this strange priest in his deep-laid plan.

  9. She had an almost morbid terror of adding or exaggerating any new grounds of discontent to the two, who often seemed to her more her children than her sisters, slight as was in reality the difference of age which separated her from them.

  10. You have got such a nice colour," mentally adding to herself, "really Frances grows handsomer and handsomer as she gets older.

  11. Then a smile irradiated her whole face, adding greatly to its charm.

  12. Good-night, Mr Littlewood," she said simply, adding no invitation to come in with them.

  13. Today, I figure that the thousand well-grown trees in this planting are each adding a dollar per year to the value of the 20 acres upon which they stand.

  14. We are adding a few every year and planting them between chestnuts to prevent the latter from forming extensive root grafts.

  15. It can be varied by adding sprays to the upper sides of the slanting stalks, like those on the lower sides, turned either the same way, or upwards.

  16. Here he repeated his arguments; adding that whatever his Majesty's decision might be was personally immaterial to himself.

  17. The person who is to prepare the liquor, collects all these mouthfuls; and puts them into a large wooden dish, or bowl, adding as much water as will make it of a proper strength.

  18. Her husband, also adding his testimony, says: "She has been unable to walk without crutches for a series of years.

  19. The small amount of money lying on your desk I leave untouched, and I take the liberty of adding fifty dollars besides.

  20. It would be imported for the same reason as the apes; namely, for the purpose of adding to the glories of Solomon's house, and no bird could have been selected which would have a more magnificent effect than the Peacock.

  21. We feel satisfied in adding to the account given in yesterday's paper of the inauguration of the President,--that His Excellency on that great day, was dressed in a complete suit of elegant broadcloth of the manufacture of his country.

  22. This was, however, only adding fuel to the flames.

  23. Don John made answers to these propositions by adding a brief comment, as apostille, upon each of the eighteen articles, in succession.

  24. Driven to desperation, I have lost all I had in the world, by adding gaming to my many follies.

  25. Of this letter the latines themselfes had tuae other sounds differing the ane from the other, and beath from this, quhilk they symbolized be adding an other voual, æ and au.

  26. Milk is sophisticated by robbing it of its cream, or by adding to it “The milk of the cow with the iron tail,” and by coloring it.

  27. They are made usually by adding corn meal to the yeast and carefully drying the cakes in the sun.

  28. If no fat or suet can be obtained, take the same ingredients, adding a little more water, and boil about 10 minutes.

  29. She hardly knew how to say more without adding to her offense.

  30. Adair accepted the rebuke with great good nature and prompted by his wife thanked his honor for his forbearance, adding to the general hilarity by repeating aloud some of the advice that was being whispered in his ear.

  31. Am I adding to your anxieties instead of relieving them?

  32. My head aches with adding up figures, and writing letters," she said.

  33. The pecuniary result would be (adding the husband's income to the wife's) about eight thousand a year for the young married people.

  34. The message (deferring other explanations until they met) merely informed her that her rooms were ready, adding the address and the landlady's name.

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