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Example sentences for "daddy"

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dadas; dadda; daddie; daddies; daddles; dado; dados; dads; dadurch; daedal
  1. O darlin's, maybe it is a new car Daddy has sent down for me to take the place of the one that is drowned.

  2. I didn't want to make you fall down, but I just had to show Daddy how glad I was to see him.

  3. Indeed, our family is divided on that question--Daddy and I opposed to the rest.

  4. But run down now; hurry, hurry; the launch will be ready in a few minutes, and if you are not ready you know Daddy won't wait.

  5. Fine to have your daddy believe a lying newspaper before he takes the word of his own offspring, isn't it?

  6. And Daddy Longlegs came near breaking his neck in his hurry to get up on a barrel-head to advocate a measure that he saw was likely to be popular.

  7. Becoming cheered with his own singing, the bird began to mimic the hoarse crowing with which Daddy Longlegs wakened him in the morning.

  8. Daddy Longlegs crowed hoarsely his delight, the peacock tried his musical powers by shouting Ne-onk!

  9. And a few moments after breakfast she fled from his presence—her own Daddy darling’s—determined to avoid it for the rest of that day.

  10. For she thought there had been a lump in his throat—of course Daddy couldn’t read prayers with a lump in his throat, poor dear.

  11. Now you mustn't bother any more," said Daddy Martin.

  12. Daddy and Uncle Frank and the cowboys are going to stay out.

  13. Teddy, as they all went into the house, where the baggage had been carried by Uncle Frank and Daddy Martin.

  14. Oh, didn't you hear Daddy say they were tame ones--like the kind in the circus and Wild West show?

  15. Oh, you won't find any Indians around here," said Daddy Martin with a laugh, as he laid aside the paper he was reading.

  16. Oh, yes, I guess I can promise you that," and Uncle Frank smiled at Daddy Martin.

  17. I hope we taste some soon," said Daddy Martin.

  18. Then I can just about guess what has happened," said Daddy Martin.

  19. You'd better come back and tell daddy or Uncle Frank," suggested Janet.

  20. Anyhow, we'll look in the cave and then we'll ride on along the trail until we catch up to daddy and Uncle Frank.

  21. We know the way over to the rocks where we found Clipclap in the cave, and from there we can ride farther on, just like daddy and Uncle Frank.

  22. And are daddy and Uncle Frank looking for these horses and cattle?

  23. Well, we'll see when we get there," said Daddy Martin.

  24. Sometimes Daddy and Mother Martin went to ride with the children, and then they had good times together, taking their lunch and staying all day out on the prairie or in a shady grove of trees.

  25. At first the coracle spun round and round, but by and by each daddy could, by rowing or paddling, make the thing go straight ahead.

  26. When the children cried, or made wry faces at the black stuff, their daddy only laughed, and said it was healthy, or was for good luck.

  27. In this way, daddy was able to eke out his income, and keep himself, his wife and daughters comfortably clothed, while all the time the table was well supplied with good food.

  28. Daddy often declared he could use these polished metal plates for a mirror, when he shaved his face.

  29. High grade," her daddy had called them as he babbled incessantly upon his death-bed.

  30. And what was it daddy was trying to tell her?

  31. That mark represents the crack, and daddy meant to stake the claim with the crack for the center.

  32. Mrs. Watts said daddy was always to be found within ten miles of the ranch.

  33. The day he made his strike, Mr. Bethune happened to be away up in British Columbia, and daddy told Lord Clendenning that he had made his strike, and he drew a map and sent it to Mr. Bethune by Lord Clendenning.

  34. No, she would live right here in the hills--the hills, that daddy had loved, and whose secret he had wrested from their silent embrace.

  35. She had stood where her daddy had stood when he took that photograph--had seen with her own eyes--the jagged crack in the rock wall!

  36. Daddy didn't know I knew, but I did--how it hurt when the village wits would slyly wink at each other as they asked their cruel questions.

  37. Let's see, where would daddy have started from?

  38. What is there that daddy would have designed as 'a,' and 'b?

  39. My daddy found his mine, and he didn't have any pictures to go by either.

  40. But I didn't know that Daddy Longlegs was working for Farmer Green," Freddie Firefly said.

  41. For instance, it was I that told Daddy Longlegs to help Farmer Green with his harvesting.

  42. It's such a little one, perhaps I can kiss it away; but daddy has too many, and they are cutted too deep.

  43. Married if she were, Blest would be the daddy Of the children fair Of Peg of Limavaddy.

  44. THE TALE OF DADDY LONG-LEGS Daddy Long-Legs could point in all directions at once--with his different legs.

  45. Beaumarchef could not endure an insult to his mustache, and Chupin was about to receive the kick he had so richly earned, when Daddy Tantaine suddenly made his appearance, looking exactly as he did when he visited Paul in his garret.

  46. With many protestations of regret, however, Daddy Tantaine pleaded an important engagement at the other end of Paris.

