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centralize; centralized; centralizing; centrally; centrals; centreboard; centred; centrepiece; centres; centric
  1. We rode as far as we could into the Gate, hitched our horses, and walked into about the centre of the cavern.

  2. In those days the Seventies' Hall was the centre of an educational effort to uplift the people in learning relating to the arts and sciences.

  3. Below the portrait is a semicircle of white drapery, forming a frame for the centre piece, which is no less symbolic than beautiful.

  4. Perhaps the chief of her attractions, so far as I am concerned, centre in and around the State of Virginia, that beautiful piece of country where most of the great battles of the Civil War were fought.

  5. The 29th Division extended from the French left, near the right centre of the saucer, across to the AEgean Sea.

  6. Here I am at the centre of things, and I will take heart.

  7. In the centre were two bodies covered with a cloth, and their heads were lighted by the yellow gleam of candles.

  8. The people were pushed and hustled back till they were crammed against the house walls, leaving in the centre an enormous empty space.

  9. Each of these houses stands in the centre of the world.

  10. No genuine criticism of romance will ever arise until we have grasped the fact that romance lies not upon the outside of life but absolutely in the centre of it.

  11. The centre of every man's existence is a dream.

  12. In the centre was a large writing-table littered with papers, while close beside was another smaller table, very severe and business-like.

  13. The great old mansion, standing in the centre of a wide, well-wooded park that slopes down to the Severn close to the Haw Bridge, had long been closed, and in the hands of the old servant Baxter and his wife.

  14. Close to where I saw was a spacious couch, over the centre of which was thrown an antimacassar of silken crochet-work.

  15. In the centre of that handsome apartment I stood and gazed wonderingly around.

  16. The square, dark-green antimacassar had been placed in the exact centre of the couch, and sewed down in order to keep it in its place.

  17. In a word, the positions taken up by the whole of the Allied centre and left were no longer tenable.

  18. Whatever might happen to the centre and left, the right, at any rate, seemed safe.

  19. He then made a hurried survey of the roads leading out of the village, placed sentry groups at various places of advantage, and established the picket in the centre of the village in a large barn.

  20. They were then in the centre of a large plateau, which offered an uninterrupted view of miles of flat country on every side.

  21. He broke the enemy's line: he thrust into the gap a wedge so powerful that the enemy was forced to give way on either side of it, because his centre was broken.

  22. One of the "Jack Johnsons" had alighted in the centre of it.

  23. They had orders to "hang on" to that position until the centre and right should be sufficiently strengthened for the main attack to materialise, when they were to push on as best they might.

  24. They were all but outflanked on their right, which was already very seriously bent back; while in the centre General Foch had driven in a wedge which bade fair to crumple up the whole line.

  25. The enemy forced the passage of the Sambre at Charleroi, and threatened to cut the Allied centre from the left.

  26. Just at the time the Byzantines were busied in preparing the morning meal, Gelimer suddenly led the centre of his army from behind the shelter of the row of tents to the left bank of the marshy little brook.

  27. A scanty fire of straw and fagots was burning in the centre on the stone floor.

  28. The Byzantines, too, had perceived that the victory would be decided in the centre of the two armies.

  29. In the centre of the little encampment were the noble racers, the battle stallions, and the brood mares, confined in a circle made with ropes and lances thrust into the sand.

  30. Now the blare of trumpets summoned the subordinate officers and the leaders of the thousands to the centre of the camp, where the King and his two brothers, mounted on their chargers, were in the midst of a large open space.

  31. The latter, with his five hundred horsemen, had reached the centre from Carthage just in time to see the flight of his men.

  32. In the centre of the arena rose an altar, its three steps thickly garlanded with wreaths of flowers, the top crowned by a figure closely wrapped in white cloths.

  33. Before her, a little to the left, she already saw Gelimer and his troops; the whole Vandal centre was advancing.

  34. Perhaps by that time the centre might already have won the victory, and thereby obtained the accession of the Huns.

  35. The Devil--"So, then, it is not the centre of the world?

  36. A porphyry basin supports in its centre a golden conch filled with pistachio-nuts.

  37. He finds himself in Alexandria on the Panium--an artificial mound raised in the centre of the city, with corkscrew stairs on the outside.

