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Example sentences for "bald"

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  1. I remember his lively old face, his powdered bald head and pigtail, his slight erect figure, and how merrily he used to play the fiddle for his juvenile posterity to dance to.

  2. How fortunate it is that I am wiser and kinder than he,' and he sighted his weapon so as exactly to cover the upper part of Eames's bald head.

  3. The man was a born lackey, plump of face, bald of head, and bent of shoulder, as though he lived in a perpetual gesture of abasement.

  4. But on coming near the supposed corpse he paused to look round at the others, then pulling out his black silk handkerchief he wiped his black wrinkled forehead and bald head.

  5. Before them rolled the bald prairie wide as the sea, with all the stars of heaven piercing the black dome overhead.

  6. On the pillow Ambrose could see the gray head, a little bald on the crown.

  7. Very well, you shall have the bald truth.

  8. You know the Bald Eagle or Sea Eagle is very fond of fish.

  9. It is for this reason that Ospreys dislike the Bald Eagle.

  10. Not so with the Bald Eagle, whose scream emulates the rage of the tempest, and implies courage, the quality which associates him with patriotism and freedom.

  11. The Bald Eagle often robs him of the fish by seizing it, or startling him so that he looses his hold.

  12. The Osprey builds his nest much like the Bald Eagle.

  13. Towering overhead, catching the evening sun on its glistening bald peaks is to be seen Mont Victoire.

  14. After the severe and bald west fronts in Provence, I was disposed, I suppose, to be pleased with the rich fa├žade at Vienne.

  15. Windows and doors flew open, heads in nightcaps and bald heads and heads with curls were thrust forth, but to their volley of questionings and accusations, Ambrose offered only the morning's greetings.

  16. Lizabeth," he asked after a moment of uncommon gravity in which his hand frequently glided over his bald crown, "are you a good Bible woman?

  17. And then thoughtfully passing his hand backward over his high bald crown, Uncle Ambrose smiled in a kind of slow and puzzled fashion.

  18. His head was shorn by the closest-cutting clippers--a convenient method of minimising his bald patch.

  19. The sisters were young, handsome, and their voices sounded loud and wild--the witches on the Bald hill might have envied this mad whirl.

  20. Nikolai Mikhailovitch Goudayevsky was a short, robust, dark man, bald and with a long beard.

  21. But the personage that most struck my attention was a pragmatical old gentleman in clerical robes, with a remarkably large and square but bald head.

  22. The bald announcement would do very well.

  23. He was a bald man of fifty, with a cold eye and a cold, fish-like hand.

  24. With a motion of his hand over his bald head, he exclaimed to Cox: "Shoo, Fly!

  25. After passing around the point of this angelic ridge, the road diverges to the westward from Snake River and passes over some high, bald ridges separating it from Burnt River.

  26. They soon arose, however, and all but two crossed the creek and went to a bald knoll a short distance below the crossing.

  27. The multi-millionaires were bald at the age of eighteen; some showed from time to time a dangerous weakness of mind.

  28. He was a short, fat, little man, with vermilion-tinted cheeks and an elaborately polished bald head.

  29. An elderly, bald man, with a superlatively calm, remote eye, stood by a table with a book in his hand, his finger still marking a page.

  30. You push me to the bald fact," he declared; "you are not in sympathy with my argument.

  31. The bald man looked daggers but he did not pull the trigger.

  32. In the doorway stood the bald man--the other member that Dorothy had spied on in the library of the Conway house.

  33. He flung off his hat, tossed back his rich curls, and sprinkled his brow from the stream that eddied round the roots of the tree that bulged out, bald and gnarled, from the bank and delved into the waves below.

  34. Was there no one of the bald or grizzly-haired gentlemen who smiled so benignly whom he could ask for aid?

  35. Aristophanes was bald himself, it would seem.

  36. To the dull eye, that merely tarries upon the outsides of things, it might have appeared unromantic and even unraftlike, consisting only as it did of a round sponge-bath on a bald deal towel-horse placed flat on the floor.

  37. Even during the period of joyful anticipation some fear of breaking the spell had kept me from any bald circus talk in the presence of them.

  38. The addition of gold rings in his ears (long before pierced for the purpose, of course) and the wearing of the colored handkerchief to cover his bald crown completed a disguise that his own mother would have found hard to penetrate.

  39. Cap'n Abe's bald poll began to shine with minute beads of perspiration.

  40. He was a very bald man with gray hair, a stubble of beard on his cheeks, and a straggling gray mustache.

  41. He was a portly little man with a red face and a bald brow.

  42. Poor little girl," I said, "what a terrible bald statement of misery!

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