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Example sentences for "firewood"

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  1. The scrub did not run to the size of trees, and apart from a little firewood nothing was obtainable on shore.

  2. The advantage was less than Arthur supposed; for maples are not impoverished by drainage of sap, and firewood is so abundant as to be a nuisance.

  3. And the States'-man relieved his feelings subsequently by whittling a stick from the firewood into impalpable chips, with his heels resting on the apex of the saloon stove.

  4. Andy's wrath at the male indolence was renewed by finding that the squaw and her girls had to cut and carry all the firewood needful: even the child of seven years old worked hard at bringing in logs to the wigwam.

  5. My name is Tara, and I sell firewood to Gunga Ram the sweetmeat vender.

  6. The houses here are all well filled with firewood on shelves, and each has a bed on a raised platform in an inner room.

  7. Others sent out to get firewood have been captured by the Waha.

  8. I had a house built for me because the village huts are inconvenient, low in roof, and low doorways; the men build them, and help to cultivate the soil, but the women have to keep them well filled with firewood and supplied with water.

  9. Leon began to stir the firewood about with his foot.

  10. First of all the visitor had rounded up all the firewood into one heap.

  11. In this way they waited for the boat until the 12th of May, when they finally resolved to depart from there, since their stock of water and firewood would not allow of their waiting longer.

  12. They remained there, making various landings, and taking in firewood and water, till the 26th of April, when they put to sea again.

  13. Jonas Lloyd had made no move to light the candles or the firewood standing ready on the hearth.

  14. When he had gathered all the firewood he could find without going beyond reach of Ben's voice, Reuben used the stolen kitchen knife to hack off a green ash sapling and trim it to a six-foot spear.

  15. So one day the brothers went to the bridegroom's village with firewood for sale.

  16. They were reduced to such straits as to be compelled to sell firewood for a living.

  17. The lad then redoubled his efforts, and presently the pile of firewood burst into a blaze.

  18. On the firewood being consumed, an iron trap-door appeared underneath the ashes, and the merchant ordered his nephew to pull it up.

  19. Some one informed the bride, that some men from somewhere had brought firewood for sale.

  20. They have sent me to bring a bundle of firewood on my head without tying it.

  21. There were no houses along the road, but plenty of firewood and feed for the horses; we had a good camp every night, sleeping in the open air, starting very early and resting long in the middle of the day.

  22. We had the greatest difficulty in finding our way back to the lodge, and it was late before we turned in, everybody agreeing that we had done enough, and ought to make our best way back to the timber before our firewood was exhausted.

  23. The accident had taken place under a long steep bluff, and from where we stood no firewood was to be seen on our side of the river within a couple of miles.

  24. The curious thing about it was that a number of rectangular slits had been cut in the paper.

  25. But, as Robin's footsteps echoed across the flags, something more substantial than a shadow seemed to melt into the gathering dusk in the corner where the narrow passage ran.

  26. No light shone in any window, and the only sound to be heard was the melancholy patter of the rain drops on the laurel bushes.

  27. One comfort," remarked Shep, "we'll not want for firewood while we are here.

  28. By the suggestion of Snap they also spent one whole day in cutting firewood and piling it up beside the cabin door.

  29. The half dozen buildings were thick and well tightened, and the piles of firewood heaped handy were like structures themselves.

  30. If Lance went away and left no firewood cut, she considered it proper to retort by getting no supper and letting him come into a house stone cold.

  31. She had expected that he would go out in the dark and cut firewood for her.

  32. This mobilization, unlike the mobilization of the government, would be carried out in the presence of general sympathy and active assistance of an overwhelming majority of the population.

  33. These are all qualities which can hardly guarantee support for an active, consistent proletarian rule.

  34. Thereafter Pepper insisted in supplying his own firewood and running the kettle without help, and resented any interference with his duties.

  35. As this was the first outing they had had it was decided to take sufficient provisions and firewood with them to last until the next day and stay over night if they found encouraging fishing up the stream, and to return before dark on Sunday.

  36. I wish it were smaller, for the firewood comes from trees just cut down, and it takes an hour to get the logs to light, and then they only smoulder, and emit no heat.

  37. They said that, as they had neither firewood nor coke, they were warmer out-of-doors than in-doors.

  38. The cold is terrible, and the absence of firewood causes great suffering.

  39. This morning all the firewood was requisitioned.

  40. We soon had a fine pile of firewood at our door; and if Caliban gave me the cold shoulder and spared me his conversation, I thought none the worse of him for that, nor did I find my days much longer for the deprivation.

  41. And, in short, days went by, and Irvine came daily, and talked and lounged and spat; but the firewood remained intact as sleepers on the platform or growing trees upon the mountainside.

  42. Besides no further cooking is required--an important consideration upon those vast prairie deserts, where firewood is seldom to be procured without the trouble of carrying it a great distance.

  43. But they knew that a sudden thaw would spoil it; and, as there was plenty of good firewood on the spot, they were not going to run the risk of losing it in that way.

  44. There was still a large quantity of rubbish,--the collected firewood which the locusts had not devoured.

  45. Then I got you in three cords of firewood at ten dollars a cord; that mounts up to thirty more.

  46. I had to order more firewood this morning.

  47. Their guide told them that these men were faggot-cutters, whose business was to procure firewood for the towns in the valley.

  48. What did astonish our travellers, however, was the mode in which these men transported their firewood down the mountain, of which, shortly after, they were treated to an exhibition.

  49. Filipinos were graciously permitting them to cut firewood and lumber in the public forests, and taking the lion's share of the products in return for their consent!

  50. When wedge and mallet are at work, preparing my provision of firewood under the grey sky that heralds winter, a favourite relaxation creates a welcome break in my daily output of prose.

  51. I make some chambers of suitable size in oak logs chopped in two; and each of my artificial cells receives a newly transformed Cerambyx, such as my provisions of firewood supply, when split by the wedge, in October.

  52. They brought logs and branches of dry tawa timber from the surrounding bush and from the firewood piles in the rear of the whares, and a huge pile of wood was built in the centre of the marae.

  53. It was pouring with rain, but a corporal, one who took a vindictive sort of pleasure in asserting his authority over those privates whom he happened to dislike, ordered Bent to go out and cut some firewood in the bush.

  54. Both camels and mares are therefore pleased with the place, and we are delighted with the abundance of firewood for our camps.

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