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  1. This beautiful and important commercial city is situated on the right bank of the Loire, which is there a fine navigable river, about twenty-seven miles from its junction with the sea.

  2. Lyons had expected to become the patroness and focus of an Anti-jacobin league, formed by the great commercial towns, against Paris and the predominant part of the Convention.

  3. The commercial towns, which, upon a scale more modified, also tried their strength with the revolutionary torrent, were successively overpowered.

  4. Among the Foulahs in particular, commercial transactions are carried on with extreme tardiness; a palaver is held over every thing they have for barter.

  5. Christian society, and augment the commercial prosperity of the United Kingdom!

  6. In this society, and from other quarters, I was favoured with various information upon the situation of the colonies in Dutch Guiana, and their importance in a political and commercial point of view.

  7. VĂ©ron was pronounced by general consent to be the wealthiest merchant of the commercial capital of northern France.

  8. Only with political and commercial independence, fully developed internal resources, and a high national culture do the arts finally attain, as it were, their majority, and enter upon a truly national growth.

  9. Its most striking advances have been along mechanical, scientific, and commercial lines.

  10. While a number of able architects have continued to use it effectively in ecclesiastical, civic, and even commercial architecture, it is being generally superseded by various forms of the Renaissance.

  11. The leading city of civilization through the Dark Ages, Constantinople influenced Italy through her political and commercial relations with Ravenna, Genoa, and Venice.

  12. Rome, Ravenna, and Venice early became centres of culture and maintained continuous commercial relations with the East.

  13. Architectural activity in the United States continues to share in the general prosperity which has marked the years since 1898, and this activity has by no means been confined to industrial and commercial architecture.

  14. Intellectual, scientific, and commercial pursuits have thus largely absorbed those energies which in other ages found exercise in the creation of artistic forms and objects.

  15. Taste rapidly declined before the growth of the industrial and commercial spirit in the eighteenth century.

  16. It was a period of feverish commercial activity, but of artistic stagnation, and witnessed the erection of but few buildings of architectural importance.

  17. American architects have generally been less successful in public, administrative, and ecclesiastical architecture than in commercial and domestic work.

  18. Indeed, most of these early expeditions to the west appear to have been inspired by motives of commercial enterprise rather than of conquest.

  19. The fact that Babylonian should then have been adopted as the medium of official intercourse in Syria points to the closeness of the commercial ties which had already united the Euphrates Valley with the west.

  20. Some sections of the race engaged readily in the social and commercial life of Canaanite civilization with its rich inheritance from the past.

  21. At first sight this may seem strange, for Egypt lay nearer than Babylon to Palestine, and political and commercial intercourse was at least as close.

  22. The trend of much recent anthropological research has been in the direction of seeking a single place of origin for similar beliefs and practices, at least among races which were bound to one another by political or commercial ties.

  23. In the period of the Hebrew captivity the city still ranked as a great commercial market and as one of the most sacred repositories of Babylonian religious tradition.

  24. The commercial advantages of a great nation lie there in that man's keeping.

  25. We require a man to take care of our commercial prosperity.

  26. Through this continental system he endeavored, for several years, to annihilate all commercial intercourse between the continent and England.

  27. It is now used by the large commercial growers and has in many sections entirely superseded the old English spawn and other forms of wild spawn.

  28. It is therefore necessary, in order to grow mushrooms on a commercial basis, that one or more of these elements be artificially supplied or controlled.

  29. Its prosperity was due partly to its position on the Baetis, and on the Via Augusta, the great commercial road from northern Spain built by Augustus, and partly to its proximity to mines and rich grazing and grain-producing districts.

  30. Corrientes, the commercial centre of a large district; Esquina (pop.

  31. As the principal harbour, in spite of dredging operations, is fit only for smaller vessels, the island is not of so much commercial importance as it would otherwise be; but since 1868 it has been regularly visited by steamers.

  32. Corsica, valued by the Pisans as by the Vandals as an inexhaustible storehouse of materials for their fleet, flourished exceedingly under the enlightened rule of the great commercial republic.

  33. The tyranny was succeeded by an oligarchy based upon a graduated money qualification, which ruled with a consistency equalling that of the Venetian Council, but pursued a policy too purely commercial to the neglect of military efficiency.

  34. Corumba is a fortified military post, has the large Ladario naval arsenal, where small river boats are built and repaired, and is the commercial entrepot of the state of Matto Grosso.

  35. The territory of Corinth was mostly rocky and unfertile; but its position at the head of two navigable gulfs clearly marked it out as a commercial centre.

  36. With the revival of its political and commercial importance the city became the centre of resistance against Rome.

  37. The new German tariff of 1906 which formed the basis for the new German commercial treaties with Russia, Italy, Austria-Hungary, &c.

  38. These conditions Mr. Spicer set forth, in a commercial hand, on a sheet of notepaper, and the agreement was solemnly signed by both contracting parties.

  39. Under the eye of his master and of the commercial potentate, Humplebee stood voiceless; he gasped once or twice like an expiring fish.

  40. This time, unmistakably, a commercial traveller.

  41. Early in the afternoon there arrived, from a great town not far away, a well-dressed and high-complexioned man, whose every look and accent declared commercial importance.

