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Example sentences for "bullfighting"

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  1. It seems I have offended you by saying that bullfighting is a poor sport.

  2. He said bullfighting was a noble sport and that the matadors were the bravest men in the world.

  3. However, that is no more than you deserve for saying that bullfighting is an unworthy sport.

  4. The poor creatures were tremendously glad when they heard that there was a chance of bullfighting being stopped; and they promised to do exactly as they were told.

  5. If you wished to stop all bullfighting here after to-morrow, you could do it, couldn't you?

  6. And if the conversation drifts from bullfighting and Aztec gods to Mexico and England's and France's ideas about your recent speeches, I shall not complain.

  7. Did you know that your friend Cadiz is the greatest living authority on Aztec worship and a hectic fan for bullfighting as a national sport?

  8. On such an occasion the bullfighting outfit is specially imported from one of the larger towns farther inland.

  9. I had learned the bullfighting language, but I hadn't progressed very far beyond that point.

  10. Here again in first-class bullfighting probably the whole exhibition is one of supreme skill.

  11. The horrors of bullfighting began with a band, the age of the bandsmen varying between fourteen and seventy years.

  12. The game seemed to us a little tedious; later on we were to learn how like to actual bullfighting it was.

  13. We were leaving Avila expressly on a Saturday in order to be in Madrid for the great Sunday bullfight, for practically all bullfighting in Spain is reserved as a mild sport for Sunday afternoon, or for other days of Church festival.

  14. Large numbers of Spaniards do not like bullfighting, but a great many Spaniards who do not in principle object to bullfighting do object to the horse-slaughter.

  15. For us bullfighting would begin to be a serious sport if the men and the bull stood on the same conditions.

  16. It is the all but universal custom, I note in skimming through the impressions of a half-hundred travelers in Spain, to decry bullfighting in the strongest terms.

  17. Their first appearance would be the opening event of the bullfighting season.

  18. Senor Limantour, Secretary of State for Mexico, spoken of as the successor to President Diaz, had just delighted the jeunesse doree by publicly announcing his acceptance of the honor of the Presidency of the newly founded "Bullfighting Club.

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