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  1. Serious reverses soon followed, and the fatally ex-centric position of the corps in Naples was then immediately apparent.

  2. They dared not, unless by folly, or because first attacked, prolong their already too extended ex-centric movement into Lower Italy.

  3. The true and primary object of the French was to consolidate their communications; nor, with Bonaparte in the influential position he then occupied, was any such ex-centric movement likely.

  4. For while Carnot trusted to concentration, the Allies either sank into inertia, or made ex-centric movements which ultimately played into their opponents' hands.

  5. At first they pressed Coburg to consent to the deviation of the British force towards Dunkirk; and only on his urgent protest was that ex-centric move given up until Valenciennes should have fallen.

  6. When, as in the formation of naphthalene tetrachloride, for example, the one ring becomes saturated, the other might be expected to assume the normal centric form and become relatively inactive.

  7. The centric hypothesis has been applied to these rings by Bamberger and others; but as in the previous rings considered, the ordinary representation with double and single linkages generally represents the syntheses, decompositions, &c.

  8. It remains, therefore, to consider Erlenmeyer's formula and those derived from the centric hypothesis.

  9. On the centric hypothesis two formulae are possible: (i) due to H.

  10. The centric formula proposed by Bamberger represents naphthalene as formed by the fusion of two benzene rings, this indicates that it is a monocyclic composed of ten atoms of carbon.

  11. From this ex-centric movement, which seemed wholly to ignore that Vicksburg and the Mississippi were the objective of the campaign, McClernand was speedily and peremptorily recalled by Grant.

  12. Per contra, looms up the capsheaf of them all: the parent-spoiled ego-centric mouther, who is certain sure he could plan a better world than ever Almighty God could think of.

  13. It will be well if this chapter serves to warn especially against the Wallingford of reform because: he is either a fetich-struck visionary, or an ego-centric cheat.

  14. It is not held that a definite centric lesion of the nervous system exists in rheumatism, analogous to the lesions which in myelitis or locomotor ataxia develop the arthropathies of those affections, but rather a functional disturbance.

  15. Excessive acidity of the stomach, seeds of fruit, certain articles of food, the presence of worms in the stomach, and draughts of ice-water may simply act as exciting causes to a centric predisposition.

  16. I do not know how the facts may affect the reader, but to me they suggest the strongest possible arguments against the belief that peripheral irritation can of itself produce neuralgia without the intervention of some centric change.

  17. These gonado-centric types are not all necessarily sex gland deficient, as the term eunuchoid implies.

  18. The anatomic architecture of the latter thymo-centric personality is fairly typical.

  19. The homosexuality of the thymo-centric is more subtle and disguised, often buried under the stronger masculine component of the personality.

  20. As an illustration of the conduct aberrations of the thymo-centric personality during adult life, the following extracts from a newspaper report of a suicide are worth quoting.

  21. Homosexuality, in one form or another, frank or concealed, haunts the thymo-centric and spoils his life.

  22. The distinct type to which the first assistant to the chief medical examiner of the city referred is the thymo-centric personality (status lymphaticus is another technical name for it), we have been considering.

  23. In a word, moral irresponsibility is the keynote of the volitional traits of the thymo-centric personality from childhood up.

  24. In the alcohol and drug habitué wards of hospitals as well as in medicolegal cases of degenerates, gunmen and other criminals, the characteristic conformation and diagnostic stigmata of the thymo-centric are often encountered.

  25. In this will be noticed the recurrence of ideas familiar to him in the Riviera eight years before; the expectation of ex-centric operations into which Bonaparte was rarely betrayed.

  26. I To my mind, Professor Perry rendered philosophic discussion a real service when he coined the phrase "ego-centric predicament.

  27. Realism does not argue from the 'ego-centric predicament,' i.

  28. But I have not accused the realist of arguing from the ego-centric predicament.

  29. It is but a variant of this problem to pass to what may be called either the ego-centric predicament or the private-public problem.

  30. It is said that General Howe disapproved of this ex-centric movement.

  31. The successes of the British in the southern States, though undeniable, and seemingly substantial, were involving them ever more deeply in a ruinously ex-centric movement.

  32. This would have been of real service to the latter, had it nipped in the bud their ex-centric undertaking; but, after three weeks of opening trenches, an assault upon the place failed.

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