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Example sentences for "childish"

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childer; childern; childes; childher; childhood; childishly; childishness; childless; childlessness; childlike
  1. For answer, she gave him a rose from her breast with a childish gesture, as if asking forgiveness.

  2. Graham, who had brought his colors, made a sketch of the view from the hilltops, Millicent sitting silently beside him, handing him the brushes as he required them, then squeezing the little tubes of paint with a childish delight.

  3. Long confidences had followed this conversation; and Millicent listened to Barbara's account of a childish romance with that deep interest which women all feel in the heart experiences of their sisters.

  4. Something had come to her; but she never confided to priest or friend the trouble which robbed her young face of its childish curves, which killed the youth in her, and made her a woman in grief, while she was still a child in years.

  5. The girl from the millinery establishment under his room, whose sweet, childish face he had painted from memory the very day before, was just leaving the shop as he stepped into the street.

  6. Only the simplest of the great truths which lie like jewels in the tawdry setting of the Mother Church, did Fra Antonio instil into her childish mind, which with an unquestioning faith accepted all the young priest taught.

  7. What a childish old thing he must be, to pay so much for one little lock of hair!

  8. It was strange how childish the strong man became, counting those threads of hair; and when at last the labor was completed, he wept because there were no more.

  9. Need we say that childish prayer was answered to the letter!

  10. But Lollie, not realizing that Kobuk was dead, sat patting the relaxed bandaged leg, while he whispered childish words of comfort in the unheeding ears.

  11. Jean thought of the little fellow, so childish in many ways, but silent all day on the subject of his loss.

  12. The weed-covered boulders of Sunset Point drew him, but though he felt strongly the fascination of the ocean bed now becoming uncovered by the tide, for some indefinable childish reason he hesitated to go down among the rocks in his nightgown.

  13. And before anyone realized what was happening, the boy had taken Kilbuck's face between two small hands and pressed cool, childish lips to the man's forehead.

  14. After just so much of this, Jean would turn on them scornfully and compare their childish actions with those of Harlan when he was undergoing the same deprivation.

  15. She never started out for a walk along the sea without experiencing that delightful, childish sense of expectancy which is so keenly a part of the life of Alaska.

  16. When she smiled up at the white men her face was lighted by long-lashed childish eyes, warm and brown as a sun-shot pool in the forest.

  17. Oh, I hear their voices yet and I never shall forget How their faces beamed with childish mirth and glee.

  18. I would make it the figure of a man, with knitted brow and clinched teeth, beating and bruising his barefooted boy, in the cruel endeavor to drive him from the paradise of his childish fun and folly.

  19. Here I thought his childish fancy had built a paradise and peopled it with dainty seraphim and made himself its Adam.

  20. And then she tucked him away in the paradise of his childish slumber.

  21. And yet at the bottom of his heart he had a vast, almost childish belief in the power of love.

  22. There was something about the service which was inexpressibly touching; the vast sombre ancient church, the childish voices.

  23. You speak of your father: know you that, were I to grant what you, in your childish innocence, so unthinkingly request, he might curse me from his grave?

  24. This description of Lucilla must, I need scarcely repeat, be considered as applicable to her at some years distant from the time in which the young Englishman first attracted her childish but ardent imagination.

  25. Lucilla, this feeling of yours towards me is (pardon me) but a young and childish phantasy: you will smile at it some years hence.

  26. Yet his hands clasped only a slight, childish form in a white gown.

  27. She had put on the white frock of soft chiffon and lace that Betty had given her, but somehow it only made her look more childish and insignificant.

  28. Her pride once broken down, Lucy sobbed and cried in an abandon of sorrow, letting her childish heart lie bare beneath Joyce's tender gaze.

  29. What she said about their childish devotion was very touching, I thought, and not at all funny.

  30. The depths of distress call up energies, even in the childish heart which have never been felt before.

  31. The enemies of his country were encamped around, and lay, in strong force, between his hiding-place and the small town where he had spent his childish years, which they also garrisoned.

  32. Childish memories of just such men crowded into her mind.

  33. Certainly not the Princess Clotilda, be her preferences what they might: she would have considered it childish folly to hesitate in her choice.

  34. John Wyndham's fancy, as far as possible, to possess a fac-simile of the family mansion in England, in which his childish days had been spent.