  38. In the centre of the portico, in the broad light of day, a naked woman was fastened to a pillar, while two soldiers were scourging her.

  39. The curtain was down at the moment, and he walked the full extent of the centre aisle to the orchestra, looking about him as if in search of some one.

  40. I took but the vaguest interest in it, and that merely because I was the centre of all this emotional attention and was gratified by it and vain of it.

  41. Onteora was situated high up in the Catskill Mountains, in the centre of a far-reaching solitude.

  42. Chandrapal saw and understood, and then, closing his eyes and making a mighty effort, shook the entanglements from his soul, and sank back swiftly upon the Centre of Poise.

  43. In the centre was erected a gigantic cage of strong bamboos, about fifty feet high, and of like diameter, and rooffed with rope network.

  44. In the centre was an immense basin or fish-pond, a hundred and thirty feet in length by thirty in breadth, stocked with gold-fish and bordered by hedges of roses.

  45. In the centre stands the fountain famous in song and story.

  46. Frederick was coming with equal rapidity, and now, in the very centre of the square, the monarchs met.

  47. The emperor stood in the centre of the room in lively conversation with the gentlemen of his suite.

  48. Once possessed of Bavaria, South Germany, too, lies open to Austria, which like a magnet will draw toward one centre all its petty provinces and counties.

  49. In the centre of the room stood the coffin that awaited the imperial remains; for on the morrow the funeral ceremonies were to begin.

  50. She stood in the centre of the room, her eyes fixed wistfully upon the setting sun, whose dying rays were flooding park, terrace, and even the spot on which she stood, with a red and golden light.

  51. The people, in their innocent enjoyment of the scene, broke several times through the ranks of titled promenaders, who, vainly hoping to find some spot unprofaned by the vicinity of the vulgar herd, were moving toward the centre of the garden.

  52. The countess continued to sing, although Joseph had advanced as far as the centre of the room.

  53. He had dismissed his attendants, and now stood in the centre of the room, awaiting his daughter in gloomy silence.

  54. In the centre of the hall the duke left his daughter and her attendants, while he mounted the throne and took his seat upon the ducal chair.

  55. Prince Kaunitz stood in the centre of the room when the Russian minister made his appearance.

  56. In the centre of the room stood the Baron von Bartenstein and the Count von Uhlefeld, the two powerful statesmen who for thirteen years had been honored by the confidence of the empress.

  57. The houses themselves were mostly coloured white or yellow, but in the very centre stood a magnificent building of white marble, in style something like a mosque.

  58. Down the centre of the hall was placed a long table, flanked on either side by forms, and headed by a chair or a small throne fashioned like an abbot's.

  59. He lays the seat of wisdom in the centre of our system, Mrs. Richard: for which reason you will understand how sensible I am of the vast obligation I am under to you at the present moment, for your especial care of mine.

  60. Nor he, thus occupied, unseen escaped By Asius' offspring Adamas, who close Advancing, struck the centre of his shield.

  61. Then, in the centre of Achaia's sons Uprose Achilles, and thus spake again.

  62. He said, and hurling his long spear with aim Unerring, smote the centre of the shield 335 Of Peleus' son, but his spear glanced away.

  63. Priam's son 305 The shield of Ajax at its centre smote, But fail'd to pierce it, for he bent his point.

  64. The sounds then spelled out the name of a man whom no one present knew, and said that he owned fifty acres of land on such a street adjoining the city, and such a distance from the centre of the city; that he would sell any part.

  65. In going across the cellar I sank knee deep in the centre of the cellar.

  66. We further certify that said well is within thirty feet of the centre of the cellar under said house.

  67. But to return to Washington, it was not at that time a very satisfactory place for the prosecution of Spiritualism: even though it was such a centre of congregation from all parts of the country.

