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adhered; adherence; adherent; adherents; adheres; adhesion; adhesions; adhesive; adhesiveness; adhesives
  1. This time the pin came out, with a fine whitish powder adhering to the part that had been wetted.

  2. These were loaded with pieces of torn flesh, or skin with tufts of hair adhering to it; and each ant carried a piece by far larger than its own body.

  3. This was no other than the fleshy heart of the wild maguey (agave), with part of the adhering roots.

  4. The ammonia is immediately dissolved in the water of the cell, and the hydrogen enters the porous cup and would speedily polarize the cell by adhering to the carbon plate but for the fact that it encounters the peroxide of manganese.

  5. Their exultation was unbounded, and, adhering to the line of conduct which she had marked out for herself, Marie Antoinette now yielded to their entreaties that she would show herself to the citizens at the theatre.

  6. Adhering to the principles set forth in that message, I now reaffirm them and the line of policy therein indicated.

  7. But Napoleon had satisfied himself that Corsica was too small a country to maintain independence,--that she must fall under the rule either of France or England; and that her interests would be best served by adhering to the former.

  8. They were at once set free: and, in like manner, La Fayette and other distinguished revolutionists, who had been exiled for not adhering to all the wild notions of the preceding administrations, were at once recalled.

  9. Adhering to the facts now presented to us, it is not difficult to restore in idea the process by which the glaciers of Lochaber were produced and the glens dammed by ice.

  10. In the third plate at the end of Mr. Hunter's work, is represented a coagulum of blood adhering to the tunica vaginalis.

  11. In the left auricle was a firm yellowish-white coagulum, adhering to an inflamed spot on its inner surface.

  12. By a coagulum adhering to the injured side only of the vessel.

  13. The tube was completely obstructed by this matter, adhering as firmly as the coagulum does in any part of an old aneurismal sac.

  14. When the uterus was laid open, there was found to be a portion of the placenta, about the size of a nutmeg, in a putrid state, adhering to its inner surface.

  15. The rest was put into a small brass dish, covered with a few green leaves, and then placed over a charcoal fire, where it was stirred with an iron rod to prevent the gold from adhering to the sides of the dish.

  16. In the immense woods the finest trees are frequently destroyed by the creeping plants, which cannot grow without adhering to some support.

  17. They informed me that they often found diamonds cemented in pudding-stone, accompanied with grains of gold, but that they always broke them out, as they could not enter them in the treasury, or weigh them with matter adhering to them.

  18. The matter adhering to the bottoms of foul vessels.

  19. The rigging of vessels becomes a dirty brown, and the dust adhering to the blacking cannot be removed.

  20. Also, special preparations of the same included in cartridges for rifled fire-arms, to prevent the fouling from the burnt powder adhering to the interior of the bore.

  21. Mérimée has even been accused of adhering too closely to reality, to the detriment of the poetical character of his romance.

  22. The excess of tar adhering to its surface was thereby scraped off and ran back into the pan.

  23. The steel casing or jacket is first tinned on the inside and then the lead is cast in, thus melting the tin and adhering firmly to the jacket.

  24. A thread of capillitium with adhering disk, x 30.

  25. His sufferings were necessary for removing the psychical and somatical elements of the Panspermia adhering to him.

  26. The fibers adhering to the main roots so ramify through the soil that when even stiff land is filled with them it is rendered friable, and is consequently brought into a good mechanical condition.

  27. These break asunder when matured, and are frequently distributed by adhering to the covering of animals and the clothing of men.

  28. On removing the anterior part of the thorax, the lungs were found firmly adhering to the pleura costalis, and of a dark blue colour.

  29. The cartilages of ribs were ossified, and both lungs were adhering strongly to the pleura costalis.

  30. But Mr. Pellew, turning to go and leaving his eyes behind him, collided with the Earl, who was adhering to a conscientious rule of always being punctual for dinner.

  31. She decided on adhering to the convict's instructions.

  32. Then a little gentle rubbing with the finger-not the finger nail will remove anything adhering to the film.

  33. In soldering, smoke the legs well to avoid solder adhering to them.

  34. This also makes the work of cleaning pots easier as no adhering parts of potatoes are left to be scoured out.

  35. Were the Afghans,” he asked, “to make all these powers hostile, and receive no protection against the enmity raised for their adhering to the British?

  36. The young pods are hairy, and the seeds are numerous and covered with a firmly adhering green down.

  37. The pieces fall down into the dust box or upon a grating beneath the machine, and are ejected together with a good deal of the wool adhering to them.

  38. You will find flowers adhering all round the insides of the aludels and the head, which you may collect with a feather.

  39. It readily unites with sulphur in fusion, and forms therewith a compound which appears to consist of needles adhering laterally to each other.

  40. The little bit of tallow, added towards the end of the operation, is intended to hinder the metal from adhering closely to the vessel, as it would otherwise do, when all the moisture is dissipated.

  41. A sweet Spirit of Salt may also be prepared by digesting Spirit of Wine with, or distilling it from, metallic compositions replete with the Marine Acid adhering but slightly to them; such as Corrosive Sublimate, and Butter of Antimony.

  42. But if the precipitated Gold be carefully washed in plenty of water, so as to clear it of all the adhering saline particles, it will not fulminate, but may be melted in a crucible without any additament, and will then appear in its usual form.

  43. After the operation there will be found in the receiver three parts and three quarters of Butter of Antimony, and some small crystals adhering to its inside, in the form of sprigs.

  44. The little white silvery flowers, adhering to the inside of the retort, are flowers of Regulus of Antimony, which sublime towards the end of the distillation.

  45. But the present floor contains no vestiges of breccia fallen from the roof, nor any remains of the stalagmitic crust once adhering to the sides, which are both therefore probably deposited below the present floor.

  46. The two Restrictors are Membranous, beginning in the internal part of the Bone of the Nose and adhering to the inner Ala of the Nostril.

  47. The too sanguine hope is an adhering consequence, and the quelling of the hope is one of the penalties which we pay for Adam and Eve's coming through that Eastern Gate into this Lower World.

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