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Example sentences for "balconies"

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balass; balata; balate; balay; balconied; balcony; bald; baldacchino; baldachin; baldachino
  1. It's the most comfortable hotel in Venice, and Terry and I have wired for rooms with balconies overlooking the Grand Canal, and the garden.

  2. The farmhouses, standing but a short distance back from the level of the road, were manorial in a queer way; two or three of them, exquisite old things, their great roofed balconies covered with ivy and blossoming creepers.

  3. One salient feature only arrests the eye wandering over this intricate mass of balconies and house-fronts--the handsome steeple of the Carmine, a church sorely injured and defaced, but still abounding in romance.

  4. I gazed before me, up a long straight street which cleft the older city with a course as straight as any bow shot, the house fronts intricate with countless balconies and climbing plants.

  5. The king and court occupied the same balconies which Charles and his royal friend and model had filled two centuries before.

  6. The five stories of the houses which surround it are all of the same level; each has windows at equal distance, and of equal size, with balconies as deep as they are long, guarded by iron balustrades, exactly alike in every case.

  7. Upon each of these balconies two torches of white wax were placed, one at each end of the balcony, supported upon the balustrade, slightly leaning outwards, and attached to nothing.

  8. From the balconies upward was erected an awning of bamboo, and that also was filled with hangings, and ribbons, and pieces of silk.

  9. The multitude of people who filled the streets, windows, and balconies could not be numbered; and words cannot tell the tender feelings which the joy and the sight of so grand and new a spectacle caused in every heart.

  10. All the windows and balconies were brilliantly illuminated.

  11. We wandered through the great parlors, the spacious bedrooms, and out on the shaded balconies and verandas, peopling all, in imagination, with the home happiness for which it seemed so well prepared.

  12. The courtyard was a sea of heads, and the balconies were filled with gentlefolk in holiday attire, eating cakes and chaffing gaily at the play.

  13. And so it was to those frightful tenants that had fallen the huge four and five storeyed palaces, entered by monumental doorways flanked by lofty statues and having carved balconies upheld by caryatides all along their fronts.

  14. The troops faced the insurgents on all sides; the front rank pointing their muskets at the citizens crowded together before them, whilst the others appeared to take aim at the balconies encumbered with people.

  15. Light bridges with grappling-irons were thrown from tower to tower, doors and windows were barricaded, balconies and battlements lined with men in shining mail, bearing the fantastic device of their leader on helm and shield.

  16. Sometimes they were connected with one another by wooden bridges, and all were furnished with wooden balconies used in defensive and offensive warfare with their neighbors.

  17. All the balconies and windows were filled with lace-wreathed women's heads, and the excitement and enthusiasm were intense.

  18. Balconies were covered with brocade, and from each window fell pieces of rare tapestry.

  19. Usually of one story, or of a story and a half at most, they clung to the hillside facing the water, and looking out upon its noble expanse from tiny balconies as delicate and dainty as toys.

  20. He resided in a building which had formerly belonged to the Jesuits; it is attached to the church, and has balconies from the principal corridor, which look into it.

  21. From inside the houses we threw down over the balconies all the furniture and movables.

  22. The windows and balconies of the drawing-rooms give on the drive, and the "Row" is so near that I could easily recognise horses and riders.

  23. My windows and balconies giving on the Park are most attractive, as there are quantities of people about--a sort of general excitement in the air, and royal carriages and soldiers passing all the time.

  24. Almost all the houses and balconies on the way were draped with red, and crowded with women in their light, gay summer dresses.

  25. It was rather amusing driving home from Victoria, as all the balconies along the road were decorated, and crowded with people, but I believe the great fashion of driving down had almost disappeared.

  26. We went across to the hotel in a ferry-boat and found charming rooms, with windows and balconies on the river.

  27. Never did the terraces of Rome, the peristyles of Athens, the balconies of Verona, see mornings dawn like unto these, to the raven's merry shriek.

  28. Corso was crowded with all kinds of costumes and masks in carriages and on foot; the windows and balconies and roofs were thronged with dominoes and fantastic costumes; bouquets of flowers and comfits showered down through the air.

  29. Windows and balconies were filling with gentlemen and ladies in dominoes, some in costume.

  30. On one of these balconies you sit, and while you dine and after you have dined you look down on a most marvelous series of skating stunts.

  31. That is a dolphin, a marine curiosity which is displayed by the proud possessors under all the balconies as they pass, collecting money in a hat.

  32. The balconies were filled with people; every window had its bevy of heads.

  33. The capitals of the columns are characteristic of the period: there are dainty balconies with graceful, slender columns, and cusps to the arches.

  34. The weekly wash flutters from the balconies (the linen of Venice is famed for its whiteness), and frowsy heads appear at Gothic windows.

  35. Some are lofty; others are squat; some have balconies and chimney-pieces thrust out into the street so as almost to touch the houses opposite.

  36. What balconies from which to throw a rival, dead or alive!

  37. Its numerous balconies are crowded with that doubtful community comprehended in the title of the "better class.

  38. The night was serene, the air warm, the balconies were open; before the cafes people were sitting outdoors.

  39. In fact, balconies were for a time more conspicuous than staircases, which were frequently located in any convenient secluded place.

  40. When houses began to be built more than a single story in height, the staircase became an important feature of the hall, and balconies were also introduced overlooking this great room, which was often the full height of the building.

  41. Ornamental wrought-iron fire balconies at the second-story windows are a picturesque feature.

  42. The streets were thronged, while the balconies and overhanging windows had their groups on the lookout for entertainment and gossip.

  43. It was the hour when balconies overhanging the narrow thoroughfares were crowded with women and children, and the doors beset with servants--the hour Byzantine gossips were abroad filling and unfilling their budgets.

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