  68. The bells were then moved to near the centre of the table.

  69. Mr. Carlos Hyde went down in the cellar, walked over the bottom, asking at every point if he was over the right place, but no rappings were heard until he stood in the centre of the cellar.

  70. A long table with thirty seats occupied the centre of it, and we gave three receptions each day, for which our advertised hours were: 10 to 12 A.

  71. New York was naturally indicated for this purpose, but Cleveland and Cincinnati disputed her claim; while our friends in Rochester insisted that their city was the most appropriate and natural home and centre for the "Rochester Knockings.

  72. Mr. Sheldon was requested to unwrap the box of fresh Brooklyn earth and place it on the centre of the table, and darken the room.

  73. While we were engaged in general conversation and singing, lights were seen floating about the room, at times immediately over the centre of the circle.

  74. In the centre of the room was a heavy, black table, and upon the highly polished surface of this a yellow light fell from globes on the ceiling.

  75. She cut slices from each of these things and piled them on a large piece of paper in the centre of the men; then she sat herself down and they all prepared to eat.

  76. In Leeds, which is the centre of the movement for letting education remain as it is, left entirely to chance and charity to supply its deficiencies, how do we find the fact?

  77. Doing so, he will find that out of eighteen hundred and fifty that were married there were one thousand and twenty who could not sign their names--and this in the centre of civilization in the middle of the nineteenth century!

  78. The early occupants of England were found on the poorer lands of the centre and south of the kingdom, as were those of Scotland in the Highlands, or on the little rocky islands of the Channel.

  79. The apple falls toward the centre of the earth, but in its passage it encounters resistance; and the harmony of every thing we see around us is dependent on the equal balance of these opposing forces.

  80. The freemen of the Campagna had almost disappeared even in the days of the elder Scipio, and their humble habitations had given way to palaces, the centre of great estates, cultivated by slaves.

  81. That such should be the case is not extraordinary, for the power advantageously to employ labour diminishes with the approach to the centre of British power, and increases as we recede from it.

  82. Lee had taken a position with his centre on the river at this point, with the two wings thrown back, his line making an acute angle where it overlooked the river.

  83. On the 25th of June General Burnside had commenced running a mine from about the centre of his front under the Confederate works confronting him.

  84. My hope was that Sheridan would be able to carry Five Forks, get on the enemy's right flank and rear, and force them to weaken their centre to protect their right so that an assault in the centre might be successfully made.

  85. As I have stated, Chattanooga Creek comes down the centre of the valley to within a mile or such a matter of the town of Chattanooga, then bears off westerly, then north-westerly, and enters the Tennessee River at the foot of Lookout Mountain.

  86. He kept Lee from reinforcing his centre from that quarter.

  87. About the centre stood a house which proved to be occupied by an old lady and her daughter.

  88. Accordingly in the morning, orders were issued for an attack in the afternoon on the centre by Warren's and Wright's corps, Hancock to command all the attacking force.

  89. The centre of the line which was to make the charge was near where Thomas and I stood, but concealed from view by an intervening forest.

  90. Axcester lies on the western side and mostly at the foot of a low hill set accurately in the centre of a ring of hills slightly higher-the raised bottom of a saucer would be no bad simile.

  91. The mail coach was evidently not the centre of disturbance, though Dorothea could see its driver waving his arm and gesticulating from the box.

  92. The book was a slender one, bound in calf, gilt-edged, and stamped with a gold wreath in the centre of each cover.

  93. It possesses iron mines and is the centre of the coal-fields of the Aveyron, which supply the ironworks established by the Duc Decazes, minister of Louis XVIII.

  94. Owing to the lack of shelter in its open roadstead, the port has not become the great commercial centre which its position otherwise qualifies it to be.

  95. She appeared in her earlier days to be incapable of any strong attachment, but her intelligence, her cynicism and her esprit made her the centre of attraction of a brilliant circle.

