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docthor; docti; doctissimus; docto; doctor; doctorate; doctored; doctores; doctoress; doctorial
  1. Kalkman, "The Role of the Humanities in Graduate Programs in Nursing," in Doctoral Preparation for Nurses, ed.

  2. Before knowing how to approach the rewriting of my clinical paper as a partial requirement for receiving my doctoral degree I experienced a depression.

  3. The process or method used was not conceptualized until it was called for while writing my doctoral dissertation in 1968.

  4. In a theory course and a philosophy of science course, while in doctoral study, I recognized and learned to label my unrest and puzzlement as a recognition of the need for nursing theory.

  5. In 1966 in discussing my purposes for doctoral study, I expressed this unrest and puzzlement.

  6. This selected bibliography was compiled by Helen Streubert, MSN, RN doctoral candidate and research assistant in the Department of Nursing Education, Teachers College/Columbia University, New York.

  7. Doctoral dissertation, Department of Systematics and Ecology, University of Kansas, Lawrence.

  8. Doctoral dissertation, Department of Ecology and Behavioral Biology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

  9. The Rebuilding of the Old Dominion," (unpublished doctoral dissertation) Columbia University, 1940.

  10. The spirit gave the doctoral degree: And every member of a company Was of his trade, and of the Bible free.

  11. Whose calibre may be gathered from his egregious doctoral thesis, Concio ad clerum de dæmonum malorum existentia et natura (1700).

  12. Dissertatio inauguralis metaphysica de universali naturæ systemate, published at Göttingen as the doctoral thesis of an imaginary Dr.

  13. Brunnhofer's Giordano Bruno's Weltanschauung und Verhängniss, 1882; and the doctoral treatise of C.

  14. Such was his doctoral degree of addiction and from this philosophical islet inundations from void and addiction could not take him away.

  15. I'll have to begin my doctoral thesis shortly.

  16. For about a fortnight they were open and free to the public, without money and without price, whenever fresh parties came or were brought who desired satisfaction on any point glowing out of the then raging doctoral controversy.

  17. All such persons therefore knew that the Buffalo doctoral theory of knee-joints was impossible and absurd, and felt no uneasiness about the result of any real investigations.

  18. A doctoral thesis presented to the University of Toulouse, treating, chiefly, the programmatic parts of the principle of min sheng.

  19. A doctoral thesis presented to the University of Paris, which deals with the institutional and historical background of min sheng.

  20. A doctoral thesis presented to the University of Dijon, concerning the four popular powers of election, recall, initiative, and referendum.

  21. This work, a doctoral thesis submitted to the University of Dijon, treats the Western theory of democracy and Sun's theory comparatively.

  22. Nicias is, like Simon, of a learned profession; and the dignity with which he wears the doctoral fur, renders his absurdities infinitely more grotesque.

  23. A13O4 "Originally submitted as a doctoral dissertation at the Johns Hopkins University.

  24. Based upon a doctoral dissertation at the University of Florida.

  25. E23 "A development of the author's doctoral dissertation at the University of Chicago.

  26. At length, in 1599, the chapter of Cordova, in a contest over the matter, procured a papal brief requiring the residence of the doctoral canon, who was not to be excused under pretext of serving the Inquisition.

  27. The doctoral and magistral canonries alluded to by Philip afforded a special grievance.

  28. After considering the question of the prebends, including the doctoral and magistral ones, he was content to apply to the Inquisition the first vacancy in each cathedral and collegiate church in Spain.

  29. Incidentally the Suprema declared that the magistral canonries were out of reach, but the doctoral ones were not, probably presuming on the royal ignorance.

  30. The people, on all occasions, have delighted especially in investing public acts with pageantry; as for instance, in the conferring of the doctoral degree.

  31. After these glorious exertions, the son of the Muses plunges boldly into the doctoral examination.

  32. Soon afterwards, the student thus treated, missed a sum of money, of some three hundred gulden, which had been remitted him in order to defray the expenses contingent on the taking of his doctoral examination.

  33. In most states the doctoral examination precedes the state examination, and the examinee acquires the right to be admitted to the latter when he has passed his doctoral examination, and has written a dissertation.

  34. Amongst them proudly displayed themselves several printed duplicates of the doctoral diplomas of his friends.

  35. Due to a lot of determination and perseverance I finally did succeed in getting my thesis accepted, and triumphed over my doctoral committee.

  36. The professors on my doctoral committee had never heard of the word orthomolecular, and all of them were certain it wasn't an accepted, traditional area of research.

  37. Keep that lumpish air for your doctoral uniform.

  38. Returning to the table, he tore the long black doctoral gown into three strips, which he made a rope of by tying the ends together.

  39. In 1854 he made his reputation by his doctoral thesis, Sur les combinaisons de la glycerine avec les acides, which described a series of beautiful researches in continuation and amplification of M.

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