  35. Other funerals have I seen with grown-up eyes, since that day, of which the burden has been the same childish burden.

  36. But these are no better than childish novelties against the divine law, and against all laws in effect, and against the examples of all the bravest and most virtuous nations of the world.

  37. And indeed, my pseudo Gallus, let me remark that, being myself a native of the Mediterranean, I can enter better than you can into the childish delight that our friend Caius Plinius expresses.

  38. He could never tell how long it was before he heard little Palmira cry out in shrill tones of childish excitement: 'I see him, Dino.

  39. Her short blue gown was tucked up above her knees; her scarlet kerchief was hanging loose from her hair; she was digging away like a man, and her bright, childish face was all rosy and warm with the exertion.

  40. Many of the young men she knew had minds, but deemed that these were wasted on women, whose language was generally supposed to be a kind of childish twaddle.

  41. Perhaps the revelation that she did not then fathom was that he had not developed since those childish days.

  42. And once more the little childish cry of delight, long sweet to the Colonel's ears, escaped her.

  43. I have learned, since those childish days, that one must battle against storms if one would reach the calm which is to follow them.

  44. I was very happy, that is certain, and I enjoyed my childish amusements as heartily as if there were no unfathomable mysteries or perplexities or sorrows anywhere in the world.

  45. I could not help thinking of my old childish suspicions of Lady Ferry, though I smiled at the folly of them and of this story more than once.

  46. Pujol," said Fleurette, with childish tragicality in her pervenche eyes, "without you we shall be lost.

  47. He was in the presence of grief and sickness and trouble; the Proven├žal braggadocio dropped from him and he became the simple and childish creature that he was.

  48. God bless father and mother," said he, and the childish treble rang out queerly in the large, almost empty church.

  49. In the evenings, when he was most with her, she would sit, either in the shop or in the little room at the back, her blue childish eyes fixed on him wistfully.

  50. There is a story of an accusation being brought against him by one or more of his elder sons, of having become childish from age, and of being incapable of managing his own affairs.

  51. When Hubert, about to put out his eyes with the hot iron, is softened by his prayers, our compassion would be almost overwhelming, were it not sweetened by the winning innocence of Arthur's childish speeches.

  52. The daughter, clinging in the agonies of death to the bosom of her mother, in her childish innocence has no fear but for herself: the innate impulse of self-preservation was never more tenderly and affectingly expressed.

  53. The supposed imperfections originate in the circumstance, that Shakspeare here handled a childish and extravagant romance of the old poet Gower, and was unwilling to drag the subject out of its proper sphere.

  54. Lear is choleric, overbearing, and almost childish from age, when he drives out his youngest daughter because she will not join in the hypocritical exaggerations of her sisters.

  55. O, Matilda, it will never do; nay, so childish am I, I hardly can help sympathising with his aristocratic feelings.

  56. In less than two minutes he washed his face and hands, settled his wig in the glass, and, to Mannering's great surprise, looked quite a different man from the childish Bacchanal he had seen a moment before.

  57. I ate too many of them to be genteel, I fear; but we had none at home, and it was not easy to restrain my childish appetite.

  58. Wullie could now sometimes allow himself the pleasure of bringing little gifts to the children, and their childish delight hardly surpassed his own.

  59. I was no longer a child, and I put away childish things and thoughts.

  60. And now how can a mere male relate all the pretty childish things that were done and said to baby, and of baby, before the inevitable squalling began, and baby was taken away to be consoled by another of his subjects.

  61. Mary shrugged her shoulders contemptuously, as if these speculations were too childish for her.

  62. She was even conscious of a childish desire to run away.

  63. Suddenly she laid a childish hand on his arm.

  64. The stiff aureole of her dark hair made a striking contrast to the whiteness of her childish costume.

  65. A blond Cupid grown slightly older and thinner, Billy Duncan appeared, with his blond hair and large childish blue eyes and his somewhat expressionless face.

  66. Teresa's olive coloring had deepened in the weeks in the sunshine and fresh air, her cheeks were more rose colored, her wide eyes with their half mature, half childish expression were slightly plaintive at this instant.

  67. But she answered with the same childish sweetness, "Don't say that, Philip.

  68. Then his bolder spirit seemed to say, "What is all this childish fuming about?

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