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cohering; cohesion; cohesive; cohesiveness; cohors; cohortes; cohortis; cohorts; coi; coif
  1. He immediately ordered the adjutant to assemble the cohort and obey the orders of General La Motte, to whom he expressed his regret for being himself too ill to leave his bed.

  2. On the 22d of October Mallet escaped from the hospital house and went to Colonel Soulier, who commanded the tenth cohort of the National Guard, whose barracks were situated exactly behind the hospital house.

  3. The troops of the first grade, the legions, were divided into cohorts, of which there were ten in each legion: the cohort thus contained 600 men.

  4. A few, indeed, whom the prætorian cohort had dispersed, had fallen somewhat differently, but all with wounds in front.

  5. Praefect of a cohort in Syria, in the Parthian war, and in Britain.

  6. Claudius gave to the knights who entered into the service, first the command of a cohort of auxiliaries, later that of a squadron, and at length, for the first time, the tribunate.

  7. With a howl and a cry of treachery the cohort of poltroons abandoned the litter, which fell heavily on its side, and fled over the quicksand, where they buffeted, to lie engulfed.

  8. A drunken dissolute cohort now, the redoubtable warriors of Tsu.

  9. Meanwhile the horseman who held the cord did his utmost to pull me out of the saddle, no doubt in the hope of seeing me trampled to death by the cohort behind me.

  10. The Tribune of the first cohort of the Frixagi at Vindobala.

  11. He suspects that it was no-way concerned in building the Wall, because, among all the centurial inscriptions which had come under his notice, not one mentioned this legion, or any cohort belonging to it.

  12. To Anicius Ingenuus, physician in ordinary, of cohort the first of the Tungrians.

  13. Moving westward, the next station we come to is Housesteads; here numerous inscribed stones have been discovered, which mention the first cohort of the Tungri.

  14. Horsley (writing in 1731) observes, that no inscriptions had been found here mentioning the first cohort of the Asti, or any other cohort.

  15. The Tribune of the cohort of the Cornovii at Pons Ælii.

  16. Fabius Hon- oratius the tribune of the First cohort of Vangiones,[146] And Aurelia Eglic- iane erected this To their most sweet daughter.

  17. The Tribune of the third cohort of the Nervii at Alionis.

  18. Prefect of the Fourth cohort Of the Gauls, From Italy, and Of a house of Brixia, Performed a vow For himself And family.

  19. The Tribune of the first cohort of the Batavians at Procolitia.

  20. Let us hope, too, if Dalroy ever leads the armed manhood of Britain, it will be a cohort formed to render aggressive war impossible.

  21. The cohort formed up, too, as though they had rehearsed the procedure in the gymnasium at Aldershot.

  22. And again appeared a pretorian cohort of gigantic Sicambrians, blue-eyed, bearded, blond and red haired.

  23. Sickness of all kinds is rife, including "the whole cohort of fevers.

  24. The Emperor's charge broke through their ranks nearly up to their standard--then the Cohort of Death rode against him.

  25. Notwithstanding that in the true old martial spirit it shows what in the Service is known as a good front, it is not a very athletic or puissant cohort this, that stands on parade here on the grass within hearing of the church bells.

  26. In order to impress Pilate with the dangerous nature of this Galilean he asks him for the use of the Roman cohort to effect His capture.

  27. He spoke confidently of help that would have swept the cohort off the field.

  28. Had he not feared exposure, he would have marched his cohort across the square and cleared it of the mob and defied the Sanhedrim.

  29. Too well they knew what it meant, and whither the galloping cohort was bound.

  30. The "halt" was proclaimed by the trumpeter at his side, which brought the galloping cohort to a stand.

  31. A cohort of Ligurian infantry with two squadrons of Thracian cavalry deserted to the king.

  32. The quaestor was accompanied by an escort of cavalry, slingers, and archers, and a cohort of Italians bearing the weapons of a skirmishing force; for the adventures of Bocchus's envoys had shown the insecurity of the route.

  33. I have been an officer of the Seventh Cohort of the Thirtieth Legion—the Ulpia Victrix.

  34. A new man generally begins in the Tenth Cohort of his Legion, and works up.

  35. No, I was not happy; but I made my new Cohort unhappy too.

  36. When the men of the Cohort I was to command came back unhelmeted from the cock-fight, their birds under their arms, and asked me who I was?

  37. We had only two thousand men on the Wall, and I wrote many times to Maximus and begged—prayed—him to send me only one cohort of my old North British troops.

  38. In future call yourself Centurion of the Seventh Cohort of the Thirtieth, the Ulpia Victrix.

  39. Little older than myself, commanding the Augusta Victoria Cohort on the tower next to us and the Numidians.

  40. Crash after crash, as cohort struck cohort; and so the battle joined.

  41. For a moment it seemed as though the cohort was about to drive the whole swarm of the marauders over the sea-wall, and make them pay dear for their night's diversion.

  42. Then cohort after cohort cried out that on this campaign they would accept no pay; and the military tribunes and centurions pledged themselves, this officer for the support of two recruits, and that for three.

  43. The front files of the cohort had pressed down on to the landing in a dense mass, loath to let go its prey.

  44. Then cohort after cohort filed off to the right and left, and the line of battle was ready.

  45. Demetrius drew the remnant of his men together, and charged so furiously that the whole cohort gave way, leaving the ground strewn with its own slain.

  46. Already the cohort of Pompeian troops, that had not yet evacuated Cumæ, was coming up on the double-quick, easily guided by the burning buildings which made the vicinity bright as day.

  47. The most distant cohort extended far back, and far beyond the Cæsarian line of battle.

  48. A cohort that was about to leave the camp in marching order halted, and began to throw away its impedimenta, when Cæsar himself rode up to them.

  49. There were two centurions for each maniple, one commanding the first and the other the second century, and taking rank according to the cohort to which they belonged, which might be from the first to the tenth.

  50. A legion consisted of ten cohorts, each cohort containing three maniples, and each maniple two centuries.

  51. You are a pack of rebellious rabble," retorted a Roman soldier, who like the whole cohort quartered in the province of Hermopolis, had formerly served in Judaea under the cruel Tinnius Rufus.

  52. Now there appeared a cohort of the Twelfth Legion, who were quartered in garrison in Egypt, in their richest arms and holiday uniforms.

  53. Castlecary, which states that the first Tungrian Cohort had erected 1000 paces (mille passus) of the wall.

  54. The Notitia places this Cohort at Borcovicus (Housesteads).

  55. From the preceding tablets, each cohort seems to have been provided with at least one medical officer, if not more.

  56. According to Horsley, it was probably under the reign of Marcus Aurelius that the Tungrian Cohort became stationed at Castle-steeds, in Cumberland, where they erected an altar to Jupiter.

  57. The inscription, if Hultmann’s suggestion be correct, indicates the third wing or cohort of the Asturian or Spanish auxiliaries.

  58. Lastly (he adds), this Cohort settled at Housesteads, where we have six or seven of their inscriptions under four or five different commanders.

  59. The cohort in Antonia was in like manner unable to hold its own; freedom was given it to withdraw; but, contrary to the terms of capitulation, it was put to the sword.

  60. Anicius led from Praeneste the cohort which gained such a reputation at Casilinum, Livy XXIII, 17-19.

  61. Anicius returned with his proud cohort to Praeneste.

  62. Praenestine cohort at Casilinum, the inhabitants of Praeneste were offered Roman citizenship, and that they refused it.

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