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Example sentences for "dell"

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delivereth; deliveries; delivering; delivers; delivery; della; dellas; delle; delli; dello
  1. Dun a Great Dell of Damage to Your Excellency Officers in Doeing their Duty.

  2. Clock the same morning their Gott to the Rack a bout 10 men more, and Gott a Great Dell of Riches.

  3. Vhen dey dell me dey no vant me no more dey offer me dhree tollars for my six days und six hours' work.

  4. I vork six days und six hours for vun seventy-five a day, ten hour a day, den dey dell me dey no vant me no more.

  5. I dell the office how I get treated und dey says nefer mind, ve get you anoder job, but I say I valk all night, I am hungry, den dey give me den cents for breakfast.

  6. It was getting quite dark when they found him down in a little dell upon a patch of greensward.

  7. The reason given why the order to burn the house was not executed was this: Unlike the majority of rebel commanders, General Le Dell had always treated Union prisoners who had fallen into his hands with the greatest humanity.

  8. Ever since the receipt of that order, every one remarked that George Le Dell had been unusually thoughtful, but no one knew the cause.

  9. Yah, I see dot, aber it ditn't pelong by Matt und it don'd dell us nodding aboudt vere he vas.

  10. I vill shud my eyes, und you dell me, blease, ven ve reach der svamp!

  11. Crossing the dell they advanced cautiously in the direction of the light.

  12. They followed the stream about two miles up the ravine, picking their way over rocks and through a thick wood, until they came to a little gurgling brook, cutting its way through a deep dell running at right angles with the ravine.

  13. We received a letter from Floyd Dell to-day in which he points out that no Freudian could possibly approve our policy of non-interference.

  14. The trouble is, as Mr. Floyd Dell has pointed out, that the parent wants complete submission and complete affection too.

  15. I doubt whether Dell or Eastman or even Karl Marx himself could avail to check the rampant individualism of the child.

  16. Mr. Dell says we should have used force to the utmost.

  17. If Floyd Dell can't think up anything to say in defense of American educational methods I'm sure I can't.

  18. I dell you a coral-snake is a peauty--all red und white like coral dot has been gestrung in bands upon der neck of a girl.

  19. I dell you it vas most sad, for der symbtoms dot came vas all dose of strychnine.

  20. Temujin concealed himself here in a narrow dell among the mountains, not far from the road where Vang Khan would have to pass along.

  21. The dell was narrow, and was protected by precipitous rocks on each side.

  22. Tommy, pausing at last in a little dell where a noisy brook came tumbling down the mountain side, and the pines sung overhead.

  23. On every tree Sugar-plums you'll see; In every dell Grows the caramel.

  24. About the middle of the afternoon,” the man went on, “I came upon a machine lying in a little dell back in Indiana.

  25. You left him there in the dell you speak of?

  26. And with utter slowness, he traced round my foot, and felt my toes, only once looking up to say: "Did I dell you my brudder was dead?

  27. He says "It is said that the camp of the besiegers was in a woody dell near what is now called the 'Round O Quarry' about half a mile from Lathom.

  28. For the rest, Mr. Dell is a determined Rationalist.

  29. In the hazel dell my Nellie's sleeping," he sang, though in a low voice and quite cheerfully.

  30. How delicious it had been in that green dell under the walnut tree, with the grey squirrels!

  31. Behind the house there was a deep grassy dell through which a brook ran.

  32. By report, he knew the ground well; and after pausing for a minute or two amongst the ruins, he turned down the dark and fearful dell where the horrible massacre was perpetrated.

  33. In distant dell Faint sounds the funeral bell; A heavenly chime; Some poet there Weaves the light-burthened air Into sweet rhyme.

  34. But like shells and pebbles on the seashore, they must be seen as they sparkle amid the withering leaves in some dell in the woods, in the autumnal air, or as they lie in the wet grass, and not when they have wilted and faded in the house.

  35. On one side a wooded slope hemmed us in blackly, on the other lay dell after dell down into the cradle of the valley.

  36. And now the two men began to descend into the little dell with a certain deliberation very discomforting to witness, and I arose, greatly at a loss and looking from one to other of them in growing apprehension.

  37. The sides of the dell became higher; the bed of the stream more steep and rough; the canopy of trees closed in overhead, and showed the blue through only in broken patches.

  38. The big grey man expanded almost visibly in the sun-steeped air, as he absorbed the exquisite minutiae of the green dell into his mind, and assimilated the music of the wind and stream.

  39. Here Whitman had found, a year before, "a particularly secluded little dell off one side by my creek .

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dell" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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