  96. Towards the centre it rises to its greatest height of 350 ft.

  97. It is the principal Protestant centre in Hungary, and bears the name of "Calvinistic Rome.

  98. As a religious centre it is replaced by Tenos and as a commercial centre by the flourishing port of Syra.

  99. Delphi also contained the "Omphalos," a sacred stone bound with fillets, supposed to mark the centre of the earth.

  100. It is an important centre for the control of the Bedouin Arabs, and has a garrison of about 1000 troops, including a special corps of mule-riders.

  101. In order that no other settlements should encroach upon his centre of government, New Castle, the northern boundary was determined by drawing an arc of a circle, 12 m.

  102. Olentangy (or Whetstone) river, near the centre of the state.

  103. The centre of the altar is next anointed with the oil of the catechumens in the form of a cross; and the altar-stone is next anointed with chrism; and then the whole altar is rubbed over with oil of the catechumens and with chrism.

  104. Between the two mountains the Pleistus flowed from east to west, and opposite the town received the brooklet of the Castalian fountain, which rose in a deep gorge in the centre of the Parnassian cliff.

  105. A white fetlock-gland with a black centre is also distinctive of this species.

  106. Incense is next blessed, and the altar censed, five grains of incense being placed crosswise in the centre and at the four corners, and upon the grains five slender candle crosses, which are to be lit.

  107. There were a few broken articles of furniture about the room, and in the centre stood a heavy deal table and a large arm-chair, both of which had the look of being coeval with the mansion.

  108. In the centre stood a claw-footed table, with pestle and mortar, phials and gallipots, and a pair of small, burnished scales.

  109. A large mansion-house stood in the centre of it, very much out of repair, and which, in consequence of certain reports, had received the appellation of the Haunted House.

  110. It was, to me, the great centre of the world, round which every thing seemed to revolve.

  111. It consisted of a centre and two wings, the gable-ends of which were shaped like stairs.

  112. The rushlight, which stood in the centre of the deal table, shed a feeble yellow ray, dimly illumining the chamber, and making uncouth shapes and shadows on the walls, from the clothes which Dolph had thrown over a chair.

  113. A long table extended through the centre of the room, at which sat the inquisitors and their secretary; at the other end, a stool was placed for the prisoner.

  114. The sentinel who had given notice of her approach, declared, that he first got sight of her when she was in the centre of the bay; and that she broke suddenly on his sight, just as if she had come out of the bosom of the black thunder-cloud.

  115. If I dared to criticise what would appear to be faultless, I should humbly suggest that the four corner minarets are not worthy of the centre building, reminding one rather of lighthouses.

  116. In the centre was a circular basin, very wide, and full of clear water, while in front, three white marble domes rose like great pearls gleaming against the cloudless blue.

  117. Near the centre of the marg, on a small hill, was a large wooden building surrounded by many satellite huts and tents: this we rightly guessed to be Nedou's Hotel.

  118. Ghari Habibullah is not at all a cheerful spot, as it appears, the centre of a grey haze, with dense mist low down on the surrounding mountains.

  119. Ringed in by a rampart of arid hills, beyond which the scrub-covered desert stretches for miles, the peaceful city of Udaipur lies secluded in an oasis, whose centre is a turquoise lake.

  120. This was the residence of Mr. Allan Stewart, in the very centre of the township, about a quarter of a mile distant from where the Town Hall now stands.

  121. The hunters found, however, that the general belief was that some of those who had claims in the centre of the valley, where of course the gold would settle the thickest, were making from ten to twenty ounces per day.

  122. With some little difficulty Frank pushed his way through to the centre of the group by the water's side.

  123. This wigwam was in the centre of the village, and there were lots of old squaws and gals about, so that I could not, for the life of me, see any way of stealing her out.

  124. Some boxes had been brought in now to serve as seats, and on one in the centre were placed half a dozen bottles of champagne, which the young man proceeded to open.

  125. Somehow, in my dreams, I knew that if I dug straight down under the old tree that formed the centre of the dream I should find gold.

  126. The chairman for the evening was seated in the centre of the table.

  127. His seat, when in school, was at a table in the centre of the hall, near the upper end.

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