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Example sentences for "agony"

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agonistic; agonize; agonized; agonizing; agonizingly; agora; agorot; agouti; agoutis; agraffe
  1. She lifted a face of agony and looked at the sky again.

  2. She bent her head in an agony of shame and sorrow.

  3. But Meg saw the wince of pain that his words caused the poor girl, and knew a little what an agony of remorse she was suffering.

  4. The surgeon spoke too truly; the previous loss of blood, and the agony he had suffered during amputation, had been more than his system could bear, and the lamp of life was already flickering in its socket.

  5. There, in spite of the agony he was suffering, he continued to give his orders.

  6. The blood had completely left his face, which still bore the marks of the agony he had suffered, which in those days there were few means of alleviating.

  7. I can't sleep of a night when I think of all the misery, all the agony it is causing.

  8. Some of you, even as I at this moment, feel that we are in the deep waters, and in our heart's agony we cry out to God.

  9. Then, as it seemed to me, I beheld the agony of the world.

  10. On hearing this, Louis burst into an agony of tears, and ran out of the room.

  11. He was, as he had been through life, deceived and mistaken; and the moment of his being undeceived was one of dreadful agony of mind.

  12. For twenty-one years she had suffered what a high spirit must suffer in being closely united with a companion who has none; but the agony of this moment must have exceeded all former trials of the kind.

  13. Hoping that gaining time might afford a chance, she threw herself on a bed, and pretended to be taken suddenly ill, and in an agony of pain.

  14. The saving suffering of an agony of remorse was what we should like to have seen, for in that there would have been good assurance of healthy moral consciousness restored.

  15. This lasted--I hardly know how long; but eventually I began to fancy that he saw my agony of grief, and that it was a torment to him not to be able to come and comfort me.

  16. He thought of the dear Lord in his agony of thirst, and bore it for a time.

  17. His dive in the uncertain light had been unsuccessful, and now he had the strength of mind to wait--in what agony of suspense Heaven only knows!

  18. There is such agony in misunderstanding and blame when all has hitherto been comprehension, approval, and sympathy.

  19. She was standing in the middle of the room with her hands clasped, evidently in an agony of nervous trepidation.

  20. Wallace raised a face on which agony and indecision were plainly written.

  21. Greeting Julie, whose dark eyes betrayed a lack of sleep, whose face reflected an agony of anxiety, the men called Pere Breton outside the Mission.

  22. A scream of agony rang through the hall, shrill and piercing.

  23. The next bore a desperately wounded brave whose bloodless lips were compressed in agony and dumb as those of the dead.

  24. Peggy flung her arms round him in an agony of self-reproach.

  25. Maud, wringing her hands helplessly in an agony of alarm.

  26. The old man accompanied me to the gateway, and shaking my hand in a boisterous agony of good-nature, pressed me to visit him again when he was not drunk.

  27. In the agony of the moment he dashed down the bowl, and rushed half blinded to the fireplace.

  28. As she spoke, her tears--tears from a source how different from that whence broke the scorching and intolerable agony of his own!

  29. We had been told of a lady who died in agony because she insisted on telling the doctor that the pain was in her chest, whereas it really was in the unmentionable organ of digestion.

  30. Mavis, whose over-sensitive nerves were strung up to the last point, yelled with terror, and clung screaming to Merle, who gave a shriek of agony herself as the phantom approached and leaped at them.

  31. Miss Mitchell dealt round typewritten sheets of questions, and the agony began.

  32. I, when my own heart was beating fast in a very agony of sickening fear.

  33. A woman's cry of agony rang out upon the sweet morning stillness.

  34. I wanted nothing said which could bring back to my memory that wild scene on the cliffs, or the hours of agony which I had been through.

  35. Physical agony had extorted shrieks from the stoutest hearts, and even the French in the ruins paused to look for the next act of the desperate drama.

  36. The boat itself slowly touched the rocks, raising fresh cries among the wounded by the agony they endured from the shocks of rising and falling under the ground-swell.

  37. He was writhing in agony on the floor; he no longer seemed to know where I stood.

  38. The fact remains that she gave her father in his agony another dose of the poison that was killing him, instead of the antidote for which he prayed.

  39. But no, Heaven works no such miracle, even in sight of such an agony as his; and the words met his gaze relentlessly till his misery was more than he could endure, and he rushed from the room like a madman.

