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Example sentences for "crueller"

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crue; cruel; cruelest; cruell; cruelle; cruellest; cruellie; cruelly; cruelte; crueltie
  1. The process was even crueller in instances where the crime had been particularly atrocious.

  2. Her crime was a bad one, much more deliberate than many that, in the same age, took women of lower rank in life than Jean to the crueller end of the stake.

  3. And, crueller still, A fierce and restless fright begins to fill The mansion of my soul.

  4. All the same, there is nothing crueller than man.

  5. There is no crueller beast on this earth than man.

  6. It was a longer and crueller struggle than she had foreseen.

  7. Crueller perhaps than all, for I am harassed by the thought that if she lives she may be groaning under cruel slavery or bondage, which is worse than death.

  8. To go, and find ourselves despised hereafter, perchance, would be a crueller thing than to remain here forgotten and forsaken.

  9. This was crueller still, though no longer astonishing.

  10. Cruel is the panther of the woods, the she-bear bereaved of her whelps: but there is in man a hatred crueller than that.

  11. Fancy the yells of these men, their faces of sweat and blood; the crueller shrieks of these women, for there are women too; and a fellow-mortal hurled naked into it all!

  12. For all the flags and bunting it had held in '61, Ephraim thought that city crueller than war itself.

  13. Yes, I will tell you," he replied slowly, "although in all my life no crueller duty has fallen on me.

  14. Could there be any crueller device to tie an unsophisticated horse to, and a horse whose single thought had been a merry morning?

  15. But hunger is crueller than either jealousy or the grave, and one by one his plump pets were sacrificed.

  16. The only atonement I could make for my cruelty to her was to be crueller to myself, to set her free.

  17. Geoffrey did not speak his own crueller thought, a thought in which he recognized a complacent vindictiveness--"She is furiously jealous of you.

  18. She is blind to obstacles, reckless of consequences; so she is braver and more ready to act than Man, crueller more ruthless in the execution of her schemes.

  19. Thus she decided to try the world, to throw herself on chance, they could not be crueller than home.

  20. As wise as heaven and crueller than hell.

  21. I was training and supporting the victim for the altar; rescuing from death only to sacrifice him with more bloody rites and a crueller spirit of immolation.

  22. And tell me what is crueller Than a wicked woman's will?

  23. It was simply a question of nerves with him, and whenever he knew beforehand that he was expected to speak extempore the strain upon him was crueller than man can tell.

  24. The strain imposed now upon a body weakened by the past year's privations and anxiety could not have been crueller if he had been under sentence of death; and, indeed, life or death seemed to his overwrought nerves to hang upon the issue.

  25. Tis true, thou didst preserve me, and in that wert crueller than hardned murtherers of infants and their Mothers!

  26. The ancient Spartan custom of killing weak-bodied children is not much crueller than that of propagating weak-minded ones.

  27. Liberty has no crueller enemy than license.

  28. Yet death is crueller than life,' Once they said, 'for all the strife.

  29. And now I know, what no one saith, That love is crueller than death.

  30. If you never could have loved Mary, it is even more dreadful for me--for it is still crueller for Mary.

  31. I am crueller to him than a tiger or any savage creature is to the victim she tears.

  32. Could I be crueller than prison, and torture, and despair?

  33. She must feel the tacit and even unconscious irony of his attitude towards her in her enterprise, and the finer her make the crueller and the more humiliating and disheartening this must be.

  34. He was of the crueller intent because he had not known how much of personal vanity there was in the seriousness with which he took himself and his work.

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