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Example sentences for "billows"

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  1. Our boat was named the Mascot, and well was it so christened, for the fierce billows tried her seaworthiness to the limit.

  2. I slept soundly, despite the rolling of the ship and the hammering of the surging billows against the shell of my cabin, and I was among the first to respond to the six o'clock bells summoning the hungry to their desayuno.

  3. His limbs buffeted the billows in the strong agony of death, and he strained, with desperate eagerness, towards the projecting point of a black rock.

  4. Nothing was now heard save the rage of the troubled sea, which, lashed into foam by the angry storm, still bellowed forth its white billows to the clouds, and shouted its defiance loud as the war-cry of embattled worlds.

  5. Occasionally a breeze would pass across the scene, causing unnumbered tiny billows to quiver over the surface of mightier ones, which seemed to be careering onward to some unknown shore.

  6. At my feet flowed the tranquil waters of the superb river, from whose very margin receded a perfectly level prairie, which soon lost itself, in a rolling country, whose motionless billows receded to the far horizon.

  7. The path ran for a time along the edge of cliffs, which stood some forty or fifty feet above the sea, and sank sheer down into deep water, fretting the smooth green billows rolling by into a fringe of foam.

  8. The gun was discharged, and down rushed the black wavering pillar in a watery avalanche, and in a minute after the dark, heaving billows rolled o ver the spot whereout it arose, as if no such thing had ever been.

  9. By and by, a narrow streak of bright moonlight appeared under the lower edge of the bank, defining the dark outlines of the tumbling multitudinous billows on the horizon, as distinctly as if they had been pasteboard waves in a theatre.

  10. With lighter probe or deep, touching the faith, By the which thou didst on the billows walk.

  11. Do not believe that its billows will waft you into port.

  12. I, in spirit, rose as if on billows that also ran up the shaft forever; and the billows seemed to pursue the throne of God; but that also ran on before us and fled away continually.

  13. The sea that overflows the shore With billows frothed and curled, Must ebb once more.

  14. She will lie on the billows helpless and hopeless, the scorn and contempt of all the enemies of free institutions, and an object of indescribable grief to all their friends.

  15. I am on the wide seas, where countless billows burst into the whitecaps of joy.

  16. As far as vision extended billows upon billows of snow capped the mountaintops and billows and billows of it smothered the defiles.

  17. Here and there through the billows of mist could be seen the roofs of skyscrapers glistening in the sun.

  18. Prale removed his cap, and a mist came into his eyes that did not come from the foggy billows through which the ship was plowing.

  19. One enjoys an opportunity there of studying the form and colour of ocean billows which cannot be obtained on any ordinary shore, because, the water being deep alongside the Rock, these waves come up to it in all their unbroken magnificence.

  20. The large green billows which had been falling with solemn boom on the outlying rocks began to lip over into the pool where his boat lay--Port Stevenson.

  21. The French coast, trending here for leagues and leagues nearly due north and south, is exposed to the long accumulating power of a western gale, and the mountain roll of billows that have known no check.

  22. Twas then, as by the outcry riven, Poured down at once the lowering heaven; A whirlwind swept Loch Katrine's breast, 555 Her billows reared their snowy crest.

  23. Art’s most ingenious breastworks fail at length Beat by the mighty billows of the sea; Only the God-formed shores possess the strength To stand before their onslaughts, and not flee.

  24. The sight of beauty to their sense shall be As mighty winds are to a sleeping sea When stormy billows rise.

  25. When the tide runs low they lift their shoulders Above the billows and gayly spread Their soft green garments along the boulders Of grim gray granite that form their bed.

  26. A ship sails on that has bravely waded Through foaming billows to sue in vain; A whip-poor-will flies that has serenaded And sung unanswered his plaintive strain.

  27. The whole landscape is changed and the great billows of mist that have covered it are now thin strips of white cloud driven across the blue sky.

  28. The wind presses the sea into billows which shift to and fro as water would.

  29. Yet more, the billows and the depths have more!

  30. The great headland and the whole rib of the promontory is wind swept and washed with air; the billows of atmosphere roll over it.

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