  42. That home was in the town illuminated by Mr. Chadwick's commercial and municipal brilliance; over a small draper's shop in one of the outskirt streets stood the name of Humplebee the draper.

  43. With shaking hand Rose unfolded the first letter; it was written in clear commercial character, and was signed 'Charles James Burroughs.

  44. In our days your only emulator of the piratical and highway heroes of the past is the commercial man pur sang, who has not an idea in his head unconnected with business.

  45. There is no question, among those who have taken the trouble to inform themselves, but that the War of 1914 was fought for economic and commercial advantage.

  46. There they see no promise save the same exploitation, the same poverty, the same inequality and the same wars over the commercial rivalries of the imperial nations.

  47. As a vantage point from which to wage commercial and military aggression in the Far East, the Philippines may possess certain advantages.

  48. The total forest acreage available for commercial purposes is greatest in Russia (728.

  49. The tragedies of the nineties had showed conclusively that an injury to one part of the commercial fabric was an injury to all of its parts.

  50. Henceforth, all who wished access to the world of great industrial and commercial affairs must knock at his door.

  51. Both domestic and foreign capitalists invested large sums in the canals, the railroads and other American commercial and industrial enterprises.

  52. Early in the history of the Gold Coast the whites began using the natives to make war on commercial rivals.

  53. The Slave Trade With the pressing demand from the Americas for a generous supply of black slaves, the business of securing them became one of the chief commercial activities of the time.

  54. Daniel De Foe possessed very extraordinary talents; as a commercial writer, he is fairly entitled to stand in the foremost rank among his contemporaries, whatever may be their performances or their fame.

  55. The question of one's right to keep a commercial secret is a delicate one.

  56. Retaining one's commercial secrets and reaping advantages from them is part of the romance of business.

  57. Spermaceti also occurs in other Whales; and that of Hyperoodon, whence it has been extracted for commercial purposes, is said to offer no differences of importance from the spermaceti of the {364} Sperm Whale.

  58. The hair is exceedingly soft, hence the commercial value of "chinchilla.

  59. The Commercial Bank, with its numerous branches, had been doing an extensive business, and was a prominent member of the Associated Banks, which was formed with the idea of assisting each other.

  60. If Great Britain wishes to be represented in the Colonies, let her send out men of commercial and business ability as Ambassadors, paying them sufficient to be able to entertain right royally; that would have the desired effect.

  61. In commercial stands the growth loss caused by several years of 50% defoliation by this insect can amount to 1/3 of the expected growth.

  62. Department of Agriculture, are now available at most commercial nurseries.

  63. Bordeaux was a commercial city, and commerce, which requires liberty through interest, at last desires it through a love of freedom.

  64. Madame Roland excited against them all the commercial aristocracy of Lyons, an honest right-minded city, but one of money, where all becomes a calculation, and where ideas have the weight and immobility of interests.

  65. He was deputed to Paris by the municipal council, there to defend the commercial interests of Lyons, in the committees of the Constituent Assembly.

  66. Bordeaux was the great commercial link between America and France, and their constant intercourse with America had communicated to the Gironde their love for free institutions.

  67. Thus a commercial man in financial straits loses his credit at the very moment when he most needs it.

  68. As the Wendish tribes had practically no cities or recognised markets, the new establishment on the banks of the Oder soon grew to be of great commercial as well as of military importance.

  69. Sundays and other church holidays were to be properly kept; and no commercial transactions were to be tolerated on Sundays, nor were the public courts to hold sessions on those days except in cases of extreme necessity.

  70. This commercial movement began to gather strength during the quiet decades of the tenth century but it must have progressed rapidly during the peaceful reign of Canute.

  71. It blended races and customs, developed commercial confidence, fostered the custom of depending on outside nations for certain supplies, and afforded a means of peaceful intercourse between societies naturally hostile.

  72. Long before the advent of the white trader, inter-tribal commercial intercourse existed.

  73. How widespread and how strong was the influence of these traders upon the savages may be easily imagined, and this commercial control was strengthened by the annual presents made to the Indians by the British at their posts.

  74. Footnote 97: Margry abounds in evidences of La Salle's commercial activity, as does Parkman's La Salle.

  75. Then they were almost caught in the dense throng that was pouring into the plaza from the busy commercial thoroughfares of the Vicus Jugarius, or the Vicus Tuscus.

  76. Commercial adviser required for young men under five-and-twenty.

  77. Every move forward of the country in commercial expansion was a nudge ahead for his chariot of fortune.

  78. He was farming and prophesying commercial union before James J.

  79. There was no wit and philosophy in "The Letters of a Pork Packer to His Son" that could have instructed him in the shrewd business of making a great commercial concern out of a little business.

  80. Mackenzie is a bigger man and a higher type than Stinnes; but each man regards his country as a commercial asset to be developed; each is a wizard of a species of applied finance.

  81. He invested the same self capital in the commercial concern and in public service.

  82. No man can justly judge him by commercial success.

  83. He has an astonishing knowledge of great public men in all countries, a thorough commercial knowledge of Europe and Asia, and--may we say a genius for a sort of secret diplomacy?

  84. Through mismanagement the society came to grief and the building was used for commercial purposes.

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