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Example sentences for "goulash"

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  1. She can take a Hungarian rhapsody and turn it into a goulash in about 32 bars.

  2. Uncle Peter asked Phyllis if she could cook some Hungarian goulash and Phyllis screamed, 'No; my parents have been Swedes all their lives!

  3. Not having time to be particular, we hit a goulash emporium where they spell the meat card mostly with cz's.

  4. I had had nothing since luncheon, and even the thirst following the South American goulash was gone.

  5. He rose superbly to the occasion, and made something that he called a South American goulash for luncheon, although it was too salty, and every one was thirsty the rest of the day.

  6. For the plain people of Sweden the cost of living increased without a corresponding increase in salaries and wages, so that the new prosperity was confined to the "goulash barons.

  7. Goulash is a Hungarian dish which has come to be a favorite in the United States.

  8. It is best to cook the Goulash at latter stage in a fireproof earthenware stewpan, in which it should be sent to table.

  9. Who ever heard of a goulash poet in a braid-bound cutaway and spats?

  10. Half way through the goulash and noodles, I had this bright thought about consultin' the 'phone book.

  11. He said it again, and I sorted out syllables and matched them with the words on the card, and then I got it: "Goulash is nice today, miss.

  12. If the different spices are not at hand a good goulash can be made by using the meat, fat, onions, tomatoes, flour, salt and pepper and omitting the rest of the recipe.

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