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adest; adew; adhere; adhered; adherence; adherents; adheres; adhering; adhesion; adhesions
  1. Ralph Assheton, of Middleton, was an energetic adherent to the parliamentary cause during the civil wars.

  2. The International Council shall consist of the diplomatic representative of each party signatory or adherent to this convention at ----.

  3. Clause 2 "No international agreement, to which a power signatory or adherent to this convention, is a party, shall become operative or be put in force until published and filed as aforesaid.

  4. All expenses of the Supervisory Committee and Secretariat shall be borne equally by all powers signatory or adherent to this convention.

  5. With remarkable mental detachment he places himself in the position of an adherent of sixteen distinct systems.

  6. He was essentially a North Carolinian first, and an American afterwards; and throughout his career he was an aggressive advocate of state sovereignty and an adherent of the doctrines of the "Old Republicans.

  7. Shusky was no sooner on the throne than the report spread that Czar Demetrius had not been shot--that a faithful adherent had suffered death in his stead.

  8. In his moral philosophy, as we shall see later, he is an adherent of the school which is represented by Hutcheson, Hume and Adam Smith.

  9. His criticism of the arguments which had been put forward against the hypothesis of Lamarck, showed that Spencer, as a young man, was an adherent to the evolution idea.

  10. He was a sincere adherent of the Roman Church, and an earnest seeker for the spiritual blessings which it professes to bestow.

  11. LOY'ALIST, a loyal adherent of his sovereign, esp.

  12. France to an adherent of the Reformation.

  13. Geneva: an adherent of Genevan or Calvinistic theology.

  14. Democratic party of 1835, known as the Equal Rights Party, or any adherent of it.

  15. Gourdon was introduced to the queen the same night as a sort of prize rebel, and became a faithful adherent to the royal family.

  16. Though an adherent of enlightened views, and a professed "Liberal," he contrives to keep on very good terms with those who imagine themselves to be "Conservatives.

  17. Wakhet Gam was an adherent of the Duphas, and is by all account one of the worst-disposed Singpho chiefs.

  18. Also both in foliation, flowers, and habit, between Myrtaceae and Guttiferae, the only material differences being in aroma, and adherent ovary.

  19. That Henry should sue for justice to Rome was galling enough, but the hottest adherent of the Papacy was outraged when the suit of his king was granted or refused at the will of Charles.

  20. He called Margaret from Bar to Harfleur, where her faithful adherent Jasper Tudor, the Earl of Pembroke, prepared to cross with a small force of French soldiers into Wales.

  21. Jack Sneaker is a hearty adherent to the present establishment; he has known those who saw the bed into which the Pretender was conveyed in a warming-pan.

  22. The uterus became adherent to the anterior wall of the abdomen, so that in the fourth operation the abdominal cavity was not even opened, the incision being made through the common cicatrix into the uterus.

  23. The uterus was of the size usually found at this period; its tissue dense; the section shows the sinuses still large; the openings on the internal surface plainly indicated by adherent coagula.

  24. I have reason to believe that a placenta which is entire and uninjured, which is enclosed in the uterus, adherent to it, and shut out from access of air, never becomes putrid.

  25. We once met with a case where it was firmly adherent to the os uteri on one side, and required to be artificially removed, which was effected without difficulty.

  26. It has been suggested that this represents an adherent of some Gnostic sect worshipping one of the animal-headed deities of Egypt (see Ferd.

  27. Though his family, on both sides, had been devoted to the house of Stuart, Carteret was a steady adherent of the Hanoverian dynasty.

  28. The new religious movement in Arabia had secured an adherent in whom its teachings would be felt with tremendous intensity, and would possibly break forth with irresistible force.

  29. Moses, too, is an adherent of his, who erected in the wilderness the healing brazen serpent to represent him, while the fiery biting serpent of the desert represent the demons of the Archon.

  30. According to him Hippolytus was an adherent of the Novatian schism (ยง 41, 3), but returned to the Catholic church and suffered martyrdom at Portus near Rome.

  31. He is simply an adherent of the pure and unadulterated ecclesiastical system of the old British church.

  32. A certain presbyter Lucidus, a zealous adherent of the doctrine of predestination, was by a semi-Pelagian synod at Aries in A.

  33. Ecclesiastical Courts as an adherent of Wicklif's heresies, and roasted over a slow fire outside the walls of London on Christmas morning 1417.

  34. Henceforward Bacon is to be regarded as an attentive and officious adherent of Essex, while Essex makes it a point of honour to obtain for him every recognition, preferment, and advantage.

  35. Thus it happened that Cecil's cousin, Francis Bacon, who had in vain besought first the father and then the son for some profitable office, became a close personal adherent of Essex.

  36. From another branch sprang the renowned Chamberlain, the faithful adherent of the White Rose, whose fate has furnished so striking a theme both to poets and to historians.

  37. Fox they hated, as the boldest and most subtle politician and the ablest debater among the Whigs, as the steady friend of Walpole, as the devoted adherent of the Duke of Cumberland.

  38. Specimens of the female Ocythoe with the detached arm adherent were examined by Cuvier, who mistook the arm for a parasitic worm and gave to it the name Hectocotylus.

  39. League and a strong adherent of Spain, having succeeded Sixtus V.

  40. As president of the clergy at the states-general of 1614 he had figured as an adherent of Spain and the ultramontane interest; he appeared to be a representative of that religious party which was identical with the Spanish party.

  41. No doubt Rupert owed much to the good sense and diligence of Trevor, who was himself a staunch adherent of Ormonde, and honoured by him with the title of "my friend.

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