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Example sentences for "centrality"

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centralised; centralising; centralism; centralist; centralists; centralization; centralize; centralized; centralizing; centrally
  1. Now thus to be always moving away from centrality is to be paradoxical, and romantic irony is, as Friedrich Schlegel says, identical with paradox.

  2. He does not discriminate between the ethical norm or centre that a Sophocles grasps intuitively and the centrality that the pseudo-classicist hopes to achieve by mechanical imitation.

  3. To do justice to writing which has this note of centrality we ourselves need to be in some measure experienced and imaginative.

  4. Even when dealing with the “Varieties of Religious Experience” he is plainly more preoccupied with the intensity than with the centrality of this experience.

  5. I deny the fact of the territorial centrality of the place proposed.

  6. In regard to centrality of situation, the Potomac has undoubtedly the advantage.

  7. An accentuation of centrality is brought into relief in fig.

  8. Design experiences submit the centrality of the writer to reassessment.

  9. Such communication protocols negate the centrality and sequentiality of literacy and treat all that is information in the same way: images, sounds, movements.

  10. His activity shows how monarchic centrality and hierarchy were translated in the new political forms of emerging democracies, within which elective office replaced inherited power.

  11. It only makes the old centrality much more strange, subtle, complex, and vital.

  12. And while life lives the parent nuclei maintain their own centrality and dynamic effectiveness within the solar plexus of the child.

  13. Surely when man has gained centrality of health, he will worship the unifying will which is dominant whenever health prevails.

  14. Now situate at the entrance of a cul de sac, it will then be placed in a position of much greater centrality for the world's commerce, and astride the route from Colon to the North American Atlantic ports.

  15. The opportunities of a port for commerce obviously depend in a great measure upon the centrality of its position with reference to the other ports of the world.

  16. He was born to behold the self-evolving power of spirit, endless generator of new ends; a power which is the key at once to the centrality and the evanescence of things.

  17. He could well afford to be generous,--he, who from the sunlike centrality and reach of his vision, had a faith without cloud.

  18. It makes much, of course, of the centrality of mind both in well-being and pain.

  19. She would have to take for her point of departure the centrality of Christ, the outstanding Christian doctrines, markedly the Incarnation and the Atonement and she would need somehow to dispose of the Sacraments.

  20. To stand well, therefore, one should stand upright; the chest well expanded so as to bring all parts into co-ordination and establish a true centrality in the body.

  21. We shall always have the right rhythmic curves if we have the right centrality and co-ordinations.

  22. The organic centrality of the whole body is of first importance.

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