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Example sentences for "briar"

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  1. It frequents the borders of thickets, briar patches, or wherever there is a low, dense growth of bushes--the thornier and more impenetrable the better.

  2. The name Briar is from the Latin bruarium, the waste land on which it grows.

  3. Hips, derived from the old Saxon, hiupa, jupe, signifies the Briar rather than its fruit.

  4. If he supposes that I have pleaded truth, From off this briar pluck a white rose with me.

  5. Beneath and beyond, separated from her standpoint by grasslands and a hedge of hazel, tangled thickets of blackthorn, of bracken, and of briar sank to the valley bottom.

  6. Smith, cramming a plug of bird's-eye into his briar with his forefinger.

  7. The door slammed, and Smith went fuming up to his chamber, where he locked the door upon the inside, and spent half the night in smoking his old briar and brooding over the strange events of the evening.

  8. This carved work on the basis of a real Briar structure assumes a new type—below the carving—as it goes off as a spike to stick into the ground like a linstock of old with the match ever ready & burning.

  9. Briar root and Branch “who judge from the favor in which they are now held.

  10. He rose early and spent his long days sitting upon the front porch, smoking an old briar pipe and reading the Richmond papers.

  11. As Nicholas reached her she was seeking to free herself from the clutch of a crimson briar that crawled along the ground, and in the effort some of the broken stalks slipped from her hold.

  12. She turned to move onward--a briar caught her dress; she stumbled for an instant, and he flung out his arms.

  13. The sweet briar must not be much pruned, overgrowth being checked rather by pinching the young shoots, or it will not blossom, and it is rather slower in throwing out shoots than other roses.

  14. The Jam-wagon puffed silently at his briar pipe, while I, very listless and downhearted, thought largely of my own troubles.

  15. From his coat pocket Paul took out a briar pipe and the well-worn pouch.

  16. From the envelope he took a water-colour drawing representing a pair of long-legged ungainly colts standing snuggled up to their mother under a wild briar hedge.

  17. I often find it hard to realise that you, the old Paul with the foul briar pipe and the threadbare Norfolk, really wrote The Gates, not to mention Francesca.

  18. Paul began to charge his briar from a tattered pouch.

  19. Close up against it stood a briar rose bush laden with blossoms, the pale pink roses hanging down on all sides.

  20. Viggo and Beate Part One The Doll under the Briar Rosebush There was once a little girl, and her name was Beate.

  21. Beate ran as fast as she could and came out of breath to the briar rose bush.

  22. He was in such a hurry to get back to the Lady Whimsical, however, that he did not stay to pick up his crown, but rode bareheaded all through the night and reached the hedge of sweet-briar and honeysuckle precisely at two hours after sunrise.

  23. The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms, But which will bloom most constantly?

  24. The wild rose-briar is sweet in spring, Its summer blossoms scent the air; Yet wait till winter comes again, And who will call the wild-briar fair?

  25. He deployed his men under cover, but now they were out in a great and ragged field, all up and down, with boggy hollows, scarred too by rail fences and blurred by low-growing briar patches.

  26. There was a deep wood, out from which ran like spurs shallow ravines, clad with briar and bush and young trees; there was a stretch of rail fence; and there was a wheat field, where the grain stood in shocks.

  27. A man swung his arm and a rolled overcoat landed in the middle of a briar patch.

  28. Rose Mary had gained her composure and the poignant wistfulness in her voice was but a part of the motif of the briar roses in the valley dusk.

  29. And I don't want to get married no way except when the briar roses is in bloom so I can have the church tucked out in 'em.

  30. Rose Mary interestedly, as she rested her arms on the wall and Uncle Tucker planted himself beside her, having brushed away one of the long briar shoots to make room for them both.

  31. Oh, Uncle Tucker is the briar rose hedge all around the place, and Stonie is all the young shoots that I'm trying to prune and train up just like him," answered Rose Mary with a quick laugh.

  32. And I predict that by the time the briar roses are out something will happen to make it all right.

  33. Her black hair in tangles The rose briar mangles; Her lips and soft cheeks, Where love ever speaks: O there's nothing so sweet as the maiden I love.

  34. And there the wild briar rose Wrinkles the clear stream as it flows By the smoky camp of my bonny lassie O!

  35. He saw the thorn, which had broken away from the briar and was fixed in the wound.

  36. In falling she instinctively grasped at the nearest bough, and thereby did the mischief; for a briar was twisted round it, and a great hooked thorn ran deep into her thumb.

  37. And a briar grew up on his grave, and a briar on hers; and they met over the wall, and joined with one another.

  38. It was too dark to go back through the woods; there were numerous stumps, tangled vines, and the keen briar of the wild gooseberry.

  39. Fill up that briar of mine--the old-timer.

  40. The briar gives it back, well nigh The damsel with her teeth on it; Her twinkle between frank and shy, My thirst to bite where she had bit.

  41. Placing his meerschaum on the mantelpiece, Malcolm Sage produced a well-worn briar from his pocket, which, having got into commission, he proceeded once more with the game.

  42. It's looking pretty ugly for Blade," remarked Freynes, recognising by the substitution of the briar for the meerschaum that Malcolm Sage was ready for conversation.

  43. He offered Briar Crest tentatively on the strength of the Lessings having once given a dinner there, and was relieved to find that he had made no mistake.

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