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Example sentences for "centrally"

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centrality; centralization; centralize; centralized; centralizing; centrals; centre; centreboard; centred; centrepiece
  1. The fireplace is centrally placed on one side of the room, in the middle of the house.

  2. Having resolved to ascend to the top, as it offered so commanding a view, and was so centrally situated, we remained for that purpose.

  3. Adelaide is supposed to be well and centrally placed for the capital of a province, and it now has a good port,[157] to which vessels of four or five hundred tons may come and discharge their cargoes.

  4. The centrally planned economy has been tightly linked in trade (80%) to the USSR and Eastern Europe.

  5. Inflation and interest rates remain high, and a large budget deficit will continue to provide difficulties for a country undergoing a substantial transformation from a centrally controlled to a free market economy.

  6. Diplomatic requirements are such that the embassy must be centrally located and sufficiently commodious to enable the ambassador or minister to return the courtesies which he receives.

  7. Algiers' efforts to reform one of the most centrally planned economies in the Arab world began after the 1986 collapse of world oil prices plunged the country into a severe recession.

  8. The dwellings, which are all in blocks and centrally situated, are occupied chiefly by artisans; only 28% have been reserved for the poorest class of tenants.

  9. The assembly meets regularly once a year, in April or May, at a centrally located place within the canton, and usually in an open meadow.

  10. Of the two centrally appointed members, one, the governor, presided over the commission; the other was an administrative auditor.

  11. But so irresistible is the derision of the woman that all Charles Keene's persistent sense of vulgarity is intent centrally upon her.

  12. He reigns as centrally in the blue sky as in the clouds.

  13. Taken in itself, the mere fact of the quasi-externalisation of a centrally initiated image indicates strong central stimulation, and absolutely nothing more.

  14. It was another by the park commissioner, and was in regard to a park to be centrally located, and to be used exclusively for the use of the colored population of the city.

  15. Recently further experiments have been made to provide not only the heating but also the ventilation of entire districts from centrally located places.

  16. The striking power of his empire, which from 937 onward was officially called the Liao empire, grew steadily, because the old tribal league of the Kitan was transformed into a centrally commanded military organization.

  17. The court also controlled centrally the conscription for the general military service.

  18. It has already been noted that the object of the press-lever is to press this tape against that character of the type-wheel centrally located above it at the moment.

  19. Edison himself knew nothing of Ducos, or that the suggestions had advanced beyond the single centrally located photographs of Muybridge and Marey.

  20. On the Independence Square fa├žade everything is subordinated to the great square steeple-like clock tower, centrally located, which stands its entire height outside but adjoining the walls of the main building.

  21. On the river front a lofty pedimental-roofed portico centrally located and supported by six great smooth pillars is of distinctly southern aspect.

  22. As at Stenton, the hall itself consists of a large reception room centrally located, and about which the other principal rooms of the house are grouped.

  23. Thrust another knitting-needle centrally through the ball square to the plane of the ring, and use this second needle, which we may call the polar one, as a handle.

  24. In the original Billwiller burner, the injector gas orifice was brought centrally under a somewhat larger hole drilled in a separate sheet of platinum, the metal being so carried as to permit entry of air.

  25. It consists of a mushroom headed cylinder of steatite, drilled centrally with a gas passage, which at its point is of a diameter suited to pass half the quantity of acetylene that the entire burner is intended to consume.

  26. Payment to individual members is to be based on centrally established work norms and rates of pay for various categories of operations, similar to the practice in industry and construction.

  27. Whereas the number of employed rose by 60 percent for centrally administered industry as a whole, it increased by almost 2.

  28. Rigidly controlled by the PCR (see Glossary), the economy suffers from the basic weakness common to all centrally controlled economies, that is, a lack of adequate incentives for managers and workers.

  29. Place the 10 springs upright on releasing disk to centrally locate each of the 10 stud holes.

  30. A further check of alinement is observing that rear sprocket runs centrally in chain.

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