  47. I think that Daddy Tantaine is a man of observation and powerful will, and that he will mould this child between his fingers like wax.

  48. The master of the ceremonies had already called upon the votaries of Terpsichore to take their places for the waltz as Daddy Tantaine entered the hall.

  49. But Daddy Tantaine refused the offer, saying that he did not wish to intrude, but would wait until the lesson was over.

  50. Daddy Tantaine; "for this may be the last time you will do so.

  51. Daddy Tantaine walked straight up to the youth, and with a sound cuff sent his hat flying.

  52. Paul and Rose both recognized the old man from having continually met him when ascending or descending the staircase, and knew that he rented the back attic, and was called Daddy Tantaine.

  53. Daddy Tantaine went out as soon as it was light, and a short time afterward Paul Violaine came down.

  54. Ah, Daddy Tantaine," said she, "you are as welcome as the sun in winter.

  55. Daddy Tantaine unbuttoned his great coat with grave deliberation, and drew from an inner pocket a small scrap of paper which had been fastened to the lining by a pin.

  56. How could her Daddy Tom look natural, when he lay there all still and cold, and would not speak to his Ruth!

  57. How he saved my Daddy Tom's life that time at Fort Fisher.

  58. Why had she ever left her hills, where Daddy Tom was near her, where there was love for her, where the people and even the snow and the wild winds were her friends?

  59. When she looked up at him her eyes were full of great, shining tears, the first that they had known since she had kissed Daddy Tom and run out into the night.

  60. And how he came here that night when Daddy was hurt.

  61. It would be hard to stand by and see others driving the horses that had never known a hand but hers and Daddy Tom's.

  62. Why could they not leave Daddy Tom to her?

  63. Daddy Tom was there, and her mother whom she had never seen.

  64. Jeffrey or Daddy Tom had always been with her.

  65. The Bishop thought of the lonely hill home where he had found her "Daddy Tom" dying, and where he had buried him on the hillside.

  66. My mammy an' daddy lived 'bout ten miles f'm here, up de river.

  67. I guess it would puzzle more than your daddy to kill him after I've done with him.

  68. That's just how my daddy and I've been ever since my poor momma died years and years ago.

  69. He'd bluffed my daddy, and my daddy takes a bluff from no man.

  70. Which means you and my daddy have already started an argument which I'll have to settle.

  71. If you and my daddy thought by burying him, dead or alive, you could beat his hand, why, I guess it would take an express locomotive to stop you.

  72. Wouldn't you help him if you had such a dear, quaint old daddy as I have?

  73. My daddy can trust me, and he's known me all my life.

  74. That's why your daddy thinks I don't know a lot.

  75. My, but my daddy will be angry with me for--for letting this happen.

  76. Why, I just feel as if you and my daddy and I were all hanging by the neck on the highest peak of the Rockies.

  77. You see, when my daddy built this for my momma he hadn't a pile of dollars.

  78. He came along and got my daddy to sell him a certain patch of grazing--just to help him out, he said.

  79. He was a poor man, and my big-hearted daddy sold it him at a rock-bottom price to make it easy for him.

  80. I am certain that if my daddy wins through it will be your doing.

  81. Says I, 'When I was a little boy 'bout that high, I was helping my daddy one day secure some hay.

  82. Her husband was fighting with Marion, the "Swamp Fox," in another part of the state and the only protector for herself and two young children was a faithful slave called "Daddy Cyrus.

  83. The destitution of genius made an impression on Daddy Doguereau.

  84. There is Daddy Chaboisseau, on the Quai Saint-Michel, you know.

  85. And we put the nuts we found in a bag that daddy carried.

  86. And there's a railing round it, and daddy told us not to go near, for the railing might break if we leaned on it.

  87. Then we've lost daddy and we'll never find him again!

  88. There was a fence there, for Daddy got a pole from it and knocked off some of the lowest burrs.

  89. And, anyway, that isn't the way to where daddy is.

  90. Daddy wants to pack me right off again because of this silly investigation.

  91. But I love you next to Daddy now, in all the world.

  92. I do all our cooking and Daddy says I'm fine at it.

  93. Daddy says he's going to speak to your father about him.

  94. Daddy minds more than you do," said Frances.

  95. But Daddy and Mummy are breaking their hearts.

  96. Daddy said he ought to be shut up somewhere.

  97. If it hits Daddy badly we may have to wait goodness knows how long.

  98. Daddy might remember that it's Nicky who likes mathematics, not me.

  99. It's all very well for Daddy to talk--he doesn't want to learn Chinese.

  100. You ought to think of Mummy, Daddy ducky; and you ought to think of us," said Dorothy.

  101. Will you come down to the office with me and tell Daddy that?

  102. That's why I asked Daddy to take me away next term.

  103. Daddy says he's going down to Cambridge to see what really did happen.

  104. I never saw Daddy so excited," Nicky said.

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