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Example sentences for "delivers"

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deliverers; deliverest; delivereth; deliveries; delivering; delivery; dell; della; dellas; delle
  1. A public speaker; one who delivers an oration; especially, one distinguished for his skill and power as a public speaker; one who is eloquent.

  2. A man who sells milk or delivers it to customers.

  3. Hari carried him off somewhere as his votary, and saved him from death, for the adorable one delivers in this world and the next his faithful followers.

  4. He delivers her and places her in a temple, promising to bring her food.

  5. He delivers first, and lets the deliverance stand in place of chiding.

  6. Hebrew: het]) The angel of Jehovah encamps round them that fear Him, And delivers them.

  7. Hebrew: resh]) Many are the afflictions of the righteous; But from them all Jehovah delivers him.

  8. Because the analogy does not hold good in every feature, it better serves the purpose in hand: the point of comparison delivers its lesson all the more emphatically when it stands alone.

  9. It is not like a type, which a man cannot read until it is turned; but like a manuscript, which delivers its sense directly and at first hand.

  10. If given a chance to show her knowledge Nature prescribes rightly and delivers her message in the form of appetite and the other instincts.

  11. As a preacher, much is to be said in his favour: he is short, he delivers himself well, his style of address is popular, and he gives many an Old Testament lesson.

  12. One brother prays and reads the Scriptures and gives out a hymn, another brother delivers an address, another brother concludes with prayer, and then there is a prayer-meeting after.

  13. And how is the wise man a contemner of wealth, who upon a contract delivers virtue for money, and if he has not delivered it, yet requires his reward, as having done what is in him?

  14. Plato delivers that by man's laws salt is to be accounted most sacred.

  15. And therefore no story delivers that ever any egg was formed immediately from earth; and the poets themselves tell us, that the egg out of which came the Tyndaridae fell down from heaven.

  16. The original fire-drill, given by Amaterasu to Ame no hohi and preserved as the chief treasure of the shrine, is carried in a bag slung round the neck of the chief priest, who solemnly delivers it over to his successor.

  17. It is the English damsel who delivers it in the vernacular.

  18. It is Ryecroft who performs this burglarious feat, and into his arms she delivers herself, to be conducted down the ladder; which is done without as yet a word having been exchanged between them.

  19. Met by his mother outside, he delivers the grocery goods and together they go in; when he is questioned as to the cause of delay.

  20. If the alternating transmission uses no step-up transformers and delivers either alternating or continuous current by means of motor generators, its efficiency at full load is 83.

  21. Such a transmission line necessarily delivers energy at different and fluctuating voltages at the several sub-stations, and these fluctuations are of course reproduced on the secondary side of the step-down transformers.

  22. The fifth motor at this station drives a 600-volt dynamo which delivers continuous current to a street railway.

  23. A canal 1,000 feet long takes water from the river above the upper of these falls and delivers it near to the electric power-house on the river bank below the lower falls.

  24. The youth delivers himself in chosen language, such as is seldom heard in these hills, and such as occasions great surprise to me, how one so meanly clad, and following so lowly a pursuit, could attain.

  25. He has, certainly, a wonderful partiality to one tune, and he has a prodigious self- confidence in that one, for he delivers himself like a northwester sweeping across the lake.

  26. Duke Friedland, thou or I--Into my own hands Fortune delivers me--The dearest thing a man has is himself.

  27. He delivers the emotions of the heart, in words suggested by the heart; for he knows no other.

  28. He delivers a style to the ages that follow, and becomes a model from which his posterity judge.

  29. This department receives all goods, checks receipts with orders or invoices, stores the goods, delivers them on properly executed requisitions, and maintains perpetual inventory records as prescribed.

  30. A jeweler who delivers a valuable piece of jewelry would be justified in demanding a receipt, but this would be unnecessary for a grocer.

  31. When the collector makes his call, he receipts one copy of the statement and delivers it to the customer.

  32. The player who first delivers the ball is called the server, the other the striker-out.

  33. The server stands with one foot beyond the base line, and delivers the service from the right and left courts alternately.

  34. Then laying it down with the things upon it upon a chair, he takes the letter, and delivers it to my Lord, which my Lord breaks open and gives him to read.

  35. Because metal, being a good conductor, readily delivers heat to the hand; but earthenware, being an indifferent conductor, parts with the heat slowly.

  36. The teeth serve the purpose of grinding the food, the tongue turns it during the process of grinding, and delivers it up to the throat for the purposes of the stomach, when sufficiently masticated.

  37. It delivers it to the surrounding air, and to any other bodies with which it may be in contact--and as it parts with heat, it takes up more from any body hotter than itself.

  38. The Austrian army, after carefully disarming the citizens, delivers them over to malefactors, without the means of protection.

  39. You are stupid, indeed, if not perverse," the god answers Loge, when he delivers their appeal.

  40. The feeder then says "Play," and delivers his ball to the batsman, who immediately strikes it as far as he can.

  41. C trundles the hoop to D; D transfers it to E; E delivers it to F; and F conveys it in safety to the first player, G.

  42. G stops at the posting-station, while A trundles the hoop to B, who takes charge of it, and delivers it to C.

  43. If we are not tried, there is no honor to Him who preserves us; and if we are not tempted, there is no gratitude to His grace who delivers us out of temptations.

  44. Stand and admire and love the Lord, who thus delivers all His people.

  45. One hundred dollars on account, four hundred to be paid the day he delivers the rain--provided that he delivers it within the specified time.

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