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Example sentences for "henchman"

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  1. In March Madam Henchman strongly recommended to him "Madam Winthrop, the Major General's widow.

  2. I think you need to ask it," replied Master de Cressi, "and if you and that lean henchman of yours are not to blame, then say who is?

  3. That you and your brave henchman should wander off into the depths of France, there to perish in a dungeon or be hanged like felons?

  4. The stout henchman was slow of speech as he was ready of hand.

  5. His henchman promptly replied that such action was indispensable.

  6. Glancing up at the terrace he perceived the returning figure of Olivier le Dain, and guessed that his henchman was serving as herald to the new Grand Constable.

  7. As stoops the hawk upon his prey, The henchman shot him down the way.

  8. The sword bearer, like the henchman and the bard, was a regular officer attached to the person of a Highland Chief.

  9. Whoso asks a slave to be a friend, is deceived; often the henchman hurts his master.

  10. As he ate, the henchman who was employed to do the deed of guile silently awaited a fitting moment for his crime, his dagger hid under his robe.

  11. Putting it in train, she found her small henchman selling papers on his regular beat in front of the Opera House; and inasmuch as he was crying the principal fact of the tragedy, she was spared the necessity of entering into details.

  12. Major Henchman had command of the fortification at the Falls.

  13. Colonel Tyng and Major Henchman purchased of the Indians all their remaining interest in the land about Pawtucket Falls.

  14. Long ere this they had recognised Sir Richard's henchman Hubert.

  15. As his eyes dwelt on the henchman who was swearing away his life, they burned so scornfully that the witness twisted and fidgeted and glanced sidewise with hangdog shame.

  16. I wishes ye a gay journey then," the henchman assured him, using the stereotyped phrase of well-wishing, to the wayfarer.

  17. Carlyle dived instead of standing off and shooting, and with the swiftness of a leopard's stroke Turner whipped out his pistol and received the Towers henchman on its muzzle.

  18. Kinnard looked at his henchman out of eyes somberly furious and his florid face turned a choleric purple.

  19. Their one henchman (of course a Chinaman) was left in charge of the camp during the day, and performed the household work necessary to so primitive a menage.

  20. The henchman returning with the wine, Graham filled the crystal goblet and the humble cup to the brim, and together these two denizens of the balmy forest drank to the new day which had dawned on the young man's life.

  21. Graham looked at his henchman with a perplexed expression, and smiled slightly at the answer.

  22. He sent her every day by his faithful henchman some little memento.

  23. A few minutes afterwards, however, it was discovered that neither Nurla Bai nor his dwarf henchman was among their party.

  24. Bob did not guess that Nurla Bai and his henchman had been among a band who had crossed the river in the night, and attacked Lawrence and his Pathans.

  25. It was the sight of Nurla Bai and his dwarfish henchman making free with the sardine sandwiches which Shan Tai had put up for his especial delectation.

  26. There's no silence and no dark forever, Clangoring suns to us are placid stars; Swift-foot lightning with his henchman thunder Lags behind these gnomes in Leyden jars.

  27. Like some invisible henchman old and gray, Day after day I hear it come and go, With stealthy swift unmeaning to and fro, Muttering low, Ceaseless and daft and terrible and blind, Like a lost mind.

  28. But Soto's henchman stood, gun in hand, by the old man's side.

  29. Perez Soto was already at the wheel, shouting at his henchman to hurry up.

  30. Swordless, gloveless, and uncovered, he sought pardon for his evil conduct, and prayed her to accept him as her true henchman and devoted lieutenant.

  31. This was the arrival from the land of the English of a fine new paint-box, which the Emîr presented to his henchman with most gracious words.

  32. It was precisely what his henchman had been thinking.

  33. Then he plunged back into his absorption without seeing his henchman read rapidly through the missive, look at him once with a gem-like keenness, and again begin to read the purple-covered manuscript.

  34. For the three hours ensuing he and his henchman worked with never a hitch in their growls and scratches and muttered exchanges.

  35. And a henchman placed a beauteous lyre in the hands of Phemius, who was minstrel to the wooers despite his will.

  36. And the henchman straightway bare Eurymachus a golden chain of curious work, strung with amber beads, shining like the sun.

  37. So spake Antinous, and the saying pleased them well, and each man sent a henchman to bring his gifts.

  38. And with him the mighty Alcinous sent forth a henchman to guide him to the swift ship and the sea-banks.

  39. Thus he spake, and the henchman bare the mess, and set it upon the knees of the lord Demodocus, and he took it, and was glad at heart.

  40. Then the henchman drew near, leading with him the beloved minstrel, whom the muse loved dearly, and she gave him both good and evil; of his sight she reft him, but granted him sweet song.

  41. For the henchman Medon told her thereof, who stood without the court and heard their purposes, while they were weaving their plot within.

  42. Then the lord Mulius mixed for them the bowl, the henchman out of Dulichium, who was squire of Amphinomus.

  43. For Antinous his henchman bare a broidered robe, great and very fair, wherein were golden brooches, twelve in all, fitted with well bent clasps.

  44. And the henchman drew near bearing the loud lyre to Demodocus, who gat him into the midst, and round him stood boys in their first bloom, skilled in the dance, and they smote the good floor with their feet.

  45. So spake Alcinous the godlike, and the henchman rose to bear the hollow lyre from the king's palace.

  46. Beside that track of air and light, Weak as a child unweaned, At shut of day a Christian knight Upon his henchman leaned.

  47. The henchman climbed the nearest hill, He saw nor tower nor town, But, through the drear woods, lone and still, The river rolling down.

  48. The henchman dug at dawn a grave Beneath the hemlocks brown, And to the desert's keeping gave The lord of fief and town.

  49. He sets his signet ring on to the missive, and he hands it to his trusted henchman, and his trusted henchman flies to do his bidding.

  50. Stung by the taunt the Henchman answers boldly.

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