  40. For nothing short of a frenzied scream could have voiced the agony I felt, or expressed the sudden revolt which took place within me, sickening me at once with life, past, present, and future.

  41. In an agony of terrour, that again absorbed even resentment, Juliet remained motionless, confounded, and incapable of deliberation, till the groom of Mrs Ireton came to inform her that his lady was ready to set out.

  42. Juliet was now in an agony of mind indescribable.

  43. Extreme need and agony of supplication have other things to think of than originality, and so long as sorrows are so commonplace and like each other, the cries of the sorrowful will be very much alike.

  44. The same national agony which was the theme of Psalm lxxiv.

  45. Then for two days he hung about its precipitous streets in an agony of suspense almost unendurable.

  46. Full in the shoulder strikes the express bullet, stopping his flight and sending him headlong to earth, where a second shot ends his agony with instant death.

  47. A thousand dollars was cheap for a common buggy, and men rushed about the streets in agony of fear lest they should 'fall victims to the ferocity of the Yankees.

  48. The Secesh inhabitants are in agony of wonder at all this queer manoeuvring.

  49. The first impact of the battle-ax against the wood and its accompanying vibrations sent lances of agony through Conan's swollen feet and hands.

  50. Then he tried to tear his hands off the spikes, and it was not the knifing, abysmal agony that finally caused him to cease his efforts, but the futility of it.

  51. The perspiration of agony beaded his face and his mighty breast, but from under the tangled black mane that fell over his low, broad forehead, his blue eyes blazed with an unquenched fire.

  52. Salome, hurrying along the corridor outside, smiled spitefully as a scream of despair and agony rang shuddering through the palace.

  53. In his fierce agony he writhed, weeping in rage and shame, and the terrified girl caught him in her arms, straining his tossing head against her bosom, imploring him to be quiet.

  54. His fingers felt like misshapen thumbs, and closing his hands was an agony that brought blood streaming from under his grinding teeth.

  55. I awakened with the perspiration of agony on my forehead, but fortunately in my own bed and in the nineteenth century.

  56. While he read and spoke poor Anna behind him waited to be presented, in an agony of nervousness which she struggled not to show.

  57. At times she was so bashful that even speaking to an intimate friend was often an agony to her, and it is said she once stayed home from meeting on Sunday rather than tell her mother that her gloves were too worn out to wear!

  58. Dashing the blood from his eyes, he knelt over the dying man, who had been his friend, with remorse and agony in his expression.

  59. As he lay musing and trying to sleep in the stern of the ship, a bag of gunpowder exploded, wounding him so badly that he leaped into the water to cool the burning agony of his flesh.

  60. Oh what an agony was compressed in those awful hours!

  61. Finally I slept and dreamed that I was a slave girl, and, oh, the agony of the knowledge!

  62. Pocahontas turned to him, gripping her slender hands together in an agony of appeal.

  63. Literally, I could not speak, having such agony of delight in its beauty, of pride in its possession, of satisfaction in a need supplied, of gratitude and surprise immeasurable.

  64. Marcella's feeling, as she listened, was made up of that old agony of rage and pity!

  65. She soothed her as best she could, but when she had succeeded in making the wretched soul take food, and so in putting some physical life into her, she found herself the recipient of an outburst of agony before which she quailed.

  66. Still he maintains a profound silence: but he cannot prevent his countenance from expressing a keen sense of the mortal agony that he endures.

  67. Then, when the door closed behind him, she reseated herself, and burst into an agony of tears.

  68. I endeavoured in vain to console him; and then I thought it best to allow his agony to have full vent, and he would feel relieved.

  69. The miserable clerk groaned again, more audibly than before: but his master heeded not the intense agony his words inflicted.

  70. Julia burst out into an agony of weeping, when she heard that she must go to prison for a week; and the baker requested the magistrate to re-consider his decision.

  71. The young lady endeavoured to give utterance to a reply: but, overpowered by her emotions, she burst into an agony of weeping.

  72. He considered only his own glory and pain of noble renunciation, and not her agony of disillusion and distrust, even if she did not care for him.

  73. Lucina was capable of an agony of faithfulness to her own, but of loyalty in a broad sense she knew nothing, and never would, having in that respect the typical capacity only of women.

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